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It was February, 2019, and the world wasn't yet ready to face itself. We went about our prodigal lives, polluting and corrupting the world around us in search of petty things like "profit" and "productivity..." concepts which made mockery of the arts and the spirit, draining our lives of all meaning and enjoyment. The glitz and plastic sheen of a consumerist future awaiting us masked our growing sense of cynicism. We could feel doom coming long before it arrived, and yet, when it came, we weren't at all ready for it. We had expected global warming or world war to take us all, but no one could have predicted the Nemesis.

© K0morisoft 1991

Single Player
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You let out a wistful sigh as the ominous intro fades away into the title screen. Shadow Archetype... In this obscure 1991 adventure, you play the role of a player-created "Paragon," a super-powered individual out to resist the apocalyptic reign of the Nemesis, a nightmarish being which has arisen from the collective fear and self-loathing of the human race made manifest. Most of the human race has been transformed into horrifying monsters and demons, consumed by their inner flaws at the sight of the "eternal eclipse." You will embark on a quest to restore the world's humanity... If you remember the plot correctly. It's been a while.

But first, you must create a character. The game has a mysterious "infinite players" mode which you have just selected, although you only see yourself, currently. A character introduces herself as "Nano the Nurse." She looks like a bunny-eared chibi anime character in a nurse's outfit, and she carries a giant syringe. "Uwu, whats this? A new Paragon?" she says through a dialogue box at the bottom of the screen. "It's been... who knows how many years!!!" She hops around in unbridled joy, bringing a smile to your face even though you don't remember any of this from the last time you played. In fact, you remembered this game being kind of brooding and serious, although the anime art style is nothing new... "Now then, where do we begin? Ah! Aha! I want to know all about you!"

This game will be a hodgepodge setting with so many different things in it that I found it difficult to classify between the choices of fantasy and futuristic, but I ultimately placed it here because the theme of this game is paranormal and psychological. The setting is similar to our modern world, but it will grow more fantastical as the game goes on. You will need to create two characters. First, an ordinary human whom you will play as, and second, the most-awesomest humanoid character you can imagine, be it an alien, a robot, a furry, a vampire... just go ham. You won't immediately play as this character, but will gain access later.
To create a character and join the RP, you will need to join the following Discord channel which has been created specifically for this game's ooc chat: Join the Shadow Archetype Discord Server!

1. As GM, I am in full control of the game. If you disagree with my decisions, feel free to discuss it with me in the Discord, but keep it civil.
2. Speaking of which, keep it civil with your fellow players, as well.
3. Combat will be handled with dice. The system will be explained upon request in the Discord, as well as in this thread during the first battle.
4. If you become inactive in the thread, I reserve the right to control your character until you return. If you know you will be absent for a time, let me know ahead of time so that your character can avoid dying.
5. Do not power/metagame. Most actions will require a D10 roll for success unless noted.
6. PVP is allowed if both players agree.

Player 1: TBA
Player 2: TBA
Player 3: TBA
Player 4: TBA
Player 5: TBA
Player 6: TBA
Player 7: TBA
Player 8: TBA

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