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Servamp RP (Closed for now)

Hello!!! My name is Midnight and I just finished the first season of Servamp and really craving an RP! It will be a very lacks and casual rp but there will still be rules to follow. There are fourteen spots total (7 Servamps and & 7 Eves). You can play either one or one of each but your Eve and Servamp cant be paired up together. You must be with someone else. I'm keeping the intro simple just to see who might be interested and if I get at least three people I'll begin preparations for the rp. This will be an OC only rp in an AU universe. (Also I know the show has 90% of guys but girls are allowed)

Thank you all for your time and hope to rp with you soon.



To keep it simple the show is about 7 Vampires that represent one of the deadly sins. They have special types of powers they possess. They cant use their powers fully unless they are paired with a human. AKA an Eve. If the human gives the Vampire something (example a necklace) and gives the vampire a name then the Vampire becomes a servamp (Servant Vampire) to the human. That is the main gist of it but if you would like to learn more here is a link to the wiki page Servamp Wiki but I do recommend watching it if you're interested so you don't get something spoiled. XD

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