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Fantasy Sidereals - New Beginnings Characters



Princess Psychie
Xp Tracker: 3

This will be our Character Thread, for Rykon Rykon and Random Word Random Word

This is a high level Exalted game focusing on the Sidereals. Here are the rules that we'll use on this. Check with the Errata for changes to Charms and character creation that is not explicitly overridden here. Don't forget that Sidereals have specific requirements for Abilities that you'll need to have for your Caste.

Starting Essence is 6, and it cannot be raised during character creation. Attributes are 12-10-8, and 60 Abilities, and you don't have to use Bonus Points to raise them above 3. 8 dots of Specialties, and 30 points in Backgrounds, and a starting Willpower of 7.

For Charms, you get to pick 50. Any SMA is available, and if you pick up any of the Sorcery Charms, you get a free spell of that Circle.

Finally, you have 15 bonus points to spend, but as was said earlier, you cannot use them to raise you to Essence 7.

Forgot to include the 25 points of different Astrological Colleges for you to pick from, and you get 7 dots in Virtues to spread around.

I'll keep track of your xp here, and most of the time, we will hand wave the training times needed for your Charm, Attribute or Ability increases. Only on rare occasions will I say you have to wait on something.

Sidereal Martial Arts Rewrite
The Prismatic Arrangement of Creation
The Student's Sutra of Essence: Once, there were maidens...

Deadly Starmetal Offensive
Cost: 5m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 3, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: None

...and their names were JI

The character infuses her fingernails with Essence, hardening them, sharpening them, lengthening them into weapons - and, most importantly, causing them to bend, influence and predict the path of fate in the manner of starmetal. While this Charm is active, the character’s unarmed attacks gain a minimum damage of 3 and the O tag, may parry lethal attacks without a stunt, and may re-roll the damage roll in step 8 whenever she attacks, taking the higher of the two results.

Editor's Note: I changed this one because Blade of the Battle Maiden makes the character's hands a Starmetal Daiklave. I felt this charm should be both different and synergistic.

Orichalcum Sheathing Stance
Cost: 5m; Mins:Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type:Simple (Speed 3, DV -1)
Keywords:Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: None

and PENG

The character wraps her body in a sheath of Essence, mirroring in its interaction with her own anima the link between Solar Exalted and orichalcum. While this Charm is active, the character is considered to be wearing orichalcum armor with the martial artist’s (Essence + Martial Arts+2) Bashing and Lethal Soak, (Stamina+Martial Arts)/2+5 Hardness, a -0 Mobility Penalty, and a 0 Fatigue Penalty. Further, the martial artist subtracts 1 from any attack’s minimum damage (minimum of 1) and 2 from the damage of any environmental effect (minimum of 0). The armor provided by this charm is compatible with all martial arts, even those normally not compatible with armor. However, the benefits of this charm count as equipment and the rules for stacking equipment apply to it.

Editor's Note: Made the soak scale. At E5, MA5, STM 5 you're looking at up to 12 Soak, 11 Hardness from armor which is still worse than just getting Superheavy Plate. At E10, MA10, STM10 you're looking at 22 Soak and 21 Hardness. This does stealthily, effectively have every magical material bonus applied.

Flickering Moonsilver Approach
Cost: 5m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 3, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: None

and LU

The character traces patterns through the air that echo the slippery, mutable ways in which moonsilver twists the flows of Essence around it. Opponents cannot precisely determine the character's location: she may cause her attacks to originate from any point within (her Essence x5) yards. Such attacks impose a -2 penalty to the defender's PDV, on top of ignoring all cover bonuses to DV.

Editor's Note: No longer ignores shields, and a change in wording allows for better stunting IMO, without altering the mechanics any.

Five Jade Fury
Cost: 5m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 3, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: None

and ZHOU

The character binds the substance of Creation to her Essence, shifting into a pattern of attacks that radiates the elemental authority of jade. Each gives a gift, which applies only to unarmed Martial Arts attacks. Her blows can be bashing or lethal, as she chooses, reflecting the compassion and conviction of green jade. The grace of black jade steers her attacks well: she adds 2 to the Accuracy and Defense values. The reliability of white jade ensures reasonable damage: she adds 3 to her Damage value. The force of blue jade grants her weapon the Piercing tag. Finally, the swiftness of red jade adds 1 to her weapon's Rate and -1 to its Speed. The benefits of this charm count as a Magical Material bonus and the appropriate rules for stacking apply.

Editor's Note: You effectively add every magical material bonus to your attacks. Balanced by the fact that, without other charms, you're still using your Punch's stats. It results in a Speed 4, Acc +4, Damage +3L, Defense +3, Rate 5 weapon with piercing. With Blade of the Battle Maiden this results in a Speed 4, Acc +4, Damage +8L/2, Defense +4, Rate 5 weapon with piercing. This is a nice, general weapon but nothing compared to the better artifact weapons.

Four Magical Materials Form
Cost: 15m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 5; Type: Simple (Speed 6, DV -1)
Keywords: Form-type, Obvious, Combo-Basic
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: Deadly Starmetal Offensive, Orichalcum Sheathing Stance, Flickering Moonsilver Approach, Five Jade Fury


The character attunes herself to the Essence of the world, drawing on the flows of interwoven fates, raw power, progressive change and elemental stability that play out all around her. In this fashion, while she maintains the Form, she becomes a living artifact. This Form does not mimic the Essence of soulsteel.

When using this Form, the character automatically and reflexively activates all four prerequisite stances as part of the Form activation for no cost. In addition, she becomes unbreakable, becoming immune to Crippling effects, unless the effect could damage the Five Magical Materials.

Editor's Note: No change, moving on.

Charm Redirection Technique
Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

and AN

The character learns to catch, tangle and throw the Essence flows of Charms as if they were the flailing limbs of her hapless flows. This Charm may be invoked in Step 2 in response to a Charm-enhanced attack. The martial artist immediately rolls their (Essence + Martial Arts) against a difficulty of the attacker’s Essence. If successful, they perfectly parry the attack and another character in range of the attack is immediately made the new target for the attack, starting in Step 2. The activation roll for this charm is considered a unique Flaw of Invulnerability.

Editor's Note: This one was a pain to balance. It's effectively an expensive PD with a bad flaw that doubles as a redirect. It's powerful, but expensive--hopefully I struck the right balance?

Sequential Charm Disruption
Cost: 4m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Charm Redirection Technique

and CAI

This Charm expands on the principle of Charm Redirection Technique. Rather than redirecting the essence flows, this charm instead disrupts them. The martial artist may immediately cancel one or more charms used on the attack against them for the duration of that attack. If more than one offensive charm is canceled, add a +2m, +1wp surcharge to this charm. If an Excellency is canceled, add a +5m surcharge to the charm. Rather than cancel a charm with a duration longer than instant for just one attack, a charm may be completely canceled as a shaping effect by adding the cost of the canceled charm as a surcharge to this one. The cost of canceled charms is still paid. This effect may not cancel Form-type Charms, Extra Action charms or charms with a minimum essence higher than the martial artist’s permanent Essence.

Editor's Note: This charm is an odd duck. It's not quite a perfect defense but it might as well be. Late-step offensive charms bypass it, but other than that it's a psuedo-perfect that can be powered by overdrive. That's why it's as expensive, if not moreso, than a normal perfect defense.

Spell-Shattering Palm
Cost: 5m per Circle or (Minimum Essence of a Sorcerous Charm)*3m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

and LI

The character uses martial arts to yank the threads of a delicate construct of sorcery out of place. This charm allows the character to make Martial Arts attacks or defenses against sorcery, similar to countermagic. Used on the offense this modifies an unarmed strike, you must target the manifestation or center of the spell—such as the character benefiting, the spirit summoned, or the approximate center for spells like Rain of Doom. Spells that do not otherwise have a stated DV have a DV of (Circle)*4 or (Minimum Essence)*2 for Sorcerous Charms. If you defeat the DV by at least the Sorcerer’s (Essence)/2 than the effect is shattered as though struck by the appropriate level of countermagic.

Used defensively, this charms functions as defensive countermagic of the spell’s circle if the character’s PDV exceeds the caster’s Essence + Twice the Spell’s Circle or the caster’s Essence + The Sorcerous Charm’s Minimum Essence. This requirement is considered a unique Flaw of Invulnerability when used defensively.

Editor's Note: I tried to bring this in line with Magic-Shattering Palm and the Lunar equivalent, rather than bringing it in line with Adamant Circle Countermagic. It's occasionally cheaper, but you don't regain motes for success. I notably didn't use a mote-regaining mechanic because it can be made free/cheap with Overdrive and the form-charm.

Astrology Interruption Method
Cost: 4m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Reflexive (Step 1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Touch
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

and HUA JI

The character uses her education in the nature of fate in conjunction with her martial skill to disjoint, snarl and otherwise tangle the fates the spiders weave. By lightly striking the target in the five points where the threads of the Loom of Fate attach, the character can negate Sidereal astrological effects. She must make a successful Martial Arts attack against the target. If she succeeds with threshold successes exceeding the Essence + College of the Sidereal that created the effect, the effect is dangerously torn or frayed, and the pattern spiders abandon it.

Editor's Note: It's cheaper now! Please use it? But seriously... >_> Also, added the Touch Keyword.

Soul Fire Shaper Form
Cost: 15m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 5; Type: Simple (Speed 6, DV -1)
Keywords: Form-type, Overdrive, Combo-Basic
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: Charm Disruption Technique, Sequential Charm Disruption, Spell-Shattering Palm, Astrology Interruption Method


The character balances her actions so perfectly to the local flow of Essence that the world around her cannot help but support her victory, regardless of whether she stands in Creation, Malfeas or the Underworld.

While using the Soul Fire Shaper Form, consider the Exalt's permanent Essence to be five higher than her current Essence for the purposes of resolving Charm conflicts and interacting with her enemy’s charm effects. She is unaffected by any condition or effect that would negatively impact her Essence pool or recovery, including but not limited to environmental factors such as being in the Underworld as a native of Creation, or hostile effects such as Charms that would prevent her from regaining motes in combat.

In addition, the character gains an Overdrive Pool of 10 motes while this charm is active. Every time your DV refreshes while using this form, roll a number of dice equal to the highest minimum essence of any non-Sidereal Martial Art charm used by another character since the last time your DV refreshed and gain 1 offensive mote per success.

Finally, the martial artist also gains one free use of Sequential Charm Disruption, Spell-Shattering Palm, or Astrology Interruption Method every time his DV refreshes. Any effects, including surcharges that increase the cost of those charms increases it from a base cost of 0m, 0wp.

Editor's Note: A bunch of minor tweaks here. Instead of increasing one's mote pool it uses an overdrive mechanic. since PAoC is the general and buff Sid MA I made the refill mechanic general and pretty good. I modified what the +Ess applies to slightly and you can't use Charm Redirection with it anymore. I'm honestly skeptical about letting people use Sequential Charm Disruption with it but figure there's enough ways around it.

God Ways
Cost: 10m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 3, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Shaping
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: None

and ZUO GU

The character steps into an object or person, displacing its natural spirit with his Essence manipulations as easily as a master of legermain might steal a mortal's coat. The character's player rolls Charisma + Martial Arts against a difficulty equal to the Essence of the Exalt's target - the body he wants to steal or the god or least god of the thing he wishes to possess. The target's player can spend a point of willpower to make a willpower roll difficulty equal to the martial artist's Essence once on each of the martial artist's action ticks to regain control over her body. As a restriction, the character may not possess any entity with a size greater than her Essence in yards in its largest dimension.

In the meantime, the character's body dematerializes and fades into her stolen form. She may move and take Martial Arts actions through her stolen flesh, using her own Physical Attributes or those of her stolen form, if they are higher (inanimate objects usually have 0s in all Physical Attributes). This Charm imbues any stolen form with supernatural flexibility and mobility - possessed trees can attack and unattended ox-carts can charge. Attacks that strike dematerialized entities damage the character's dematerialized self as well as her stolen form. Otherwise, she suffers no ill effects from having her possessed body damaged or destroyed.

The character cannot possess soulsteel. She can only possess objects made of other Magical Materials if she knows the style's Charm for emulating that Magical Material.

Editor's Note: I made ejecting the Sidereal more difficult. If you're caught without shaping defenses on an attack that costs more than 8m you deserve what you get.

[Exalt] [Caste] Ways
Cost: 5m, 1hl; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 3, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: None


The character strikes his throat, abdomen, spine, brow and crown chakras, forcibly reshaping his Essence and altering how his anima interacts with this world. This Charm allows the character to mimic the anima banner and anima effects of one other type and caste of Exalted. This Charm temporarily replaces the character's anima banner. This charm can never allow the character to learn charms she otherwise could not, for instance by mimicking the Eclipse Caste’s anima. Select one Caste when you first purchase this charm, and other castes may be added at the cost of 4xp each but you may only activate one [Exalt] [Caste] Ways at a time.

Editor's Note: Made learning new castes much cheaper, made the duration indefinite, and removed the limitation on caste marks so it can be used for disguises.

Games of Divinity Form
Cost: 10m 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 5; Type: Simple (Speed 6, DV -1)
Keywords: Form-type, Obvious, Emotion, Combo-Basic
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: God Ways, Exalt Ways

and WU JI

The character adopts the attitude and posture of the spirit courts, moving with the infinite baroque complexity necessary to the management of Creation. Directed by the four powers of her mind - aspiration, effort, intention and analysis - the whole of her Essence flows as one. Simultaneously, even the smallest mote of her being directs itself toward managing its own affairs.

Though no imperfect creature can truly master it, this Form has a perfect beauty to it. Anyone who does not know this charm immediately forms an unnatural, inviolable positive intimacy of addiction towards it unless they spend a number of points of willpower equal to half the character’s Essence, to a maximum of 5. If this intimacy is eroded, it attempts to re-assert itself every time the character sleeps—the perfect beauty dominating their dreams.

A character with the intimacy of addiction cannot harm someone using this Form-Type charm unless they fail a compassion roll. Once they fail a number of such compassion rolls equal to the martial artist’s permanent Essence they may attack the martial artist freely. The long-term addiction effect can be broken by Charms such as Transcendent Hero Meditation or other effects that shatter long-term Compulsions or by, of course, learning this charm herself.

Editor's Note: There's a couple of ways to defend against this charm, but if you don't--it's difficult to get over it. As a fun side-effect your allies can't be mind-controlled into attacking you.

Demesne Emulation Practice
Cost: 7m, 1w, 1hl; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 3, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: None

and KAO

Tugging gently on the flows of Essence around him, the character forms herself into a nexus, a convergence point through which power pours. While this Charm is active, each of the character's successful unarmed attacks that would apply at least one level of damage in step 10 convert one of those levels of damage to aggravated. The character's hand upon an enemy's chest burns him with raw Essence, her elbow in his ear fills her head with Essence lightning, and her foot against his knee is as terribly cold as the Essence of a saltwater siren's heart.

Editor's Note: Had to simplify this to be compatible with the new system. Multiple applications of damage is hax.

Demesne and Manse Form
Cost: 6m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 5; Type: Simple (Speed 6, DV -1)
Keywords: Form-type, Obvious, Combo-Basic
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: Demesne Emulation Practice


The character adopts the stately grandeur of a temple and radiates the ancient power of a Manse. She can now properly channel and constrain the raw Essence flow that the Demesne Emulation Practice feeds into her, coalescing it around her Caste Mark into a level 5 hearthstone set in her brow. This hearthstone only exists while the character is using Demesne and Manse Form. While using this Form, the character receives the hearthstone's benefits, as if it were set into an artifact. Treat major changes to the character's personality (on the same magnitude as changing her Motivation) as architectural alterations to a Manse for the purposes of altering the hearthstone, adjusting hearthstone abilities appropriately.

As a final benefit, upon activating this form the martial artist gains (Essence x10) attunement motes as her hearthstone serves to power her artifacts. She may substitute motes from this surge to substitute a Hearthstone required to power an artifact on a 10 per 1-dot basis. Upon de-activating this charm all attunement motes are lost as though the scene had ended.

Editor's Note: Here's the thing, for 15 XP I get the same hearthstone, a manse (all those awesome benefits), and great essence regeneration. I wanted this charm to not look like a foolish speed-bump by comparison. In that vein, I lowered the cost and made it grant a hax number of attunement motes. This is at least partial balanced by the fact that one of the forms in this tree basically replaces your equipment anyways.

Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form
Cost: 10m 1w; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 5; Type: Simple (Speed 6, DV -1)
Keywords: Form-type, Obvious, Combo-Basic
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: Four Magical Materials Form, Soul Fire Shaper Form, Games of Divinity Form, Demesne and Manse Form

The Elder Sutra of Essence: The last maiden's name was TAO. These were their names, but they knew them not.

As she assumes this Form, the character vanishes into the flows of Essence around her. For a long moment, she is nowhere and everywhere, embodied in the dance of all things. Then, she manifests again, in every movement consummately aware of everything around her, reacting to intentions before they are formed, actions before they are taken and to the battle as a whole as easily as to a single blow.

Activating this Charm causes the character to vanish until her DV refreshes. While in this state, she may not be affected by any externally applied effect that requires her to be present. While the Charm remains active, the character is automatically aware of every attack against her and is immune to sensory penalties. She can sense every effect, object and creature within (Essence x10) yards, and adds her Essence in automatic successes to rolls to reveal hidden things within this radius.

The Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form is transcendent and accepts other Forms as lesser parts of itself. While the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form is active, the character may have more than one Form-type Charm active, as an exception to the rules governing Form-type Charms, detailed as follows: All four of this Form's prerequisite Forms may remain active along with the main Form. Form-type Charms not part of this Style may also benefit, but any use of out of style Forms limits the character to two total Form-type Charms in addition to Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form. While multiple Form-type Charms are active, any form weapons of any of the Forms' styles are considered form weapons for all of them. This is a specific benefit of the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form and not a general rule.

In addition, the character may choose to reflexively activate allowed sub-Forms as part of the activation of Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form.
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Four Thousand Club

  • IMG_0172.PNGName: Tien of the Calamitous Fist
    Caste: Battles
    Concept: Martial Sifu
    Age: 312
    Faction: Bronze
    Motivation: To lead a conquering army to overthrow the Empress and her dark allies
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Random Word

Two Thousand Club

  • Name: Daivaja Yane Euphemia
    Age: 287
    Caste: Chosen of Serenity
    Concept: Pay No Attention to The Woman Behind the Curtain
    Allegiance: Bronze
    Motivation: Save Creation From This Demonic Incursion
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Luna's Concubine

  • 1416274889642.jpg Name: Renna Talbert
    Age: 356
    Caste: Secrets
    Faction: Gold

    Str: 2
    Dex: 6
    Sta: 3

    Cha: 4
    Man: 4
    App: 6

    Per: 5
    Int: 6
    Wits: 6

    *Resistance: 6
    Ride: 2
    Sail: 2
    Survival: 3
    Thrown: 1

    Craft: 4
    Dodge: 6 - Unarmored: 3
    Linguistics: 4 - Old Realm, Riverspeak, High Realm, Low Realm, Flametongue
    *Performance: 6 - Dance: 2
    *Socialize: 5

    Athletics: 2
    Presence: 2

    *Investigation: 5
    *Larceny: 2
    *Lore: 6
    *Occult: 6
    *Stealth: 3

    Awareness: 3
    Bureaucracy: 3
    Integrity: 2
    *Martial Arts: 6 - Unarmed Attacks: 3

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