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Neon Valkyrie

She Who Is Called I Am
So, am I completely out of line, do I need to tweak, gimme the deetz on Nix when you can. I'm probably going to get to bed pretty quick here, but I'll be back tomorrow.

EDIT: Actually, y'know, I'm gonna drop her hydrokinesis. I feel like, on a world that's mostly water, being able to fight and breathe underwater is probably powerful enough ...
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@Neon Valkyrie Love the character and race. Personality is great and she is pretty balanced ability wise. Can't think of anything major to tweak if I am being honest, though I do have a suggestion:

While I didn't see your hydrokinesis description in time before you edited it as I got busy later on today, I don't think that Nix is too powerful to need to exclude it. While it is true that the world is mostly water we will be spending a lot of time on land too so some kind of non-underwater based ability should be fine. Up to you though, with the level of normal threats we will be facing you definitely won't be underpowered or anything.

Either way she is accepted into the role play! I can imagine Antonio already being bossed around haha, if every character has her attitude then his time as captain just got harder lol.

Looking forward to reading everyone else's : )

Neon Valkyrie

She Who Is Called I Am
I'll add hydrokinesis back in once I get home from work and have a proper keyboard at my disposal. Glad to be part of the crew, and thanks, I just wanted to make something up to the standard you set out with your own characters, so hah.

Neon Valkyrie

She Who Is Called I Am
Alright, edited Hydrokinesis back in. As for Nix brow-beating Antonio ... I can't deny it, it's probably going to happen, but remember you CAN throw her overboard.

... she WILL get the message.
@Neon Valkyrie your hydrokinesis is fine, and I will bear in mind throwing her off is definitely an option! Antonio might not have the guts but Scarlet is another story.

As for Ezra @stainsoftime he is acceptable too. It'd be cool if we could go back to where his accident happened and the whole island is like, for lack of a better word, cyborgised or something. I like his ability too, magnetism is something I didn't even consider. Gonna be hard to impress a long time member though.
By the way, if either of you two want to add anything to the lore page just dm it to me and I will proof read over it. I intend the planet to have a sandbox element to it where islands, tribes or other pirate crews are free to be made by you all too. This will integrate into the sidequest/character arc thing I (horribly) explained in the interest check thread.

I will get started on a couple now just as an example of what to do if you wanna create an island or whatever

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@TheLostKorok I was actually thinking of expanding on the Pacifica clan of Merfolk, it's a whole city you know. Names get a little confusing, there's a whole list, and an application process, and sometimes you just call kids Hey You for months. It's horrible.

I was also wonder if ... *twiddles thumbs, looks embarrassed* If Nix could have the ability to speak to sea life ... like Dory ... or, if you DON'T want her to be entirely ridiculous, she could just communicate with them telepathically. Or none of that.
@Neon Valkyrie
Yeah that is totally fine, I myself am horrible with names so I understand your plight!

And uh, like Dory XD
Go for it, I prefer her being able to speak to them normally over telepathically aha. Suits her personality better imo.

Neon Valkyrie

She Who Is Called I Am
@TheLostKorok I was thinking about the power, and I just got this image of her having to communicate with like ... a tuna, so she bulges her eyes out and starts making popping sounds with her mouth, and flapping her hands at the sides of her head ... unfortunately, she doesn't speak sea-horse.
Hilarious XD
I am interested to know about the species even more with that image in my head. Can only imagine them trying to communicate with Pufferfish!

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Far as I have so far, they're a highly magical race that have exceptionally long lifespans. They don't have children, and instead lure mates down into the ocean to transform them into mer-people. There are different clans in the various areas of the world, and there's a weird, religious fringe cult that lives entirely on land. They believe in a diety called "Oceanicalladria", a giant clam of unspecified gender that holds the world on its tongue. Eating clams is heresy, but pearls are highly treasured because of how hard it is to convince a clam to give up its pearl ...
Sounds good to me, you are probably gonna end up outshining me on the lore with this race here lol

Just be sure to separate general informatiom about the race (lifespan and special reproductive ways etc) from the cult's information.

I'm thinking that each post on the lore page should start with somethinf like:

Merfolk (as an example)- Race (and here put Race, Island, Tribe or Crew depending on what you're creating)

Then give the information you wish to give
@AphroBoy Jaurim looks good to me. Loving the backstory and motivation on him, plus you genuinely made me lol with “Revenge-sexual”. You won’t believe how similar the Asura race is to a race I created about an hour ago.

At any rate, Jaurim is accepted! Welcome aboard, looking forward to thwarting some punk pirate captain with ya!
@thespacekid Sorry but, I only wanted about five people for this one, I am new to this and only want a small group to start off with, and I have five who’ve shown interest already. If they don’t respond on the OOC about if they’re still interested or not by Monday then I’ll notify you and you can join up then!


children, children
@thespacekid Sorry but, I only wanted about five people for this one, I am new to this and only want a small group to start off with, and I have five who’ve shown interest already. If they don’t respond on the OOC about if they’re still interested or not by Monday then I’ll notify you and you can join up then!
Okay no worries! Let me know!

Neon Valkyrie

She Who Is Called I Am
@Neon Valkyrie The Merfolk are cool (YOU try getting things to work underwater XD) they get a pass from me, good work.
Next time I’d prefer if you send your idea thruough the conversation thing please before posting it though!
Whoops, deal, absolutely, should probably have thought of that myself, heh. Anyway, I'm glad you like it, and if there IS something you happen to not like, just message me in private and I'll make stealth editz. Mad stealth editz.

EDIT: INMYDEFENCE ... it is only because I am great excite.
@Elekta Kount Hi there, sorry I haven't been on today, I couldn't respond to your question earlier.
As for the application I am sorry to say that I have already put two people on hold for joining because I have reached the limit to the amount of players I want in this rp. My apologies, I should've left a notice on the interest check about this.
If you read post 20 on this thread then it will explain everything. Essentially if you want to join you're 3rd on a waiting list and I will notify you if a space frees up.
At the moment I am going to have to say no to you joining, sorry for the inconvenience.

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