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Sensha do's Mixed Division


~Forgotten by the light I loved~

Not what you think, this will be a tank RP, kinda like Girls und panzer, but mixed gender. And with modern and old tanks, you can have a M1A2 tank, or a Tiger tank. Up to you! So this will take place at a academy called 'Iron Blood Academy'(I couldn't think of anything else sorry, post your suggestions at the bottom. So this will be almost exactly like the anime, keep in mind what rounds you're using against a tank. If someone says that we should just use WW2 tanks, and exclude the modern tanks, then by all means I will, but yeah. Post if you're interested and I will make the RP!


~Forgotten by the light I loved~
Crep! Okay, plot, this will follow the GUP story line, but with guys and gals, and different choices...I will play as ravil acedemies and all when we fight, and yeah, we can do tournaments, or, I can move this to something else and we have killing tank battles.

Up to y'all!

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