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  1. As they arrived in town Shugachi turned to his men. "Spread out and buy anything useful, don't go overboard you carry anything you buy yourself." The men scattered leaving Mizuaki who slammed her hand on Shugachi's back. "Shu-chan let's go find me a blacksmith to fix up my Yari." Shugachi let out a small yelp as he was hit. "Good idea the sooner the better." With a bit of searching they managed to find someone who fixed up Mizuaki's Yari good as new.

    Excited about her newly fixed weapon she swung it around. Barely missing Shugachi who quickly scolded her. "Hey idiot watch where you swing that thing!" Mizuaki smiled at Shugachi snapping her fingers as she got a new idea. "Let's go find someone to test out this spear." Shugachi raised and eyebrow to her. "Yet here I am?" She shook her head. "We spar all the time need to mix it up now and again."

    From a distance she could spot Hanazawa. "Perfect." She chased after him Shugachi following with a call she tried getting his attention. "Hey Hana-chan wanna spar with us!?"
  2. Asato Hisamune-

    Hisamune nodded at Honoko as she stepped out of the room. "After you my lady." He said and followed after her. He had heard what the maid had said about lord Fuka. So the battle claimed the life of two clan leaders, a very unfortanite thing.

    Komori Takahiro

    It seemed Lord Ottomo was now changing his tune. His gift now had an actual fee to it, one that required physical cost. The cost of the weapons wouldn't be to hard to handle but being forced to support every Ottomo claim could go badly very easily. They may be fighting on the same side but Takahiro still had his dream, one that the Ottomo could very easily destroy if they grew to large. "I thank you for your advice lord Ottomo, I will be sure to take it under consideration. Regrettably I must reject this offer as well, it isn't much of a gift of friendship if you make the person you are giving the stuff to pay for it." Responded Takahiro. He wanted it to look like the money was the real reason he rejected it but in reality it was in the best interest of his clan to reject the offer.

  3. While on their way to the war room Honoko remembered she didn't have her arm checked this morning. She looked at her arm and started mumbling to herself. "Guess he can look at it later." Once they made it to the room Honoko breathed in trying to give off a calm vibe then slid the door open and headed inside. "Good morning." She gave a nod and smiled at the to the two men then sat down. At that moment noticed one of the men wearing strange clothes. "That's a...interesting outfit you have on there."
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  4. Fujimoto Ayako
    Location Fukashi Castle

    Ayako had spent the time since the battle eating the local food and exploring the valley. She had took her horse through several jogs in the area but didn't go far. Her cavalry lost 57 horses and men, but they were still a strong force. Their supplies lasted well and sake was given out after the victorious battle. That morning, she was out and about again for a quick lap before coming back to the castle.

    As Ayako entered the room, she saw the three already talking. She took a seat as well, once again a seat away from Takahiro. "Forgive my tardiness, I was enjoying the land in which our battle had taken place in." She looked at Lord Otomo. "Why are you dressed in the clothes of a foreign merchant? It's not even one of the kingdom of Korea nor China, but rather one of those from the far west."
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  5. [​IMG]
    Shirobara Hiroshi
    Time: Day time
    Place: Mito Castle
    Characters with:Katagami Masaki

    - I'm fine my lord, it would be weak for a man like me to not be able to visit his lord just because of this lousy sickness or mine.

    Hiroshi answered his lord. He was not surprised that his lord would be in such hasty manner, but yet he felt that it would make it difficult for Hiroshi himself to get what he came here for. Hiroshi sat down as he told a servant behind him:

    - Bring it in.

    The servant brought in a big wine bottle and put it right next to Hiroshi.

    - My lord. I'm here to day firstly is to bring you a gift. This bottle is known as the Wine of Hope in Chinese. It's made from a rare ginseng in China and has the age of 11 years. I was lucky enough to bought it in a shipment from China but yet couldn't bring myself to drink such a fine wine. I think is would only be a suitable for strong and powerful warrior in this land such as lord Katagami himself.

    Hiroshi smiled gently as he spoke about the gift he had to lord Katagami. He thought to himself how funny it had become, when he was first invited here by lord Masanori he was offered wine as well.

    The swordman of Shirobara stopped briefly before he continued:

    - Lord Katagami. Shirobara has been your loyal servant for more than 20 years. We have come to your side ever since your father's time. I've aided your father in many battles, like my son has done so to you as well. I believe that we have a relationship stronger than any other clan in this land.

    Hiroshi stopped to take a breath, took a sip of tea on his table

    - And because of that, the Shirobara wants to share your responsibilities lord Masaki, your burden, the weight in your shoulder. You've declared war on the the emperor and all of his loyalist, that would make you a much busier man than you would ever be. Please allow us to carry the responsibility in the northwest, the Ishizuka castle for you. Let us rule that castle for you and you can have better focus on the war. We would not disappointed you if you do, my lord.


    Sasaki Agon
    Time: Day time
    Place: Mito Castle
    Characters with:
    Meanwhile, outside of Mito Castle, Ago found himself here in Hitachi, in a local market in Mito castle. He remembered the main reason he's here was to meet lord Katagami but for some reason his appointment was delayed to the next day.

    "- This is time wasting. I should be meeting with the daimyo of Hitachi already, not sitting in some tavern drinking cheap wine and waiting."

    Agon complained to one of his bodyguard. He took a sip of wine with thoughts on his mind.

    He was here because he needed the Katagami's aid. Last week Agon received an order from lord Ueno Ichiro to capture the Sukugawa castle, one of the last stand of the Yamada clan, by the end of this month. Normally, he wouldn't be so panic but with the small number of army left in his hand, he could not do so alone. The good news was that the Sukugawa castle stood near the border of the two province, south of Iwaki yet north of Hitachi, right in the middle of the Ueno clan and Katagami clan, which would make it extremely easy for a double attack and besiege the castle. The bad news was to persuade Katagami to send their army to help him. Reward and gold were not the problem, the problem was that the Katagami just came back home from a devastated defeat in Chiisagata and they wouldn't be in a very good mood right now to help someone.

    Those thought made Agon himself had a headache. He would need to negotiate with the Katagami very well for his help in Sukugawa.


  6. Komori Takahiro-

    Takahiro nodded his head in greeting as both Lady Tanako and Fujimotto arrived. "Greetings lady Tanako and Fujimotto. Lady Fujimotto you have no need to apologize for being late, after all we are still waiting for a few of the others. The Mibu have already returned home which leaves the Furo and Ikkio that are still running late." said Takahiro. He also gave a nod of acknowledgment to Lady Tanako's bodyguard before turning back to the clan leaders. "I take it buy now you have all heard the news about the late lord of this castle?"

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  7. Lord Otomo Eiichi
    Eiichi allowed a small internal grin. It was working as he thought. Now he just had to modify it once again. At least he hoped his last revision would work. He started to speak again but the door was opened admitting first a lady and a gentleman, then another noble woman. They both made a comment on his outlandish garb. "I never knew the noble ladies of the kingdom could be so impolite to a lord of the Otomo." His eyes narrowed although now his temper was getting the best of them. He breathed in quietly and gritted his teeth. "This is not merchant men's clothing, but rather the dress of the lords of the west." Either comments could be considered an insult but he controlled himself from sniping about it.

    Lord Ikko Arashi

    Arashi stretched as he woke up before running through his ki exercise. The normal soldiers walked around him with a almost reverential silence, and something of a fear. Not to mention he was Ikko Ikki. Then again down here they didn't have quite as much prejudice against them. However, he himself frowned at the Otomo who were praying and attending mass with their priests. He sighed as the messenger came and contacted him and cut short his session, making his way to the meeting room where most of the nobles awaited. He bowed upon entrance and remained silent choosing to sit down as far as he could from the infidel.

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  8. Honoko gave a nod to Ayako as she arrived also it seemed Ayako was also curious about Eiichi's odd clothing though the way she put was a bit...bold. Honoko opened her fan covering her mouth trying to resist a chuckle. But soon faded as Eiichi spoke up. "Oh we weren't trying to be rude it's just we have never seen clothing like that....well at least I haven't." She didn't want to come off as rude. She glanced behind her at Hisamune wondering if he thought the clothing were strange.

    Her attention went to Komori as he asked if everyone had heard the news about Lord Fuka. "I heard about it this morning. It's....really awful." Knew his family was probably suffering from the lost. It's not a easy thing.

    As Honoko finished speaking she heard the door open to see a man walk in. Oh I met him yesterday what was his name....Ikko Arashi...I think. She watched as he sat down and then her attention went else where. She wondered the nest plan would be and if they would still be staying here.
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  9. @Nenma Takashi @Scaver

    Hanazawa turned as Mizuaki ran up behind him, clearly annoyed that someone had interrupted whatever it was he was distracting himself with, but his disposition changed to more of a wry amusement when he realized who it was.

    "Oh? You wanna spar?" He leaned down to meet Mizuaki at about eye level, looking up and down to size her up before passing a glance over at Shugachi. While he wouldn't admit it, he had to admit they didn't read like normal soldiers. He couldn't quite put it into words but something about these two felt 'heavy' in some way. Not that this did anything to dissuade his arrogance.

    "Lucky for you, I was just on the way over to the field..." He said, obviously lying. "... And I was in need of a decent workout anyway, so why not?"
    Only a few soldiers were dotted around the field, a few toying with weapons and most simply standing around talking. As Hanazawa entered he brushed Yori with his shoulder. "Oy! Watch were you're..." He stopped as he recognized him. "Oh, hey, you were that guy in Katagami's unit during the battle right? Hiro-something. I was just about to have a sparring match with these guys." He jammed a thumb towards the mercenaries. "I could use a second. You in?"
  10. Komori Takahiro-

    Takahiro glanced up as the new arrival came into the room and sat down. He noted that the man sat as far away from Lord Ottomo as possible, clearly he didn't like him. With a light smile on his lips he looked up at lord Ottomo. "You will have to forgive them my lord, in Lady Fujimotto's case she has never been to good with formalities. As for Lady Tanako well she is a member of the Imperial Bloodline. I am sure a comment here and there can be excused." He turned and nodded to Lord Ikkio Ikki. "Welcome Lord Ikkio Ikki. I must thank you for your help in that battle, you saved many of my men."

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  11. Fujimoto Ayako
    Location Fukashi Castle

    Ayako looked at Eiichi and then gave up. She wouldn't delve any further into his choice of clothing, even if he did represent one of the eight great islands of Japan. She turned her heard and smiled to the newcomers and gave a nod of thanks to both Takahiro and Honoko. Thankfully those two seem open to some healthy teasing and questioning. Looks like they were just going through the greetings and such, so she decided to just sit there and smile. Not much to do yet anyway.
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  12. @Sopranos

    Masaki raised his chin a bit at Shirobara's request, swirling his cup as he picked it up. In his short time as lord he had become innately familiar with the commonalities of political jockeying. Normally he made a point to shut down any requests pertaining to his holdings whenever they arose but despite the nagging feeling in the back of his skull he couldn't bring himself to simply lay down the law on his old master as he would with anyone else. He told himself that it was because he felt a sincerity from the old man but a part of him acknowledge it was merely his own inability to separate his personal affinity for the swordsman.

    "Hmm." He idled in thought momentarily. "It's not a matter of disappointment that I'm worried about, but rather an issue of weakening my own standing. The Katagami are not what they once were, and everyone knows this. Handing off one of my castles, even to a friend, wouldn't simply be potential loss of revenue and reliable man power. It would also raise questions and heat ambitions among some of my other retainers. These aren't the kind of problems I'd be willing to take on, even for the sake of friends."

    "However." He took a drink of wine and continued. "For family, I could make an exception."

    Setting down his cup, he sat up a bit. "As you've said, the Shirobara have been faithful to the Katagami for decades, so I propose we take steps to formalize our bond with a marriage between your house and mine. This would help assuage some of the other retainers by helping provide a bit of extra legitimacy to the appointment. In exchange Ishizuka castle would be under Shirobara regency, and your clan would be second only to the Katagami in Hitachi. Sound fair?"
  13. Yori wiped the sweat off his forehead with his hand, he had faced a few opponents and while by no means exhausted it was enough to work up a sweat, he was thankful however for his lack of armour, not only did he avoid the bulkiness but it also helped maintain his stamina. Yori turned when he felt someone bump into him and frowned slightly at the reprimand but at the last line and recognizing the perpetrator the frown morphed into a smirk. Yori then performed a mocking bow while speaking in a relatively small voice, appropriate for a "near" child to a distinguished soldier "Hashimoto Yori",coming up out of the bow he looked over the two opponents before making eye contact with Hanazawa "I would gladly support you in this spar, I was looking for a new opponent anyway". pausing he begins to walk towards the ring before turning back "Are we sparing with live steel?".
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  14. [​IMG]
    Shirobara Hiroshi
    Time: Day time
    Place: Mito Castle
    Characters with:Katagami Masaki

    As Hiroshi listened to his lord, he was, for a moment, confused. He wanted to arrange a marriage in order to guarantee his loyalty and to trade for the castle. That was something he could expect from his lord, young yet intelligent and calculating all the time. It was a smart deal and benefit both of the family, Hiroshi was deeply impressed. But as he thought about it more, his older son Osamu already had a wife and unborn child so lord Katagami couldn't be talking about him. His other son... well everybody in this province know more or less about the appearance of the Shirobara's second son Shunsuke...

    That mean lord Masaki wanted the best deal from the Shirobara, a marriage between lord Masaki himself and Shirobara's daughter Kiyohime, also known as Lady Akiyo, the most beautiful white rose of the Shirobara. Lord Masaki himself just asked to be the husband of his only daughter. He couldn't be more proud to that, but he also saw a few things that bother him.

    First, Akiyo was his only daughter and he loved her more than anything, finding her a husband that not only worthy of her beauty and talent but also treats her the way she deserve to be is something he would have to do before he die. Having to know lord Masaki ever since he was a kid, Hiroshi totally knew that his lord's a good man and would made a good husband to his daughter.

    Second, his daughter, despite her beauty and elegance, was just only 17 years old. Hiroshi was afraid that she might not be ready for such arrangement. He scared that she would disappointed and displeasure the lord when they already become husband and wife.

    Thirdly, as it's the most important thing, he didn't know if his daughter would've wanted a man like lord Masaki to be her husband. He believed she would had a good impression of him, that may or may not be enough. He would not force his own daughter into a marriage that she didn't want.

    Took a sip of wine, he answered lord Katagami with a gentle smile.

    - With everything I could think of in my mind, lord Masaki must talk about my daughter Akiyo. I could never believe you would lay eyes on my daughter to be your worthy wife. I could not say no to my lord, but the same time I must ask my daughter... It's her life after all.

  15. Lord Otomo
    He nodded at Lord Takhiro. "Yes, well, I will forgive them. I am not cruel. If we are ready, I would like to begin this meeting." He shifted in his chair and looked around at the different faces around the room, noting the new arrival. "It would be best move on quickly from this point with all of our armies gathered in this one place."

    Ikko Arashi

    Arashi inclined his head to Takhiro. "I only wish I had arrived earlier. Unimpeded I could have done much more with my skills. I do work best against massive swarms of enemy. I did enjoy my fight against those mercenaries. Tis a pity the cavalry could't cut off their retreat. One less factor to worry about." Arashi's cold eyes grew slightly darker and his face cast a dark shadow. His Ki radiated his hidden hate for the shogunate. Arashi winced and tried to rein it in. This was the source of his immense Ki.

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  16. "So," Lady Honoko began. "What's the plan now? Will we continue to stay even with Lord Fuka gone?" She personally didn't care if they stayed it was more on the lines of if it was necessary to.
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  17. Lord furo was busy managing the medical troop and healers. Instructing his troop and even getting his own hands dirty with helping the wounded soldiers. After such an intense battle, helping the wounded always helped him clear his mind and rationalize what happened. The fact is he was so close to helping lord fuka if it wasn’t for that warrior that got in his way. After he finished setting the broken bone of a samurai, he assigned his head healer in charge and went to go to the war. He enters the war room with little noise and sat in one of the empty chair. “Sorry for my tardiness but I was attending to the wounded. Have we decided on a plan yet?”
  18. @Sopranos

    Masaki nodded assuringly.

    "I understand completely. If it would make things easier, we could also make plans for a meeting before any plans are made. If nothing else than to at least ensure she's seen me with her own eyes before she makes a decision." The lord stood and gave a deep bow.

    "It's been a pleasure seeing you again Lord Shirobara. Please, take as long as you need to come to a decision. For now it's getting late and I think I'll have the physician take one more look at these injuries before I retire for the night. As always, you're free to stay in Mito for as long as you like." With that he left the room.
  19. Mizuaki gave a sly smile as Hanazawa asked Yori to team up with him. Shugachi titled his head to the side in question to the duo sighing. "Well I'd think it'd be best to-" MIzuaki cut him off spinning her Yari with one hand. "I'd like to test out my newly fixed Yari so let's use go wild." Shugachi looked at her when he saw her smile he knew it'd be impossible to talk her out of it. "I guess we shall use our normal weapons. You sure you wanna make this a two on two?" He asked wondering if it'd be safer for the two of them to just do single duels. Mizuaki shook her head at the idea looking at Hanazawa. "No way let's do duos I haven't gotten to spar along side Shu-chan in forever." Shugachi rolled his eyes but if he was being truthful he wanted to spar along side Mizuaki as well.

    Taking out two swords he readied himself Mizuaki held her Yari with both hands over her head also now ready. "You two can have the first move." Shugachi added.
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  20. As Mizuaki began twirling her Yari Yori dropped his left foot back into a stance his eyes narrowing slightly. He relaxed slightly as no more moves occurred but never left stance. Yori smirked at Sugachi's enthusiasm, although live steel was by far more dangerous he found that it made the dance that much more enjoyable. Once Shugachi confirmed the spar and drew his own weapons Yori deepened his stance a gripped the grip of his sword, using his left hand to pull the saya around to be more on his side. At Sugachi's offer Yori quirked his head to one side while keeping his eyes on the opponents and speaking in a soft voice "How do you want to handle this, I was busy fighting last time so I am unsure of your fighting style".
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  21. @Nenma Takashi

    "Steel it is then. Looks like my life is in your hands again." Hanazawa laughed and patted Yori on the back as he drew out his nodachi. Despite its almost comical size Hanazawa leveled out the blade with just his right hand, keeping his left tucked at his side.

    Hanazawa fixated on Mizuaki. He still had no idea what either of the fighters could do but he wagered a guess that she was the more dangerous of the pair. He needed to bait them in and get a feel for their style.

    Raising his chin a bit he flashed a toothy grin at Mizuaki. "Oy bro. I'll be holding back a bit, but don't be afraid to go all out on my account."

    Still grinning, he wasted no time closing the gap and unleashed a short flurry of blows. As much pride as Mizuaki took in her spear, he assumed that keeping in at close range was the best route to go.
  22. Shugachi crouched low to the ground placing one hand on the ground, like an animal preparing to pounce on it's prey. While Mizuaki eyed Hanazawa her eyes that of a hungry predator staring at it's next meal. When called bro she could tell it to be a taunt but that didn't matter she bite anyway. As Hanazawa got close she blocked a few of his attacks with her Yari. But he soon entered too close inward for her to keep up that's when with her left hand she grabbed her Tantos and swung them from behind her back, aiming for his face. "Don't mind if I do bro!"

    Shugachi wasn't watching Mizuaki's fight he had his eyes on Yari his two swords ready to attack. He kicked off the ground staying low he swiped at Yari's right foot with his sword. Following it up with an upward slash aimed at his chest. His eyes cold and lacking any form of Mizuaki's blood lust yet one could feel it once he got close. Between the two he seemed to posses far more desire for blood behind his icy gaze.
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  23. @Nenma Takashi

    Hanazawa had expected that Mizuaki was fast, but the sheer sudden ferocity caught him off guard. He quickly pulled back as his opponent lashed forward but only barely managed to avoid the mercenary's barrage. Each swing seemed to come faster than the last and even as he weaved between them it felt as though the blades were brushing against his skin. His grin only widened, twisting with that same infectious warrior's madness.

    "So the Oniware dog has teeth?" He chimed out as he began to learn the timing between Mizuaki's strikes. In a single motion he flipped his blade so that the flat was facing her.

    "Good to know!" The wind cracked as Hanazawa unleashed another single blow, directed at Mizuaki's side and far, far faster than any swing he had thrown in the barrage before. He hadn't been lying about holding back, after all.
  24. "Sometimes I forget how simple some humans can be" Yori mumbled before Shugachi charged forwards, Yori jumped backwards to avoid the sweep at his legs while also putting distance between them, his body swayed slightly neatly dodging the slash. "So, you're my opponent. Let the dance begin" Yori then darted forwards his blade singing as it quickly left its Saya and went for an upwards diagonal slash at Shugachi before moving into a guard.

    The quick previous engagement allowed Yori get an idea of Sugachi's speed and so he adjusted his own accordingly, this would come down to skill more than physical traits. "Shall we move to the next beat" after speaking Yori moves forwards to engage, preferring small quick strikes rather than powerful slower strikes.
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  25. Mizuaki was enjoying herself as she battled with Hanazawa. He had a sense of determination to him and seemed to share her love of the rush of battle. "Of course this dog has teeth what dog doesn't?" As he flipped his blade and swung with more force than he had before Mizuaki's eyes widened. She brought her Yari to her side using her knee to add extra support. The attack slammed into her Yari she cocked her head to the side. "Why'd you flip the blade? How are you supposed to draw blood with it facing that way?" She smiled. "Or are you having too much fun to wanna end it now?" She asked with a child like grin.

    Shugachi sidestepped the slash aimed at him now on the defensive. He blocked the strikes his eyes following the blade as it slammed against his own. With each hit he took a step backwards not wanting Yori to get too close. 'He's pretty quick.' He thought as he took note of the distance, not between him and Yori but between him and Mizuaki. As he took one more step he and Mizuaki were back to back. No words were spoken no look exchange yet the two still turned past one another. Mizuaki swinging her Yari at Yori as Shugachi ducked below it and slashed at Hanazawa's chest.
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