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Fantasy Seeking Partners~ Plots Included

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Horror, LGTBQ, Magical, Multiverse, Mystery, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, Supernatural, Zombies


Requeiscate De Pache
Going to keep this super simple because making these post can be a bit mind numbing.lol

Ghost Friendly - Life moves on, and interest change.
18+ I'm 27 myself and would like my partner to be at least 18.
OOC Chatter is Great

Bold = What I'm craving
Underline = Ideas I have a plot for

Few Things I Like
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Elves
  • Furries
  • Dragons
  • Nekos
  • Aliens
  • Space
  • Fallout
  • Skyrim
  • Bloodborne
  • Cyberpunk
  • Fantasy
  • Supernatural (Not the show.)
  • Lovecraft
  • Steampunk
  • Angst
  • Light and Dark Rps
  • Destiny
  • Red Dead Redemption
Some Plots ~

Steampunk||Romance/Angst|| Fantasy||Adventure||Dark

Rivett city is well know to be the home of one of the curliest members of the Vampiric Council, his methods and actions over the years have landed him in a position to over take the very council its self, but of course the others would not allow just one man to hold such dominance over the land. That is until a special being was discovered.

Hidden away from the world the Oracle was barley able to even grasp the concept of the power she had, but once she fell into the clutches of the Vampire her life became a living hell. For years she was the Vampires prisoner, having to follow his each and every command for fear of the Vampires wrath. Then one faithful day, by sheer luck the Oracle escaped.

Enraged by this the Vampire sent out his most feared and ruthless Watchmen. A werewolf who's whole life has been in service to the Vampire, acting as his Captain of the guard much to his dismay. But just like any loyal dog he did as he was told and went after the Oracle. But when he caught up to her fate had a change of plans. Upon first contact with the girl the Oracle gets a clear vision of the future seeing the two free and away from the city. Such a powerful vision changes the wolfs loyalty and he decides to flee the city with the Oracle in hope of a better life.

Medieval||Romance/Angst|| Fantasy||Adventure

It is well know that the elven kingdoms of Eluth and Dagri have never gotten long, talk of war at has put its leaders under pressure to ensure peace, so a deal was struck. The Princess of Eluth shall marry the Prince of Dagri and with their marriage the Kingdom shall be untied and all harsh feelings ended. The Princess and Prince have never met and now the Princess is being sent away to meet the man she will soon marry.

But when the Princess was young her father took a family of humans into his court and helped raise their son, sending him to be a knight and to one day be the the Princesses royal body guard. Though no one foresaw the boy falling madly in love with the Princess, she had always teased him and his affection towards her but eventually found that she to loved him as they grew together but now he is in charge of seeing her safely to the kingdom of Dagri, so the princess has a choice to make. Run away with her child hood protector and friend or marry this unknown Prince and save the Kingdoms from disaster.


Werewolves have always struggled to get along with Vampires, but now in a modern world its not as bad. A few incandesces here and there but nothing major like the history books foretold. But that doesn't mean the feud is not still alive. The governor of the state is a vampire and an old one at that, years ago he took on a ward raising her almost like a daughter but only she knew the truth about his true nature. Now a lighthearted werewolf gets roped into a kidnaping plot to take the ward hostage in exchange for true equality between the races.

But to his dismay the entire thing has been a huge setup and the blame is one him, but while the ward and the wolf were in each others company they found themselves quickly becoming friend, each understanding that neither wanted this to happen. So now they must flee and try to escape the state and avoid the ruthless and manipulative governor.

Fallout||Science Fiction||Adventure||Dark

When the bombs fell society retreated into Vaults, many providing safe havens for its dwellers other harboring dark secrets. After traveling across the vast waste lands a scientist on a secret agenda enlist the help of a mercenary in hope of visiting various Vaults in order to recover precious research. The scientist seems to take a great interest in the natural mutated wildlife seemingly able to repel them would out the use of weapons. But what the scientist true motives and their mysterious tires to the Encalve keep the mercenary intrigued and wanting to find out the truth about the scientist and what their main goal is.


The Varex have ruled most of the galaxy for as long as most can remember they themselves claiming to be the law and order of the stars and with weaponry more powerful than most can get their hands on, but even against these odd citizens of the galaxy still rebel and some portions of the galaxy live law free with a every man for himself mindset. That is until a lucky space Captain comes across an old abandoned Varex cargo ship and find no treasure inside only a few spare parts and a single life form suspended in animation by advanced technology. The Captain unknowingly releases the alien from their eternal slumber only to discover they are a race only thought to be myth. A race able to communicate with technology and the very reason the Varex have risen to hold such power, they were enslaved eons ago and have since been held captive used as slaves to work and build for the Varex to maintain power. So now this captain has a choice, help this poor soul free their people and the galaxy for that matter, or turn them in to the highest bidder and strike it rich.


The Order have always held back the darkness.. They are known throughout the land for their skill and devotion to the public. But the council grew hungry for more power and thus started the corruption. Years go by until an ancient evil has risen bringing more darkness and death along with it. The Hunters, find their skills put to the test. A particular Hunter known for their devotion to the corps is tasked with a simple town to oversee and protect, but finds themselves in the middle of a sacrificial ritual. The Hunter helps the victim escape from the cultist and takes them with them to protect them. But little does the Hunter know that the Hunters leaders are responsible for the ancient ones release, their power and skill sapped from the very thing all the Hunters were taught to destroy. Its very essence injected into the Hunters as part of their initiations and giving them abilities no normal person should posses.

Our Hunter learns that the victim is from an accident blood line and was being used to try and sooth the beast back into submission. Given the task to help carry out the sacrifice the Hunter flees with the Victim in hopes of spreading the word about the Orders corruption and put an end to the abuse of the creatures power. But as the old blood is awoken from within the Victim they to find themselves fighting a battle to remain sane and help the hunter best they can.

Space Pirates|| Adventure||Dark||World Building
The Devil's Rejects is a crew of unruly space pirates who fly under the command of Captain Ambrose, a robin hood type man who loves nothing more than sailing among the stars and being free. The rest of the crew consist of many odd and often outcast just wanting to make the best of a bad situation but with the Federation after them and the mysterious cult like Wardens roaming the cosmos the crew find themselves throw into a war where they must either pick a side or face the coincidence of letting half the galaxy perish.

I have a the crew all planned out and your muse could be either a new member, a stowaway, someone rescued by the crew or what ever you wish.

Send me a PM if you are interested please and don't be afraid to ask to change or add to any of my plot ideas!


Niemand versteht, warum ich traurig bin.
Hello there, If this is still open I'd love to write a story with you I am very interested in it. First, let me say it is truly nice to meet you! I've been a writer since I was about six, so I've been doing it for a while, and have had time to spark my literature and writing flame. I also do not like to call these roleplays, but tend to refer to the basic ones like that. I love to get a small theme or topic and love to create a story and a world with them. A lot of the time my characters often reflect me, or the mood I'm currently in, but I also try and keep it in the frame of the basis I made for them! I tend to use this website or Discord.

I have been writing stories for years, though I tend to keep them Private as I feel as if they are never complete personally, when it comes to making stories with other people, I tend to be known as what people call a mirror writer. Unprompted if I am in love with the story I can get four to six paragraphs easily, and go on further with my passion for the story. Unprompted though If I do not share a lot of the passion for the story that we are currently in, I can get two or more paragraphs easily.

I love having OoC conversations, just because it means you get to know your partner, which can make you more comfortable and possibly become friends with them! I tend to try and be a very positive person and get along with my writing partners as I tend to be shy in real life and having a conversation with someone online is way easier than face to face.

I can play both Male and Female characters in a strong fashion, yet I tend to play males as most of my partners prefer playing Female characters. I love doing slow-burning romances - yet I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to fluff scenes. I tend to also so dark-themed stories, and the only thing that will take a little easing into is any Drug Abuse in stories, if you have a question as to why I will gladly explain in a private message. I also don't tend to do Fandoms or unoriginal characters, as I don't feel like they are my own and therefore I can't write much for them. I also can change my writing tense based on how my partner is writing.

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