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Fantasy Sherwood Shores II OOC

Should we start the RP now?

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Derpy Dev

Sack of Silly Smiles
Yikes, that was awesome and badass and Coal is terrifying and I love it :D

Also, Christina officially understands the world less than she did before.

Also also, remember that if you don't make a post with your character for a bit and people are waiting on your character for one reason or another, your character will likely be put up for adoption, so that someone else can come in and offer to play them for you. It's a practice I've seen on other forums that can really help keep a roleplay alive and I want to use that system here if the situation calls for it.

Destructus Kloud

I ship SquidxTrump
And so the plot thickens...

@Super Villain Nova If you want to end our interaction then feel free to just lose the car that’s following you or blow it up. I’m fine with you doing basically whatever you want with my disciples. They’re more or less magically enhanced cannon fodder anyway. If they die then it’s fine, they won’t be revealing any secrets.

Alternatively, you can continue this line of intense plot by forcing me to reveal C-7’s identity. I don’t mind really. : )

Derpy Dev

Sack of Silly Smiles
All right! In comes Katie Cutter :)

Side note everyone: Unless anyone wants to object now because they haven't made a morning post, it is now 12:00.
First, I could never hate a fellow FMA Brotherhood fan.

However, that comment makes it really hard not too.
Like..... It's not in a bad way. Like I love Barry after he died. *snickers* he died!!! and then became such a fun character.

It's the little things that make you smile and Barry was one of those little surprises that helped moved the story along and made it fun.

Man........ We need more FMA in our lives.

My favorite anime of all time was... sorry, still is Outlaw Star. Favorite anime movie was Akira. (which people still miss pronounce to this day... Why am I the only one correcting bitches? lol)
Also I haven't drawn in years.... Maybe I'll draw a bit again. It would be really cool to draw all of our characters in like a title or cover page for this rp. That would be fun..... Who knows... I might do it. lol

But no promises....

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