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Multiple Settings Seeking Partners | OCs, non-romantic plots, wacky fantasy \ sci-fi \ historical shenanigans

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Recently getting back into roleplay and looking for writing partners with interest in similar themes! I love playing wacky, established OCs in fantasy, sci-fi, or historical type plots that are mostly character-driven. This could be anything from finding a supernatural creature in the grocery store parking lot, to a space expedition gone wrong from some sort of mundane mishap, to discovering a mysterious object from the future in an otherwise untouched past setting.

  • I am 20+ years old and would prefer my partners to also be at least 18. Sorry, not comfortable interacting too much with minors.
  • I don’t ship often; seeking mainly platonic interactions. No specific character gender or pairing preferences if romance does occur, however.
  • Most of my experience has been playing cartoony and nonhuman characters, although I could adapt them to more realistic settings as needed.
  • I enjoy playing character types such as con-artists, uptight aristocrats, and eccentrics. They might not always be nice, but a few misdeeds might make for an interesting thread if you’re okay with this (i.e meeting a slightly condescending imp that can manipulate space-time in annoying little ways).
  • I generally don’t write anything too dark and am uncomfortable with excessive violence/ graphic descriptions.
  • I try to write at least two paragraphs. I’m fine with shorter or longer lengths as long as there is a workable amount of detail.
  • I enjoy plotting, chatting about characters, drawing RP scenarios, and just having a fun time OOC.
  • I’m a busy college student, and my amount of free time varies a lot. I’ll try to reply at least once a week at the minimum. If something comes up, I’ll do my best to communicate and I would appreciate if you would do the same, but I won’t pester.

If you think that we might click, feel free to contact me via private message! I'd be happy to discuss character details and any potential plots in more detail.

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