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Realistic or Modern Seeking RP Partners


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Hello there! I'm a 20-year-old female looking for RP partners. I want to mention that I'm LGBT+ friendly and open to all kinds of RP. When it comes to romance, I prefer writing in the bxg (boy x girl) format, with me playing as the boy. My RP style leans towards modern, realistic, slice-of-life scenarios. I enjoy incorporating drama, romance, and even elements of crime and horror into the mix. Fluff and angst are also great! However, I'm not into fantasy RP.

I'm skilled at doubling up and adding side characters to enrich the story. As for my writing style, I have the ability to write at length and match the other person's writing style, although I'm not strict about it. As long as you're descriptive and provide a bit more than a paragraph, it works for me!

If you're interested in RPing with me, feel free to send me a message. We can switch to Discord and discuss plotting, RP, and characters.

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