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Fandom Seeking Semi to Advance Lit Partners

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Tiff the Odd

Junior Member
It’s just like the title says! I’m looking for someone to who dish out 1-2 really good paragraphs of creative writing! I’m hoping to do a fandom roleplay since I haven’t done one in awhile.

I’m going to list some of my fandoms as well as some pairings. Be aware that I only do BxB and BxG (I roleplay female).

•Boku No Hero Academia
-Todoroki x OC
-Bakugo x OC

•Harry Potter
-Huffle Puff (Me) x Slytherin
-Luna x Draco

•Percy Jackson
- My OC x OC son of Hades

•Soul Eater
- OC Meister (Me) x OC Weapon

-Soc Girl x Greaser Boy

Okay, now those are the fandoms so here are the some non fandom pairings!

Werewolf x Human
Werewolf x Vampire
Bad Boy x Good girl
Shy Boy x Wild Girl
Any romance where one character has a disability
Vampire x Human
Zombie Apocalypse
Royal x Peasant
Body Gaurd x Client
Demon x Human
Angel x Demon

Now, there should be plenty of idea! So! Let the idea flow!

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