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Hi there! I'm new to this site, but I had an idea for a world I've been craving and just had to scratch my RP itch. This is pretty detailed because I'm fairly particular with what I'm looking for... but if you read this and think it sounds like fun to you? Fantastic. We would probably be a great match!

To save you from giant walls of text read further if you're:

1) Interested in a grand, episodic, high-fantasy adventure with a cutesy love story as its heart. What better thing is there though?
2) Willing to play either the human/humanoid or shapeshifter half of one of the below plots (or suggest another!) in a fantasy setting
3) Be active, friendly, and willing to plot. This may seem like a lot below... but really, it's just the bare-bones of a world that has a lot of promise. A lot of promise that we should bring to it together! There's a lot of world building to do and as specific as the RP plot I'm looking for is, I look at roleplaying as being collaborative above all else. I want a partner who reads this and finds it as exciting and promising as I do, who wants to build something great together off this foundation.

There is no man or woman alive who remembers when it happened, but all can feel and see its effects: the cataclysm that joined worlds.

The world of Eylia, dangerous and violent, was inhabited by a host of races that all called it home. Humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and so many more - all distrusting of each other as a whole, but living together in periods of tentative peace punctuated with terrible war. They all lived in fear, however, of the creatures that inhabited their world. Owlbears, giants, dire-beasts, gazers, carnivorous plants… monsters, deadly and numerous. None more deadly, however, than dragons. The races needed to band together en-masse to defeat the most lowly dragon - and even then, at heavy losses.

That changed however when their world was irreversibly ripped asunder as portals joined it to another: the world of Dar. A world full of magic, a world with its own history and legends, a world of creatures as familiar as they were dissimilar. Elves, humans, and other humanoids… but with their own quirks. Almost all could transform into beasts, as large or larger than the dire ones of Eylia. Only a few managed to cross through the portals before they were closed… and yet the connection had been made. An invisible tether between Eylia and Dar that let magic seep through and soon the denizens of Eylia began to feel its effects.

Magical ability began to awaken in some folk, and it let them gain ground on the monsters and beasts in ernest. Finally, the people did not need to live in fear. They claimed more land, gained more ground, and even dragons were pushed to near extinction. All of the creatures became as much of a legend as the portals that had once been opened.

Centuries past. The races of Dar were as long forgotten as the portals themselves. And then, one day abruptly, they opened again. Hidden in unclaimed wilderness, the races of Dar did not hold back in their exploration of Elyia this time. Four of the most powerful races crossed through, claimed territory, and lay in wait. Cautious in their exploration as they were eager.

The Races

Ren’dar: Wolves, as large as a horse. Fiercely loyal and pack oriented - with a variety of packs that are all insular and distrusting of outsiders. They do not believe in mixing with other races in any way. They are the most powerful of the races from their homeworld due to their size, strength, and ferocity. Due to their position on the world they look upon all ‘lesser’ races as prey, fit only for hunting, and are always looking to expand their territory. This brings them into constant conflict. They inhabit the portal in the frozen forests of the north.

Fel’dar: Felines, lithe and limber, a head shorter than the Ren’dar. They are known for their cunning and intelligence above all else. Constantly vying for territory against the Ren’dar, they would take offense to being called anything but the superior to their canine cousins. Their hatred for each other is one of the only places they differ. Society and mentality wise, they are aligned. They inhabit the portal in the lush jungles of the east.

Sis’dar: Snakes, conniving and sinister. They rely on poisons, toxins, and traps more often than actual fighting ability but that does not make them weak. The muscles in their bodies are practiced and strong. They avoid conflict with the other races whenever possible and choose to keep to themselves. They inhabit the portal in the deserts of the west.

Tre’dar: Birds, varied and wise. It is said that no two Tre’dar look alike with their unique patterns and colors that make them stand out in a most memorable way. Their ability to fly and roost has made them a more peaceful race, able to avoid any territory disputes as they migrate to other areas. Nomads by nature and uncommitted to defending land, as long as their young are not in danger, they are often looked to as mediators in disputes between their livelier cousins such as the Ren’dar and Fel’dar - when politics finally wins out over violence. They inhabit the portal in the mountainous south.

These are just examples. Feel free to come up with your own, if there’s a specific type of shifter you wish to play! Just because those races guard each portal does not mean other races have not passed through.

Another possibility is the shifters having ‘three’ forms: humanoid (skin form), animal (fur/feather/scale form), and an in-between (anthro) if you would prefer. I’m honestly open to a lot here, as rigid as this idea might look!

Mercenary x Shapeshifter

Young Dragon x Shapeshifter

Hunter x Shapeshifter

Rival Races

Rival Packs

Mage x Shapeshifter

I'm open to other pairings as well! Have an idea? Let me know!

There are a lot of directions to take this, but just for some examples…

  • Conflict with another of the races from their world (how do they feel about her traveling with a human? Being captured by a human?)
  • Random quests and side adventures! (Examples 100 Adventure Ideas (DnD Other) - D&D Wiki)
  • An eventual love story… punishable by death if shifter's people found out (probably any of them, not just their own race)
  • Characters from their pasts. Old pack, friends, parents, people that they used to know? Old contacts, rivalries, blood debts and sworn vengeance? Whatever!

And of course… Why did the portals open to begin with? Why have they opened again?

Note: this is not about getting the two characters to fall for each other as quickly as possible. It should be happening organically. Shifter does not need to reveal their skin form to any non-shifter off the bat, they could be travelling for however long before it even happens
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Interested if you are still seeking!
Can't PM yet sorry for the bother.
I can't PM yet either so I totally understand the limitation! I'm definitely willing to discuss this more with you =]

I’d absolutely love to do your love story idea because I’m a sucker, let’s do ittt.
I'd be happy to talk more! Shoot me a PM and we can continue discussing there.
I can't PM yet either so I totally understand the limitation! I'm definitely willing to discuss this more with you =]

I'd be happy to talk more! Shoot me a PM and we can continue discussing there.
Awesome, I should be able to message tomorrow so please save a spot for me! I will message ASAP or if you have discord we could discuss and plot it out there.
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Aww, this sounds super cool.
I'm still discussing it and I'm always open to talking with more people =] Even if the idea fills up I'd be happy to discuss other options with the world

I’m so down for this if it’s still open! :D
Shoot me a PM and we can talk more; like I mentioned above, even if this particular pairing/idea gets filled I'm open to other options within the same world!
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yes yes yes!! I would love to be part
of this!
I'd be glad to talk more with you about potential here =] The specific plot in the post is full-up at the moment, but if you're interested in the world and the potential here I'd be happy to talk about other pairings and ideas. Send me a PM if you'd like to discuss!
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Interested in "The Races" idea, if you're still looking for partners!
Hey there, I cleaned up my post a bit more to make it more obvious - but those races are all part of the world itself! The pairing section is what I'm looking for in an RP =]

Do you see any pairing there that you're interested in?
This looks incredibly fun and brimming with plot potential! The Hunter/Mercenary x Shapeshifter pairings intrigue me the most (but I'm very open to other pairings as well) - feel free to shoot me a PM if you're still looking for partners!
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This looks incredibly fun and brimming with plot potential! The Hunter/Mercenary x Shapeshifter pairings intrigue me the most (but I'm very open to other pairings as well) - feel free to shoot me a PM if you're still looking for partners!
Sure! PM sent, we can discuss possibilities

Is this still open? I still want to do the Hunter x SS one
I'm still talking with potential partners, yup =] And this time I can actually send PMs, so PM sent. Lol

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