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    1. A large idea based around a town in Maine called Celebration. It is a Christmas-oriented community all year around and will have characters choose the streets they want to live on (who their neighbors are), what available jobs they will have (who they work with), take part in scheduled events, build relationships with others (blind dating optional), and even a shelter where they can adopt pets. A big project that will require a decent amount of players. Having multiple characters will most likely be allowed.
    1. With a requirement of at least 6 players, this idea is inspired by the horror film franchise, The Descent. Six individuals with varying skills and professions are gathered together and sent on a speleologist expedition into the largest underground cave system located deep in the Appalachian region. What they do not know is that ancient creatures have been lurking in the darkness for centuries and what starts off as an adventure turns into a fight for survival. A key aspect to this is that almost all the characters will die, leaving one to make it out alive. This can be done by others volunteering for their character to kick the bucket or we use a generator to determine who. The how will be up to the player.
  3. Animals/Dinosaurs ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    1. I notice there are not roleplays focused on animals or prehistoric wildlife on here. Maybe I can change that? If not, at least I tried. There are so many ideas revolving around the broad topic, but mostly I am just looking for anybody interested in animal-based roleplay.
  4. A L I E N ***
    1. Based on the Alien Franchise, this would require a small group all playing a different role aboard a ship that either becomes the hunting ground for a or multiple xenomorphs or they crashland or just land on a planet with a hive. This idea would have gore and disturbing topics, so obviously some triggering themes that might turn some people off.
2nd and 4th ideas sound interesting. I'm not familiar with the Descent franchise though, would I need to know about it?


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2nd and 4th ideas sound interesting. I'm not familiar with the Descent franchise though, would I need to know about it?
it might help to some degree if you have read the book or watched either of the movies, but ultimately no, you do not need to know of them to be a part of the roleplay. Basically it is about spelunkers going down into the Appalachian cave system and become trapped with monsters underground hunting them.


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um. just saw this! wasn't sure if I should reply here or on the main thread, but I'd love to join! big fan of the descent movies!
Yay! Another fan! I actually have a discord for the roleplay! The invite should be on tab v of the main thread. If there is a problem, shoot me a pm of your discord name and number and I will shoot you a personal invite. Once on, then you can reserve a role ^^

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