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Multiple Settings Shoujo-Style Anime Romance! {Semi Adv.}

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Anime, Romance
Hello! I have been watching a lot of shoujo-style anime and now I would like to do a roleplay based off of them! It would be MxF and I would like to be female! I would also like you to be able to write 2+ paragraphs. Anyway, here is a few prompts that I had in mind.

Prompt 1-

M/C has just been accepted to a private high school in Tokyo. She moves away from her small town to live in the city. She has rented an apartment to live in whole going to school in Tokyo. She arrives to find that the Landlord accidentally rented out the apartment to both M/C and Y/C, who goes to the same school as her. Y/C has the highest grades in the school and has never been very socially adept. He often puts his grades above all else, even his health. The two can’t afford to move to a different apartment so they are forced to share it. They try to keep it a secret from their classmates to avoid rumors.

Prompt 2:
Our characters were childhood friends. Y/C was always labeled as a crybaby because he would cry at the drop of the hat. M/C would threaten anyone who picked on him. They were best friends until they were 10 and y/c moved away after the death of his mother. 7 years later, Y/C comes back but he isn’t the same as he was. He isn’t a crybaby, he doesn’t cry but he doesn’t laugh either. He is completely emotionless and isolated himself. M/C makes it her mission to make him laugh like she use to when they were little, all while dealing with her own problems.

Prompt 3:
M/C is a classic tsundere girl. She doesn’t have many friends and many people find her rude and off putting. Y/C is the cheerful and friendly popular boy. Girls are crazy about him and he is usually too nice to turn them down plus he lavishes in the attention. He is also a little arrogant, having come from a rich family so he is use to getting what he want. That is why M/C perplexes him. She is the only girl who is not all over him. So, what will happen when he tries to befriend her?

And here are some pairings I like:

Delinquent boy x shy girl
Soul Eater Weapon x Meister
Half Demon x Excorist
Lonely Boy x Lonely Girl
Student Council President x Slacker
Shy Otaku x Outgoing
Reverse Harem {would require you to roleplay multiple boys}
Cold, Distant Boy x Girl with no boundaries
Cursed Boy x Normal girl
Demon Familiar x human girl
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