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Fandom Seeking Some 1x1 Buddies! (Fandom Friendly!)

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Action, Adventure, AU, Magical, Multiverse, Mystery, Slice of Life


Your Fellow Fandom Roleplayer
Hello There!
It seems you've stumbled upon a newcomer's quest for a RP buddy!

Hello, people of RP Nation. My name is Icee and yes, I am yet another newcomer who is jumping straight into business by creating a 1x1 search thread shortly after joining. On that note, let's get into our business here, shall we?
Some little tidbits about me that you may or may not find intresting and relevant to a 1x1:

- Whilst I am private and do not reveal my age online, I will say I am an adult RPer and am female. If you are not comfortable with this, don't try and RP with me.
- As well as a RPer, I am a gamer so I would love us to discuss our gaming endevors together and maybe even compete?
- I am very reserved but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy to chat. Just give it some time and be patient with the OOC chat.
- I strive not to ghost people and I expect the same curtesy from a partner. I tend to be active every day and I would prefer you to be active as well. Sure, I'm not asking you to be not busy like I am currently but please, every two-three days. Otherwise, we can't get plots moving. I usually will poke if it has been a week and you haven't answered. If RL issues come up, please let me know. I don't bite.
- OOC Drama kept to a minimum. If we don't mesh, I'll exit stage right.
- I expect literacy. I am an English Major and I have that love for the language that most aspiring writers have. I joined here to seek out more literate partners. I won't ask for a novel every time but at least a paragraph or two per character is a must or I'll typically get bored. Absolutely no one liners, please. I'd like us both to put in some effort.
- Romance? Sure but don't have it sped up unrealistically. I like a slow and developed romance if that is your cup of joe.
- I would really love my partners to develop plots with me. I am hoping to keep these long-term so that means planning and effort.
- Please, begin a PM. I am on mobile and can't upload an avatar, so I cannot send a PM to start off!!! Comments are welcome as well.

Read all this mess? Good. Prove it to me by telling me your fave color or video game character when you contact me either by comment or PM!

Please note: I prefer canons! However feel free to be an OC!
👍 - Craving
👎 - Convince Me
🤷🏻‍♀️ - Will Do If You Have A Plot
🍎 - Have an OC for
☹ - Need to Refresh Before I do the RP
🎺 - Plot Ideas

👍🎺 Undertale (AUS WELCOME!!!)
👍 🍎 🎺Mega Man (Classic or BN/NT Warrior)
👎 🍎☹ Mega Man (X, Zero)
Super Smash Brothers
🤷🏻‍♀️ 🍎 Sonic The Hedgehog
Fire Emblem: Fates
👍 Fire Emblem: Three Houses
👍 🎺 Fire Emblem: Heroes
☹ 🍎 Fire Emblem: Awakening
☹🎺 Persona 5
👎 🤷🏻‍♀️🍎 Pokemon
🍎🎺 Tales of Vesperia
☹ Tales of the Abyss

Don't see something here??? Suggest to me below!! PM or Comment if intrested!!

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