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Fandom Sherlock (BBC) 1x1 RP AnyOne?

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Action, Horror, LGTBQ, Realistic, Romance


Ultimate Inventor
Okay so... awkward hello! I recently got back into Sherlock Holmes and I’d like to do a BBC Sherlock Roleplay!

— I am 18 and female. I would like for you to be 18+

— 3+ paragraphs please!

— Try not to ghost please. Let me know when you’ll be inactive. I’ll do the same.

— I can Roleplay here or on Discord.

— I do Canon x Canon (MxM only) and Canon x OC (MxM or MxF)

— Please Plot with me! Don’t have me carrying all the plots on my back.

— I have really anxiety and sometimes I disappear for a while because of it. Please be patient with me!

Please Note: I love the Sherlock Holmes books and all that, specifically the 1954 Sherlock tv series. But, while I love the BBC Sherlock, I’m not too fond of Sherlock, John, Mycroft, and Lestrade being put into a modern day England setting. That is why we’re going to go with the original time era of Sherlock Holmes... Victorian Era London! (1800’s)

Canon x Canon stuff:

Bold = my role

John Watson x Sherlock Holmes

Greg Lestrade x Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft Holmes x John Watson (I’ll play either)

Canon x OC stuff:

Doubling up is required for fairness!

I can play: Sherlock, Mycroft

I want you to play: John, Greg

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