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Sign up for Xavier high school (dc marvel)

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"Spots on!"

Hi everyone who have stumpled onto this group, this rp will be based on the avengers, justice league, arrowverse or any marvel dc character in their high school years.
To join you must pick a character or oc to rp as and if its oc then put a oc form
Canon character list:
-Dc comic-
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Oliver Queen/Arrow
Clark Kent/Superman: @Maria30

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
Hal Jordan/Green lantern
Richard Grayson/Robin/Nightwing : @Melted Ice Cream
Kara Kent/ Supergirl

Zatanna: @Kitsune2202
Tony Stark/Iron man: @LittleBlindKitten
Steve Rogers/Captain America: @Willowish
Natasha/Black Widow: @SexyStonerRoleplaygal
Captain Marvel
Ms marvel
Peter parker/Spiderman: @Ariston
Bruce Banner/Hulk:
Spider gwen/Gwen stacy: @Melted Ice Cream
Miles morales/Kid Archnid
Matt Murdock/Daredevil: @Miasmith17
Danny Rand/Iron fist
Jessica jones: @Beckspace
Luke Cage
hawkeye: @Comicwolf
Loki: @LittleBlindKitten

Stephan strange/Doctor strange: @Bucky_Barnes
bucky: @Reddish Hoodie
thor: @Maria30

any i havent listed
villians are welcomed as well

Oc form:
Hero or villian name:

Put oc info in here so it wont get lost: Fandom - Oc form and canon character questions[/user]
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Could I be someone not listed like Zatanna?
Yes and actually we need her for another group too


Junior Member
Are you a Constantine fan????
I haven't seen any of the live action stuff, but I've watched the animated movies and i like the Justice league Dark series

Yes and actually we need her for another group too
Oh sure thing I'll go take a look!


Junior Member
I could do either. It'd make more sense (comic wise) for her to be around the same age as batman and Constantine if you have one. But if you need students I can play her YJ style too so she's Dick's age.


Cotton candy skies, why can't you be 𝓶 𝓲 𝓷 𝓮 ?
Could I possibly play as Steve Rogers? Unsure what the plan for him is, but I'd be glad to take the role regardless!

Darlig Ulv

Whovian /Arroverse /Lucifan /D&D player
I'll be honest I don't know much about the CW series.
The CW series got cancelled half way through, but it is dark and edgy and good
But he's being reaintroduce through legends of tomorrow and everyone loves him so far, so there is hope yet
Have you seen Justic League dark (the animated one)?

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