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Fandom Sign up for Xavier high school (dc marvel)

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Archer of justice
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Hi everyone who have stumpled onto this group, this rp will be based on the avengers, justice league, arrowverse or any marvel dc character in their high school years.
To join you must pick a character or oc to rp as and if its oc then put a oc form
Characters needed have a *

Canon character list:
-Dc comic-
*Bruce Wayne/Batman: OPEN
*Oliver Queen/Arrow: @NightTerror
Clark Kent/Superman: OPEN

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: @PolikShadowbliss
*barry allen: open
Hal Jordan/Green lantern: open
Richard Grayson/Robin/Nightwing : @LizardHero2020
Kara Kent/ Supergirl: OPEN

Zatanna: @Ayren
Deadstroke/slade wilson: OPEN (unless Sanguis comes back)
grant wilson: @Sanguis
*Jason todd: open
Harley quinn: @BippityBoppityBoop
*tim drake: open
Mad hatter/Jervis Tetch: open
Starfire: @TheHaileyWilliams_
*Tony Stark/Iron man: Open
Steve Rogers/Captain America: taken for now
Natasha/Black Widow: OPEN
Captain Marvel: open
Ms marvel: open
*MCU Peter parker/Spiderman:
Bruce Banner/Hulk: open
Spider gwen/Gwen stacy: @TheHaileyWilliams_

Miles morales/Kid Archnid: @Veil Walker once they make a character sheet

Matt Murdock/Daredevil: @Miasmith17
Danny Rand/Iron fist: @Imjusttryingtofindmyway
Jessica jones: open
Luke Cage: open
hawkeye: @Comicwolf
Loki: @NightTerror

*Stephan strange/Doctor strange: open
bucky: open

Wade/deadpool: @NightTerror

thor: OPEN
elektra: OPEN
gambit: open

Tchalla: open
(norman osborn isnt available)
Spider-Man/ Peter Benjamin Parker: (from comics not mcu) @Albert_Drake

John constantine: open
Lucifer morningstar: open
any i havent listed
villians are welcomed as well

Oc form:
Hero or villian name:
Student, teacher, faculty member or what job do you have:

Put oc info in here so it wont get lost: Fandom - Oc form and canon character questions[/user]

1.Be active, this is very important. If you havent been on in a month we will ask you if you are still intrested
2. tag if you are roleplaying with someone in the group
3. if you want to suggest a idea for the rp you may
4. All students will have roommates in a dorm
5. You can be a student, teacher, or member of faculty. Some of the older heroes like bruce and oliver will still have their other jobs while teaching at the school. For example: queen industries and wayne industries
6. from now on during a mission or event there will be four people or more in the mission, incase if one person cant reply because they are busy then the others can carry on the mission or event.

current events: what you need to know

  • First day school was attacked by men after lily, loki made an illusion to trick the men which caused a fight to break out. Teachers started to teach. Students getting settled in.
  • Day two lily and kaito go missing, causing batman and arrow to go after them. Students are in class learning, while one causes some mischief earning detention before dropping out. Batboys discover they have been chipped causing hate towards bruce.
  • Three days later the dance is tonight, few students ask a date to go with them while most are sneaking out, a band sings at the dance and during so, nightgale sneaked into bruce office while he was on a mission and makes a copy of student files on flash drive. But then albert and terry find her trying to stop her only for her to leave and the principal office trashed with broken furniture, computer. Lily was in nurses bed, the nurse and clint discover that oliver is lily birth father and need to find him
  • Oliver returns to the school and finds out about lily being his daughter, he talks to her and gets to know her more. Other students are enrolling and settling in, some hangout outside and discuss. Lily and oliver fill out paperwork to make lily his official daighter but need to go to court. Meanwhile anya, harry and albert discover the crono vortex on a crawling doc ock arm, albert and his peter fathers help create a hologram on the crono causing a hologram of pete spidey to appear
  • Basically a bad version of my character escaped during the funeral that involved other versions of her. Oliver, lily and terry teamed up to defeat her. Slade found out his son is dying slowly of disease.

    The spiderman team is fighting superior spiderman.

    The others are heading back to the school after exploring the city
  • Now is the protest arch which one student revealed their powers on accident and now students are being withdrawn or in hidding. While the teachers are figuring out a plan, lily and oliver are acting cold to each other
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