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Fandom Sign up for Xavier high school (dc marvel)

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I am hawkmoth

Hi everyone who have stumpled onto this group, this rp will be based on the avengers, justice league, arrowverse or any marvel dc character in their high school years.
To join you must pick a character or oc to rp as and if its oc then put a oc form
Canon character list:
-Dc comic-
Bruce Wayne/Batman: @LibbyM098
Oliver Queen/Arrow: @LibbyM098
Clark Kent/Superman: @Maria30

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
Hal Jordan/Green lantern: open
Richard Grayson/Robin/Nightwing : LibbyM098
Kara Kent/ Supergirl: open

Jason todd: @Lotheraliax
Harley quinn: open
Tony Stark/Iron man: open
Steve Rogers/Captain America: open
Natasha/Black Widow: @Alvaris
Captain Marvel: open
Ms marvel: open
Peter parker/Spiderman: @Anduiel
Bruce Banner/Hulk: open
Spider gwen/Gwen stacy: open

Miles morales/Kid Archnid: open
Matt Murdock/Daredevil: @Miasmith17
Danny Rand/Iron fist: open
Jessica jones: open
Luke Cage: open
hawkeye: @Comicwolf

Stephan strange/Doctor strange: @Zachjoker
bucky: open
thor: @Maria30
elektra: @Maria30

Tchalla: open
harry osborn/not green goblin: open
(norman osborn isnt available)
Spider-Man/ Peter Benjamin Parker: @Albert_Drake
Albert Benjamin Parker: @Albert_Drake
616 spiderman: @Albert_Drake

any i havent listed
villians are welcomed as well

Oc form:
Hero or villian name:

Put oc info in here so it wont get lost: Fandom - Oc form and canon character questions[/user]
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