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Lethargic Yuki Co.

Brooklyn Accents Are The Best Accents
‘Sup! I just came back from a looooooooooooong hiatus and now I’m looking for people who wanna do some people wholesome, gay RPs.
Btw, if you see an asterisk by a plot, it means that it’s one of the ones I really wanna do.
Things to know:
  • I don’t usually do descriptive posts.
  • I’m pretty busy, but I will try to reply a few times throughout the day.

Plots (adding new ones all the time!):
  • Boo!: Guy A comes back to his hometown for his summer break from college, only to find out his best friend, Guy B, has died while he was gone. Guy B, however, comes back as a ghost because of his unfinished business: getting Guy A to love him.
  • Wings: An angel sent to Earth to fight off sin finds himself feeling the effects of the sin of homosexuality. Who is he feeling these ungodly feelings towards? The Devil.
  • Music: A world-famous musician finds himself wanting to reconnect with the people he was friends with before he was famous. He only ends up finding one of his old friends, but it seems they won’t remain just friends for long...
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First off, welcome back. Always fun to get back into the role playing world. I'm interested and I may have some ideas I can share with you too. If you'd like to hear them.

Lethargic Yuki Co.

Brooklyn Accents Are The Best Accents
New plot!
  • Break Free: Guy A, a member of a religious cult, has hated everything that goes against his god’s will. What happens when he meets Guy B and begins to feel feelings that would tear him from everything he’s ever known?*
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Lethargic Yuki Co.

Brooklyn Accents Are The Best Accents
New plots!
  • Dare: An unassuming game of truth or dare ends up changing things for two best friends.
  • Blood is Thicker Than Water: Guy A has been waking up with strange bite marks on his arms lately. One night, he awakes to see his best friend and neighbor, Guy B, is the culprit behind the bite marks.*
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hi are you interested in a plot where like a group of friends goes into a haunted place(abandoned amusement park/asylum/graveyard) and A gets split off and B is a ghost and soon A starts to get to know B and keeps visiting him bc B is lonely but somehow bound to his spot?

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