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future wars.

m i s t.
hi, i'm kazka! i am in my twenties and have recently completed my undergraduate degree, so i have more time on my hands to write. i would love to find a couple of new partners.

i am really big on collaboration so most of the ideas you will find below are themes and dynamics, rather than detailed plots. i do have a couple of plots sitting around for everything i mention so donโ€™t be afraid to message me without any of your own. LGBTQ+ characters & pairings are very welcome, though i have the most muse for fxf & fxm pairings atm.
please contract me through PMs and donโ€™t be afraid to ask for a sample post! i look forward to hearing from you.

400-1000+ words per post; third person, paste tense; someone open to collaborating and contributing to the plot; over the age of eighteen; comfortable with dark themes popping up; able to write more than one gender & more than one character.

organised crime

an annoying little craving i canโ€™t quite shake. iโ€™d love something darker with flawed characters & questionable decisions. less โ€˜gangโ€™ & more โ€˜large crime organisationโ€™. moscow, seoul, new york & tokyo could be fun settings.

modern (other)
any other dramas & romances in a modern setting.
[ some ideas: a group of characters getting accused of a murder none of them committed, or so they think; small town mysteries; secret feelings; affairs of wealthy people; fake dating; opposites attract; mild supernatural aspects like possession & witchcraft; mysterious/threatening phone calls; a reoccurring dream coming true. ]

historical setting
you should see some of the pictures i have collected for inspiration and characters! ah!
iโ€™m not really looking for anything set in western europe for this. iโ€™d love a plot surrounding characters in a historical setting in japan, china, korea or russia!


the fandoms Iโ€™m currently interested in exploring are jane austen inspired anything (historical or modern.), harry potter, naruto, fairy tail, genshin impact and xxxholic. i enjoy both canon characters & ocs. modern aus are always a plus.

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