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Multiple Settings Seeking New Rp Partners


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Howdy everyone, on the prowl for new friends to create new stories with. I've been role-playing for roughly 7 to 8 years and over time old partners have grown out of rp or drifted apart due to real life. Sadly, I have too much time and imagination on my hands and desire an outlet to explore different ideas.

I have an casual level of writing length and try to generally detailed and grammatically correct, and am quite flexible in accommodating my partners ideas, suggestions, and criticism as well. OOC chatter is also much appreciated as i like to have an good rapport with others and socialize.

I am 18+ so I would prefer those interested be as such as well.

I have interest in many fandoms, and genres of roleplay, fantasy and sci-fi chiefly among them. I also am willing to study and learn of one's fandom if I do not know it ans find it interesting enough to roleplay based off the setting. I also can play male and female characters to suit a partners preference and manage a cast of npcs along with willingness to contend with nonhuman races in settings such as monsters, robots, etc.

Anyways, that's all I've got for now so please feel free to comment or dm me.
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