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Fandom seeking supernatural


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hey y'all! i'm going to keep this short and to the point. i'm pretty new to rpnation, so here's a quick rundown:

from me:

  • 500-800 average word range
  • mirrors posts
  • is 18+
  • not looking for romance
  • prefers gritty/horror oriented themes
  • no limits that aren't already covered by RPN rules
from you:
  • can communicate and contribute to the plot
  • mirror posts to some degree
  • is 18+ as well
  • will discuss your own limits before we begin
i am on the hunt for an rp based in the Supernatural universe. i'm not the biggest fan of it and did not follow it any further than s5, but i've started rewatching it again and it sparked a craving. i already have a character in mind i'm looking to play, and i'm not looking to double up. i essentially just want the road trip vibe of hunters driving from place to place causing chaos and killing monsters. you (the potential partner) can write whatever kind of character you think would fit best. you enjoy the Supernatural canon characters? neat, go for it. you only have some ocs? awesome, i am interested. feel free to message me either on here or on discord (Kveykva#4921) if this strikes your fancy. thank you!


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Hey, I recently got into the show and I'd love to do some oc stuff if you're still available.

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