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Realistic or Modern Ships Haven Split

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Realistic, Romance, School

Wonder Woman

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The town of Ships Haven
Welcome to the endearing seaside town of Ships Haven, known for our beautiful ports, beaches and out kind population... Well as long as you stay on the right side of town. We've been dealing with a bit of an issue, West Feild High recently burnt down due to a student prank over the summer, so as of this coming school year the West Side kids will be mixing with East Side teenagers in Ships Haven Prep. We are sure it'll be fine, we trust that all kids will be... respectful... with their hosts and their guests.
Besides that let me tell you more about the town. We have many sights and landmarks that are a great pride for our great town; We have Raymonds Diner which rests in the middle of the town, a popular hang out for all of the kids in town, there's also the governments dock a 15 foot dock that is used mostly for larger ships but also fishing and jumping into the sea. Our mayor prides himself on the beauty and culture of our town, Anchor Park holds plenty of town history like the anchor of the Maid Of Glory the first ship that brought settlers here.
That's all we have time for but we hope you enjoy your time in our quant town!


Those who live in the West Side haven't exactly had the easiest time; poverty, drugs, and violence are common place in the cracked, rundown streets. Gang Activity is prominent and has become a problem amongst the youth with many turning to crime in desperation. People usually fear the west side teenagers, assuming they are criminals or will cause trouble, and many of then are willing to oblige to that stereo type, which might be what led to the fourth of July firework prank that burned town the high school in their area. But there always have to be some diamonds in the rough, there is more to these trouble makers than people believe.

In contrast to them, we have the rich and beautiful of the East side, well at least that's how the West siders view them. Middle class and up families live in the clean streets of the neat suburbs, but even perfection has cracked and trouble happens in paradise. There are secrets behind the closed door of the mansions and pain behind the hair extensions and false eyelashes.


you are gold baby. solid gold.
So with Aato working on an east side male, we have 2 east guys and 2 west guys so far. I think I'm gonna make a west side guy!


you are gold baby. solid gold.
Thank you x

I'll get right to that... Just as soon as I find where to post CSes?


Resident Soft Asshole
Are there still open spots? (I had to make sure I cut out time for myself first so I didn't spend like four days making a CS like I did last time I tried to join a group lol -im sorry goldielox-)

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