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Fantasy [self indulgent dragon rp interest check]

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Dirty Edgepeasant
The Sea is your mother, the Sun is your father, and your destiny is to be exalted above all other beings beneath the Moons and on the Earth.
The Star of the Age of Man has set; once a great danger to you, they are now but sparks of a bygone flame, huddled in their nests like so many other little animals.
That unhappy accident of theirs, the thing they called "civilization" and killed each other for as if it was their newborn chick -- it is done, it is ended. Your people's ancient primacy is asserted once more; it is an obvious and complete truth that you are the greatest of beings in the world.
Your life will be long if you are wise, but do not despair if foolishness cuts it short -- your selfness will dissipate into greater existence, and while there will no longer be a "you", you will not languish in cold oblivion. What-was-you will transform, become new in time... and perhaps it will become another of your tribe, the Far-Seeing People, dragons.

You're still here! Alarming, but workable! Hi! So, yes, I'm in my hedonism era and want dragons, and yes, everyone can enjoy what they like but dragons running cafes and/or pursuing a career in adult entertainment and/or taking up boxing does not tickle me.
What everyone gets here instead is dragons who don't have a concept of social gender (undeniably a plus) but also only have a very thin social safety net between any given one and indiscriminate violence (arguably not so much)! Yay!
A few useful quick points, so as not to bog you down in this interest check:

Artistic direction
  • These dragons are what purists would insist are called wyverns -- bipedal and partly feathered. I would insist that said purists be called silly, and remove their noses from my breakdown, where I get to pick the music.
  • We want to try to strike a tone here that makes it obvious these are thinking beings with an alien morality, the which we, obviously, are exploring.
  • You may notice me, in my capacity as immortal god-monarch, referring to the remnants of human civilization. Some of you will fairly quickly realize that this is where I'm putting everything that convinced fourteen-year-old me to want to study CNERS. A caveat! It looks like the Levantine Bronze Age... it smells like the Levantine Bronze Age... it even quacks like the Levantine Bronze Age, albeit post-Collapse and possibly nuclear war. But it is not the Levantine Bronze Age.
  • The humans are fine, but their social contract has collapsed and they're figuring themselves out. There was a Big Fight, but nobody cares except for super old NPCs who will explain it when everyone has settled into writing their characters.
  • Some people do that faster than others, but just to make sure everyone has the same lore exposure and I don't write a diatribe at one person and check it off as telling everyone, you're all chicks to begin with. Freshly hatched is fine, but you're about to learn all about this magical age range.
  • This is in fact a fantasy world (with two whole moons) where we throw the Stock Mythic Age (tm) of every place in general into a blender, and airbrush it all with the "ah rats a dark age has begun" filter.
  • Channel Conan and Moon Hunters, but maybe with a bit more historical concordance than Enkidu vibing with Baba Yaga.
  • Remember the Enuma Elish? The best way to imagine why it currently sucks to be human is that this is like an AU where Tiamat won, but also it was all concurrent with the sudden and violent natural implosion of the ancient Near East circa the late Bronze Age.
Relevant information about play structure
  • Inasmuch as this is my breakdown and I pick the music, I do also GM. Why do I need to GM? You'll find out in the next section that these are magical but largely solitary or very loosely social superpredators, so a lot of their interaction naturally won't be with each other. I'm not going to force that -- that's what animal npcs are for! After a few rounds you'll all realize how it do and be able to play these for each other.
  • Please remember you're playing with each other. Your breeze lizards are (well, will be) very big and capable but I do want to encourage everybody to invest emotionally in each other's ocs.
  • We are nonetheless here to quickly and less than cleanly indulge our urge to be scaly assholes. An onerous literacy requirement is elitist, and a post frequency requirement of any more than like once or twice a week is overstepping, but I wholeheartedly believe everybody can do at least a legible paragraph per go.
Biology and sociology, finally
  • Dragons are mesotherms and have a ZZ/ZW chromosome system. Their fire breath is biomechanical (there's something like a lab firestarter in their mouths and they kind of gleek chemicals), but magic is real and in time your characters will learn all sorts of cool stuff.
  • Everyone eventually has a ruff and crown of feathers but polymorphism also dictates that some dragons have longer feathers in fun configurations.
  • They can tell each other's biological sexes at a glance if they're from nearby populations, especially because they have a few helpful dimorphic features (such as the fact that on average females are larger), but they don't care outside of their mating season, don't have social genders and all use the pronoun "it". Their term for biological sexes is "kindler" and "layer", and all they describe is that.
  • Very loosely, a newborn chick is about the size of an eight-month-old kitten, and it is precocial and can run around immediately after hatching. It grows very quickly to about half a meter tall and two meters long or so including the tail, looking quite like an ugly leather umbrella. At about five years of age, after constant learning with whichever parent is interested, the now two-meter-long and extremely awkward tweenager stakes out a territory for itself (usually within its layer-creator's, kind of as practice except there's a lot of siblicide) and digs a den to hibernate. This hibernation is something like 60 years long, and at 65 or so it emerges, sexually mature, the size of a minivan, and confused about its weird long body. Adolescence is long and rough and usually by this point the parent wants it gone, because the next Season of Singing is about to roll around, so off it goes to claim a territory for real this time. Then it gets to putz around for another quarter century or so before it gets sleepy and naps until its big one-zero-zero. At that point it wakes up and has a very brief window to get its bearings before it gets swept up in hormones if it's allo (they can not be), and realistically the cycle of life doesn't continue because its hoard is pathetic and it's a bad dancer. But how would it continue if it had? Legally I can only point you rapidly in the direction of cats, eagles and lizards. In that order.
  • They just kind of grow and get older forever but chicks have a very high mortality rate, they kill and eat each other often and as they age their metabolism slows. There are three big hibernations that mark life stages for them, but they can take long naps for shorter but significant spans of time, and technically it is possible for a very old elder to go to bed and not wake up any subsequent time. They'll be alive and maybe dreaming, but they can starve in their sleep, eventually.
  • Hypothetically, they tend to be solitary, but some are evolving in a slightly more cooperative direction -- sometimes the territories of a pair living nearby will overlap slightly and they will defend their brood together if they come across them being threatened. It is slightly more common for these to be same-sex pairs whose offspring share the same other parent. Your characters' arrangement will become clear to you in time and telling you would be a spoiler :^)
cool dragons, I want them!
noice. B)
Post here if you want in and if there's more than like one or two of you, I'll get my GMing hat on!
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It's lonely in the deep
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I'd be interested. It reminds me of Golden Treasure: The Great Green.

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