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Multiple Settings Shasha's semiperm. search (OPEN! CRAVING BNHA)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Multiverse, Romance, Super Powers, Supernatural


Updated - April 24th, 2019

Heyo! Feel free to call me Shasha or Vanitas ~
female|19|PST|in college
10 years experience | 500-1000+ words
LGBT+ friendly | can play any and all genders | will double up
I can practically play any canon character or atleast I think I can
I will not role-play anything that goes against the site rules on site.
I prefer role-playing on PM (because of the discord notification LMAO) but I can be persuaded to rp over thread. I also have my discord that's open for discussion and possibly even rp if that's what you prefer!
I prefer to rp with people 16+, no offense to anyone younger, there's just a point where I feel EXTRA old. Of course, for anything mature, you must be 18+

My characters tend to be on the independent side so my characters tend to not be pushovers.

This list will be updated as my tastes change!
Bold are things I'm craving the most, underlined is preferred role
All my rps contain ANGST, fair warning

(with the following roleplays, just know, I can play anyone)
If the characters within a series are underaged, I'd prefer AGING THEM UP TO BE 18+ or we keep it completely innocent
dmc nero x oc , reboot dante x oc | kh vanitas x oc , vanven | ffxv oc x prompto | bnha bakudeku, oc x hawks, oc x Bakugou, oc x dabi | south park pastor!craig x Imp!nun!tweek, oc x kenny | mystic messenger oc x ray/unknown | magi aladdin x alibaba, oc x judar |
noragami oc x oc | lumine kody x lumine | bsd oc x oc, dazai x atsushi, oc x dazai | hq! kageyama x hinata , oc x kuroo | blue exorcist oc x rin

Nonfandom (these can also be aus for fandom rps)
Royal x dragon shifter / knight
Enemy X enemy
Demon X Angel/human/demon
Soulmate AUs
More to be added

reply below or send me a PM if you're interested in something ^^
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Hello!! I am interested. I think I am still too fresh on this site to send a pm myself, so please send me a pm if you are still searching!

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