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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Venom Adhamm, Apr 21, 2017.

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Should final bosses be difficult?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  3. Depends on the game/I'm scared of making real decisions.

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  1. Simple question really: should the final boss of a game be difficult (relative to the rest of the game)? It's hard to say for sure, I think. On the one hand, it might not be a good idea to have the last boss be the most frustrating part of the game, since it might cause the entire game to leave a bad taste in your mouth when you're done. But on the other hand, just having it be a pushover might take a little impact out of it all.

    To me, Kingdom Hearts II handled this the best. The final boss wasn't exactly hard, but it was a long, multi-phase, really cool and climactic battle. Then, they had another boss which was extremely hard, but it was an optional fight you could do at any time once you pass a certain point.

    The difficulty of the final boss could also serve a story purpose too. In Dark Souls, for example, the final boss is one of the easiest in the game which made a bit of sense considering that the final boss was also a very old man.
  2. Yes, I mean it is a final boss but it would be better if it ain't so difficult. I love tough challenges in games a whole lot! The experience of finally defeating a boss that you never could in the past few days is satisfying!
  3. Definitely prefer a challenge. I actually stopped playing pokemon because in x and y, I could beat the elite four with no farming what so ever. Just breezing through the content without doing any other prep killed the series for me
  4. Difficulty should be user defined. If I want to just breeze through a game and not have to grind, I should have that option. If I want it to be a cutting edge you get hit once it's game over, I should have that option. Let me switch difficulties during the game. If I come up to a part that's too hard/easy, let me shift the difficulty if I want.
  5. It depends doesn't it? If the story is well told enough and focuses more on the story and narrative, then even with an easy boss fight it would still be satisying and fulfilling. However, when the game focuses more on the fighting and hardcore action, then a hard, no, a nightmarish boss fight would ensue and, after dying multiple times, one would be fulfilled and satisfied in beating such a difficult boss. It's really just finding the right balance and making it feel right with the game. That's my opinion anyway.
  6. No fucking shit they should be difficult
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  7. Hell yeah. The number one rule of an RPG is that the final boss battle should be hard as a pair of male reproductive organs to beat.
  8. [​IMG]
    A final boss should be good. They generally shouldn't be pushovers, but everything should be done with a reason, including difficulty. One of the best final bosses ever is Gwyn from Dark Souls as mentioned by OP, and he's a pushover, especially when compared to the midgame boss of Ornstein and Smough. Despite what the gaming community at large seems to think, harder =/= better. Difficulty is just another tool like music or setting or lore, that's part of a final package. Gwyn uses pretty much everything there to near perfection, which is why he's a better final boss than the Soul of Cinder from 3, despite being easier.

    The 'hard as fuck' trope is for secret bosses for a reason.
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  9. true enough, Gwyn was a pretty baller fight.

    Even f parrying brought him to his knees pretty hard.

    You stalkin me or somethin'? >.>
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  10. always beb
  11. Final bosses don't really need to be difficult but rather make you feel something other than satisfaction for winning. Persona 3 does this well, having the Nyx Avatar pose a decent threat and have a long-ass boss fight to keep you on your toes. It also follows that fight up with an amazing sequence of events that show the fruits of your journey; your relationships with your party and the NPCs around you. It's very wonderful and the cutscenes that show you all the Social Links you've maxed out brings me to tears all the time.

    Then the game follows it all up by killing your character off.

    10/10 would fucking play again and again
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  12. Emo Jesus ain't dead, just sleeping, and turned into a big ass door.
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  13. A final boss should be hard depending on what protection and weapons it has. If I'm playing a FPS (Let's use the di(ck)vision as an example, even though it's a TPS), I don't want my enemy, my final moments of the game to be a bullet sponge if he's just wearing a t shirt and jeans and wields an AKM. If I wanted to fight a final boss and have a challenge, his appearance and weapons should stand out and be obvious. If the previous guy before had an EOD suit with a steel faceplate and a PKM, you bet it would be a challenge and it would make sense to be a bullet sponge. Payday 2 has another good example, with mini bosses of sorts. Cloakers are hard to distinguish from the waves of blue SWAT team members coming towards you, but when you hear his characteristic "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE", you know it's a cloaker and you need to be on your toes and devise a game plan. If this bank heist went south and I only have 2 Glock subcompacts and a PPK with a literal "Size Doesn't Matter" Suppresor, this will drastically change my gameplay experience.

    Tldr: boss models should reflect realism if the game is meant tl be realistic and if hes wearing a tshirt and jeans with a few hand grenades and an ak yet somehow has 10,000 health is slightly ridiculous vs the same guy with a machine gun and an EOD suit
  14. To be honest I would prefer if they where difficult as seeing they are the final challenge...the last and ultimate face off against a foe like no other, it can be a friend that has betrayed you..a villain who has taunted you along the gurney...a battle for honor. A final boss, be it if its expected who it will be or not, Looms over you like clouds, as each mission you complete or each boss you defeat or whatever you do to make progress, it feels closer and closer, watching you,haunting you.
    You have beaten many others, have taken there abilities/ have learn a skill/ YOU GET WHAT I MEAN! A final boss is kinda there to test all you have learn and just see if you are really prepared to face it. If you have what it takes to finish this game and let it all go back to Zero.
    One example i take (from more recent times) is Senator Armstrong from MGS: Revengece...compared to other bosses he was MOSTLY impossible to beat...something i never expected...But after long hours he fell and i...merge from the ashes
    Now another example is almost every Pokemon game...you grow stronger and stronger, going from city to city...or island in this case with the newest one...only to soon show yourself to the big boss and teach him all you have learn...

    in short, it should be hard...they are there to test what you have learn
  15. No, they shouldn't be the most difficult boss in the game, but they should be the most challenging boss in the game.

    The endgame boss should require you to use all the skills and abilities that you've acquired over the events of the game. All items, all spells or special skills (or at least a majority of them) should all play a part in defeating the final boss. Figuring out how to use them all properly in order to advance the boss fight from phase to phase (assuming it has multiple phases, and most good boss fights will) should be the main focus, or at least a large part of it.

    Likewise, the final boss should be the culmination of all the events prior, and you need to have a strong motivation for defeating it. Narrative circumstances are just as important as gameplay mechanics for making a final boss.

    The most difficult boss on the other hand, should be the option super boss who exists for that purpose.
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  16. Final boss needs to make you feel you accomplished something after finished game but I am not against things you get in-game that are hidden in places rather than part of story makes things alot more easier in last boss fight. Most Final Fantasy games did this right if you ask me, last boss fights were always hard but they were not the hardest fights in the game and there were many hidden items weapons etc to help you to clear last boss alot more easier.
  17. Lel git gud
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  18. Casual gamers pls go
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  19. Always. I don't care if they throw in some easy to kick-ass mini bosses before, and impossible to beat optional bosses after - the final boss should always be a challenge. Nothing more satisfying that beating a boss you've been frustrated about for days.
    Personally I feel like KH managed to pull it off pretty well, with the main story bosses giving the player a challenge for the level they're at - though I do have to admit I was disappointed with how easy Maleficent was - while having the optional bosses after (sephiroth especially) that you can go back and get frustrated with all over again.
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    If it's the FINAL boss, the last one of the entire game then yes, it should be hard like really hard. I don't know about you, but defeating someone or something with just a few punches is annoying and not challenging.
  21. Not the way I played it the first time. ;)
    *Visions of still using only default gear for the trophy*
  22. I suppose it al depends on the player, but personally I was disappointed :3 still one of my favourite games, however!
  23. Oh, trust me, if I was playing the game normally, it wouldn't have been a challenge. Being stubborn and not choosing any stronger gear already makes things a challenge, even on Normal mode.
  24. I can't even begin to imagine the utter frustration that must have caused! Brownie points for you my friend!

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