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Realistic or Modern Seeking Writing Partner


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What Looking For
  • Traditional Romance M x F with opposite genders
  • Willing to do men and female characters but not always male
  • Active Writers who are on daily or at least several times a week
  • writers who don't mind friendly banter ooc and don't see that as a bad thing
  • I like romance, historical etc
  • human characters and using a picture to represents the characters

What NOT looking For : If you're into any of these ,but especially the first move along .
  • anime, furries etc
  • those who like to write novellas super long more than 4 paragraphs ( i write 2-3 paragraphs max depending on my muse

My Story Ideas
Historical : old west, Civil War or anything else related to the past
Modern: Romances of all situations love creating new characters
Mystery: A suspenseful one where someone's life is in danger
Family: having family relations a family drama but also a love interest outside family but if want do extra characters of main characters
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