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3 Slices Senpai

Lone survivor of the Pizza Party Tragedy
Hello, I'm looking for partners in order to do romance roleplays, as it is my favorite genre, preferably of the darker side. I do like fluff, but I feel like more unusual and dramatic pairings make for a more flourished and interesting romance. I'm willing to do MxF and FxF (No MxM, for I am not good at it) For more details or if you have an idea for an rp, please PM me.

I'm also into the following fandoms (I prefer canon x canon and mxf and fxf)

-Fairy Tail
-My Hero Academia
-FE Awakening, Fates or Three Houses
-My Hero Academia
-Sailor Moon
-Doki Doki Literature Club
-And others, just ask

What I ask of a partner:

-18+. I'm not saying that you can't rp with me if you're below that age, just show the maturity someone above that age would demonstrate, both in and outside the roleplay.

-Frequent number of replies. I have too much free time, so I'm on all the time, although you don't have to reply EVERY day. If there's something preventing you from replying in the future or if you're too busy with work or school to reply at this speed, please tell me first or I'll get paranoid about if you were run over by a cement mixer. BUT, please do NOT sacrifice quality over quantity. I prefer to wait a bit more for a decently sized (I can adapt somewhat to my partner's length, but I don't write novels of a reply) reply than getting bombarded with one-liners. I mean, once in awhile, it's fine if it helps moving the story along, but if it becomes a constant, I'll have to drop out.

-Good grammar (English is my second language so I can't be too grammar nazi, but please have some coherency in your grammar, don't talk all like caveman to save time)

- Please inform me if you have any limits or triggers beforehand.

-I can rp through PMs. Any other means we can discuss once we get in contact with each other.

-Willing to bring plots/pairings/ideas to the table.

Thanks for reading. If I come up with more ideas, I'll post them in the comment section of this thread SO BE SURE TO CHECK THE COMMENTS FOR UPDATES :3
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Precious Nightmare

Junior Member

Hello : )

I am always down for some dark romance!

If you're still trying to find a partner I'd love to think up some cool plots!

3 Slices Senpai

Lone survivor of the Pizza Party Tragedy

Adding Nekos and Kitsunes to the mix. I think a story about a forbidden romance would fit good with them, but they could also be arranged in other plots
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3 Slices Senpai

Lone survivor of the Pizza Party Tragedy

Plot added:

-A Royal Affair

This is a plot I'm really itching to do. It's set on a fantasy kingdom, reigned by a benevolent King, alongside his spouse. The King is loved by all, but hides a darker face, one that abuses the Queen, cheats on her constantly with the castle staff and the royal court and uses her as currency to achieve treaties with other kingdoms. He's also desperately in need of an heir, but he doesnt know that he's impotent, so when the Queen can't get pregnant, he lets out his frustrations on her.

This is where the main character comes in. A young farmer boy, attends the yearly festival at the capital, where all workers tribute a share of their yearly produce to the court. He's accompanied by his older sister, and they're both excited for the festival as it's rumored that the Queen will make a rare appearance during the King's speech. Both siblings never saw the Queen and are curious to see if she's as glamorous and beautiful as the rumors state. During the festival, the boy comes in contact with the Queen and they soon become friends, the Queen taking an interest in the boy's innocent and genuine demeanor. They start exchanging letters and it soon escalates to where both fall for each other. To keep the affair going, the Queen hires the boy and his sister to make part of her court,and soon the sister also catches the eye of the King who takes advantage of her admiration for his benevolent face to start an affair with her. Both affairs commence, but how deep can both couples go in their lustful and loving darkness before they're caught?
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