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Multiple Settings Seeking Multiple Male Characters (MxM, MxF, Updated 8/13)

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The Jolliest

Gay wrath is over...
Time for Gay E

Hey everyone! It's your friendly website sick kid again.

First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone in advance. I am very ill, and I have recently relocated to Anchorage for better treatment and living. The internet here is slow at best, gone at worst, so I might be poofy here and there. I'm on chemo, which is also fun. Yes, I'm bald and I am rocking it. All of this means that I might have a day or two when I won't reply because I'm so tired I want to die, but might chat OOC. So, yeah, if that's not something you can handle, toodaloo now. Other days, you'll probably get 2 - 5 replies a day.


Alright, with that out of the way, here are a few things you can expect from me.

-Frequent replies. But Jitterbug, you've already said that! You're right, but what you don't know is that my replies are usually 3 - 8 paragraphs long. And that's not just the starting post, that's Reply #34 length. Just letting you know it's consistent.

-I'm a sarcastic little shit, but I'm a nice sarcastic little shit. I'll make sure I won't cross boundaries. That being said, boundaries/triggers. Let! Me! Know! The last thing I want to do is make someone upset. Be honest with me, I'll be honest with you. Speaking of honest, you have something in your teeth. No, a little to the left. There you go.

-I am twenty years of age. I ask you to be aware that if you are under eighteen, I'll RP with you, but I'll be a lot more "Child-Friendly".

-PMs only. One PM thread for OOC, one for RPing. I swear to god if you post OOC in our RPing PMs I might not be happy.

-MxF and MxM only. Yes, all of the plots are in MxF because I generally am not a fan of the Muse A/Muse B thing unless I only have one or two plots on a thread. I'll always take the female written part even if we choose MxM because it's something I enjoy and that is why I am on this website. There are a few darker themes.

-I like memes so if you give me memes I will love you forever.

-If you want to use a plot but not with me, go for it. What am I gonna do, write a book with these?


As for what I ask for you, I'm less blabby.

PM me. PM me. PM me. If you post here, and I see you have enough messages to PM, I won't answer you. Yeah. Seriously. That being said, if you're new, that's fine. If you're new to the site, welcome! Feel free to drop a post!

If you don't think you can at least give me a decent 3 paragraphs for every post, this isn't for you. Also, I will drop you if you start giving me one paragraph. I probably won't even let you know. Actually, this is me letting you know right now. You're welcome. Also, tell me your favorite, I dunno... either your favorite food or chapstick scent.

This one is not as normal. Please, please, if we end up as partners, understand that I have weak vision. Even with glasses, it is hard for me to read small fonts for a long period of time. Obviously, for the meme, it's okay sometimes but if you constantly write in this size of writing, for every post, my eyes will hurt. Please keep it at fifteen, but obviously, any font is fine. That being said, please feel free to use tiny little nine for the meme once in a while, because I think it's funny as heck.

Feel free to chat with me OOC, I'm pretty nice. I mean I don't sound nice here but I actually am very nice.


Strikethrough means no thanks for now.

Alpha Gang Lord and Omega Strip Tease (Or prostitute)- Light Fantasy
Alphas and Omegas exist, and they have their own corner of society. Alphas are rich, well-educated, clean and proper. Omegas are usually low-class, high school graduates who live in tiny apartments and usually work dead-end jobs like clerks and waiters. Then again, they have some value - once in a blue moon, if a certain Alpha comes into contact with a certain Omega, they get very possessive and usually take them home as... trophy catches, of sort. They groom them into proper Alphas, raining them with anything needed to make them suit the Alpha's world. He is a dark, wealthy Alpha who found his Omega either half-naked on a strip club stage or on the corner of a street at night, and she is not willing to deal with his crap.

The Wishing Witch - (Modern or Not)
A young Blood Witch has a price for every Wish. She can answer a lot of wishes, but there's always a price: and they're always obscure and strange. Teeth and precious gems, mostly. She exchanges different payments for different Wishing Coins - some are practically free, but not very powerful, and some require a nearly impossible price and can give you anything - like immortality with eternal beauty. A young man seeks to train under her, but as secrets are revealed, he comes to understand her dark ways...

Savior - Science Fiction
She's a half-breed between alien and human, which is universally looked down upon and hated by almost everyone. A gifted healer, she's hired on to be the head doctor on a space patrol ship. At first, a young *insert whatever species you want* hates her as well, but after he watches her run into the middle of a battle and risk her life to save a child, he finds newfound respect - even if no one else does. After that, he vows to make sure she can do her work in peace - even when death threats come from every which way.

Elementalists - Modern Fantasy
Most people don't have powers, but a mere 5% have control over one of the four basic elements. 4.5% are minor and are usually employees to safety and government standings, but the .5% left over are incredibly powerful and usually are celebrity business owners by their early twenties. A young Elementalist who owns a massive business due to his Fire/Earth/Air/Water control stumbles through a dangerous part of town only to see something through a window he couldn't believe - a young woman who could control not elements, but precious gems. He knocks on her door and more or less forces her to work with him to improve profits with jewelry or even interior decorating. As they work more and more together, he comes to understand why she hid her talents away...

Empty Audience - Realistic
A town singer who no one knows and a producer who specializes in finding hidden talents and shining them to the world. She practices in an empty theatre, where people come and sit just to watch people cross the stage for seemingly no reason, just to have fun, or college students to practice speeches. Well, she's a talented singer and musician, dabbling in multiple genres and trends. He knows she could be great - she has the look, the talent - but does she have the same desire he does?

Swimmingly - Fantasy
Under the water, everyone assumes life was perfect. The merpeople under the water were beautiful and graceful, with hair that glowed in the sunlight when they surfaced to socialize with the humans. A young mermaid is suddenly rejected from her flock, leaving her stranded on the shore. Her tail cut and bleeding from sharp rocks, she seemed miserable and sick. A wealthy young man, naturally, offers her sanctuary in the home he has by the beach, where she could be in the pool in the back. While time passes, he learns that the underwater world is far crueler than anyone could have predicted, and what's even stranger is that she's desperate to return when she is well again. She has legs when she is dry.

Yes, Captain! - Fantasy (Historical)
My two characters, an older brother and slightly younger sister, are the leaders of an infamous pirate crew and ship called Bleeding Corpse. She, the captain, and her brother, her second-in-command, have been on a quest for ages to find The Heart of Poseidon, an ancient and mythical treasure found in the North Seas, which was abandoned long ago due to the creatures that resided below. As they near the North Seas, they attack and posses a ship from another region. As they celebrate on an island, they find a survivor, a Doctor/Medic floating on debris and take him into their family because they lack a medic. This is your character.

Jessica Rabbit - Realistic
A young, sexy jazz bar singer in New York City seems to have the perfect life. Money, luxury condo and cars, gorgeous friends, an easy and rewarding job where she dresses up in fine clothes and sings for the regulars at Scotch Lick, a luxury, VIP jazz lounge for the wealthy. However, not all as it seems. The owners of the bar are an underground gang that washes their money through the bar. The young woman is the formerly estranged sister of the gang lord, and as much as she'd like to break out, she's stuck. A new regular comes often to see her performance and catches her and her brother arguing behind the stage. As she's walking home, he catches up to her and together, they hatch a scheme to cut her loose.

New Queen - Fantasy
You are the King of a rich, peaceful kingdom, the largest of the three nations. One day, the king is visited by a young woman who claims to be a powerful necromancer. The very next day, a threat is brought in from the other two kingdoms, saying that the Necromancer being in his territory was enough to spark a war, although it sounds strange and there's no reason attached to the letters. Suspiciously, the King turns to the Necromancer for help. She raises an army of the undead to fight. As the war continues, he finds that he is inexplicably attracted to this strange creature, and even goes as far to name her his new Queen. As the war comes to a close, he wakes up from the spell she cast on him and realized that she has taken over all three kingdoms, and he is no longer in power.

Haunted Forest - Fantasy
A Prince from a magical kingdom finds himself on the run when his family is threatened. As he is the only heir, he is tasked to hide within the neighboring elven kingdom - which is through the Haunted Forest. Only one person knows that forest - and it's the half-elf, half-fae who was rejected by the king as a guard, due to her halfling blood still being seen as weak and taboo. However, she proves that she is anything but weak as she guides him through the Haunted Forest, keeping them safe on the run. But she hs dark secrets, which slowly come to the surface as they face trial after trial. When they finally see it's safe for him to go home, they head back to the kingdom, where the prince takes the Kings' throne. Now is when they are meant to part ways: him on the throne, and her back into the Haunted Forest where he very well may never see them again.

The Hero's Daughter - Superhero (Non-romantic, Adoption)
A famous hero (With or without an alias for hero work) is charged with rescuing children from an experimental lab. After everyone is arrested, cared for, and sent back to their parents, only one girl remains (14/15 years old). As she's in the hospital recovering from particularly cruel experimental procedures, he finds himself visiting her more and more often (As a hero or average citizen, your choice). When he's told that she's recovered enough to be sent into the foster system, he offers up his own home. There, she either finds out he's the hero who saved her or she asks him to help her control her abilities: and just like that, he found himself an apprentice.

Card Runner - Realistic, Illegal Gambling/Gangs
He is the leader of a billion-dollar illegal gambling shack in the red light district of *Insert big city*, and she's a new woman in town who seems to be innocent enough. Thinking that she'd be an easy scam during a casual conversation in a coffee shop, he invites her to his shack where he only played his own games, of his own inventions. However, after a few weeks and some crash-courses of said games, she starts raking in money faster than he can make it. Suddenly understanding that she's a sneaky gambling cheat, instead of kicking her ass to the curb, he asks her to be his partner in crime. Literally.

The Devilish Doctor - Dark Realistic... I guess?
Deep in the heart of a lost forest, there is a large, strange hospital. Here, doctors and nurses with do-good helping hands have volunteered their time and supplies to help those who can't afford hospitals. Homeless people, children in poverty, etc. However, not all is as it seems - those without friends or family often vanish. Those people are taken by a doctor who uses them to experiment with new drugs and tests. There is a woman there who helps care for the emotional needs of most of the patients, especially the babies. He sees her as a pure, sweet, innocent young thing who he often spends time with to lift his dark spirits. She has no idea what demented things he does behind closed doors, but as a mysterious force begins to return these patients to the wards, his secret is being threatened and as such, his only friend. It turns into an obsessive game of cat and mouse - although he, the cat, does not plan on killing his dear mousey friend. He plans on caging her in his own words and eventually, his own home.

Maniac - Dark Fantasy
A wizard is reaching the age where he must take an apprentice or lose his powers. Fortunately for him, he's had his eye on a young human woman. Unfortunately for her, he has been obsessed with her for years. Stalking her, mapping her out, and she has no idea. What turns into an invitation into a magical world to learn about magic and magical creatures is soon the wizard kidnapping her and forcing her to be his pretend wife - but little does he know that she is far more powerful than he knows.

Addict - Dark Reality, Drugs, Prostitution
She's been in love with someone for years. However, they've slowly turned from her lover to her pimp, pumping her full of addictive drugs in an attempt to force her to stay around in order to get her net him. He is a new high-rank cop with a big heart. One rainy night, he sees her walking around in next to nothing, freezing cold and clearly sick. His heart hurt, he takes her in and helps her through therapy, treatment to get over the drugs, the trial against her former pimp, finding a job.

Black Metal Babe - Realistic, 'Opposites Attract' (SUPER CRAVING)
He is a more or less famous lead singer of a Black metal band. Full on leather, spikes, murder, death, gore displays, violent music, the whole shebang. She is a young woman who dresses in plain converse instead of angry metal boots and soft eyeliner instead of white paste and black lipstick - so imagine his surprise when he catches her in the small crowd of cult-like fans, standing undisturbed by the whole ordeal. After the concert, they run into each other as her friend (a normal fan) gets their car. He asks her a series of extremely violent, disturbing questions (Example: "Tell me how you'd kill and hide a body". Go as dark as you want, try me) to attempt to throw her. However, her answers come calmly and precisely, and he knows she's a Black Metal Babe at heart. Concerts, makeovers, time with the band, offering to take her onto stage - he tries to insist her transformation into a groupie-like fan of Black metal, only to grow more and more frustrated as she always bounces back into her normal calm, non-extreme, casual self every time.

The Asshole - Realistic
He's an extremely rich, erratic asshole who regularly crashes Ferraris and tips the cops to stay out of his way. Someone says that he couldn't care for someone else if his life depended on it, so he takes it as a challenge to "fake care" for the nearest person, just to save his dumb ego. Turns out, the nearest person was a nice-looking young woman who was in a desperate situation. He stashes her in his giant house, thrown money and cars at her, and labels it as care. When she does things more personal, like cook a meal or fix the plumbing when his plumber cancels, he can't seem to understand why.

Lipstick Murderer - Realistic, Mystery
He's a detective who is hunting down a serial killer called Lipstick, due to the poisoned lipstick kisses always left on the mens' lips. Ten kills into the case, he meets the woman of his dreams - super sweet, smoking hot, and always ready to do whatever he has planned. He has no idea she's the killer, and that he was going to be her next target. However, after a few too many drinks and a great night together, she gives that up and they end up dating regularly. The night he plans to propose, she leaves their table to go to the restroom. Her purse falls onto the floor and as he cleans up the content, he finds the uniquely colored poison lipstick. When he confronts her, she admits everything - including that the men she killed were child predators. He's torn between the law and his love.

Human Influence - Science-Fiction, Futuristic
He is an alien from a far-away place, on a ship that lands on Earth to study and possibly destroy the planet. She is a sweet, lovable human woman who is shivery and nervous at best. Curious about her, he interacts with her in his human disguise for a few days. The aliens decide to destroy the planet after all, and desperate to save his human friend, he convinces them to take her onto the ship. (Potentially not knowing that she was married and in the early stages of pregnancy).

Baby Girl - Realistic, Gangs, Undercover FBI
She's the adopted daughter of a crime boss called Uncle Daddy, and she's ready for anything. Be it acting as a showgirl at Kitty Cat, the exotic dance club Uncle Daddy works out of, to breaking into various banks, to showing newcomers a good time, she's his right-hand woman. He's a newcomer to the club and the gang, his specialty being pushing painkillers. He's all too happy to hear that this smoking hot woman is his new guiding grace - and even if he is an undercover FBI agent, she doesn't have to ever know that.

Vampire Bites - Fantasy, Futuristic
In the future, vampires had been created. Under the hand of an oppressive government, he offered a very generous reward for all those who turned themselves in to become these creatures via a secret injection. Stronger, faster, and coldly beautiful, the turned citizens are usually directed into protective services. She was a young woman living in extreme poverty until she turned herself in for the reward - but she was different. The serum affected her differently. She was even stronger and faster, but unlike the other vampires, she could walk in the sunlight. He is the Kings/Presidents' son, set to take over the government on his next birthday. He was assigned to her to protect with her life.

Bodyguard - Realistic
He's the party-boy son of a powerful man. Tall, strong, and physically powerful, he laughs when his father introduces a bodyguard - and laughs harder when she's a tiny, slender young woman. After a short while of babysitting him in parties and giving him sports drinks during workouts, she proves her worth. An assassin from somewhere far away tries to kill him, and she puts him down without blinkings and drags him on the run. Escape cars, friends in all the right places - she turns from a pretty young woman to tag along with him into a downright terrifying warrior as they continue to run.

Alice's Tango - Fantasy, Drugs
He's a world-famous musician. Fame, wealth, women, the whole shebang. However, one day when he's sneaking around, trying not to be noticed by fans, he runs into a strange woman. With just one glance, he's head over heels. When he takes her on tour with him, she offers him a pill that, horrifically and amazingly, seems to take him down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. With her by his side, he becomes hopelessly addicted to the pills that take him away and becomes hopelessly entangled with her. It's only when he starts seeing Wonderland in real life that he begins to think that she's not up to anything good.

Call Me Dad - Realistic, Heroes
He is a single man who is a powerful vigilante in the city. He managed to take down a huge drug ring only to mind that the head of the ring had a young daughter (ages 14/15). Without thinking, he more or less adopts her unofficially and tries to rewire her head for a lifetime of drug cartels and weapon smuggling. She's cold, closed-off, wary of the hero who took her in, but he's patient and slowly works with her - even if it means school issues, 'girl issues' he wasn't looking forwards to, and other mishaps and dramatics - including her godfather, her uncle, who was just as wrapped up in drugs and weapons as her father.

Avalon - Fantasy, Assassins
Avalon has fallen. Where fantasy creatures once lived in peace, humans have corrupted and killed their homes, committing mass genocide in order to save their own kind. The only Avalonians who still live to this gay are the those who were taken to serve as slaves and laborers - or in her case, an assassin with wings. Known also as The Last Angel, she is called by a prince to do the unthinkable - kill the King.
He is the prince of the first kingdom to rule over the dead lands of Avalon. Unlike the king and every other human he knows, he harbors a secret heart of sympathy for the Avalonians. With that feeling, he did what no one else dared to do - he summons The Last Angel, though she is only legend, to kill his father and name her the true Queen of what is left. The only problem is that an Avalonian cannot command another Avalonian - and the Princes deceased mother was an elven princess.

Familiars - Fantasy, Witches
Witches still live among the humans, the ancestors of the witches that lived through the Salem Witch Trials. Coming of age to a witch is a special time because they get to choose a familiar - but this witch won't be choosing hers. Instead, she's opened a portal, politely asking a familiar to choose her. And he did - promising to protect her always, be it in the form of man or animal. True to his word, he soon must kill a Witch Hunter, and then they are alive in the world of Hunters once again, and they're surviving on the road together.

Goddess, My Goddess - Science Fantasy, Deities
In a world with no religion left, the gods are becoming restless for worshipers. Finally, he (a god of whatever you'd like) is sent down from their godly place to spread the word of their new religion. However, after several fruitless months, a single person comes to visit the temple built for his religion. She says that there's a strange urge to come there, that there may be answers for her strange life and abilities she keeps hidden. He must hide from her that she is a demi-goddess and from the other gods that she exists because the human and gods would both want to end her existence.

Dance Dance Revolution, Bitch - Realistic
He is the famous leader of the world-champion dance-team ______ (we can think up a name). For four years he has brought this college dance team from a small group of half-talented kids to world-famous champions. She is an exchange student with more talent he can handle - and it shows how she slowly tales over the dance team. When his new routines fails in a high-rank tournament, she steps in with a routine plan that wows the judges and sends them back to where she was from for the very last step in a world-ranking tournament. He must choose between his pride as captain and risk losing, or giving up control to her and have a chance to win the whole thing and send the team to their careers.

Favors - Fantasy, Realistic
She is the owner of a stunningly bougie club and lounge. But there is something much, much deeper - she gives things she calls favors. She can do a million and two things, from granting wealth to fame to a hundred other bigger, meaner things. No one knows how. He is a man desperate for help. Be it massive debt to gangs, a death threat over his head, or a little trouble with the mob (or anything else you want), his last result is the owner of Wyn.

MxF and MxM. All 18+ save those marked with ™, no slice-of-life, Romance is not a must.

Bold = Part I'd Like
Regular = I'd like either part

Supernatural Creature x Human

Werewolf, Vampire, Shifter, etc
Supernatural x Supernatural
Witch x Human
Mermaid x Human
Older Superhero x Young Trainee™
Gang Leader x Assassin-For-Hire
Apocalyptic Expert Ex-Military Survivor
x Born-With-Silver-Spoon Rich Snob
Experiment in Pain™ x Regretful Scientist Who Adopts Them Secretly
A Secret God x Terminally Ill Mortal
Tiny Little Body Guard
x Mocking, Rude, Rich, Annoying Protectee Who Has No Idea
Dragon x Rider
Dystopian Rebellion Leader x An Expert Assassin

I won't play canon characters.

My Hero Academia
Harry Potter/Hogwarts/Tri-Wizard Tournament
Avatar the Last Airbender
Deadpool/Sister Margaret Assassins

This isn't a complete list by any means. Please ask me about others! :)

Pirate Ship
High Fantasy: Modern/Historical
Arranged Marriages
Angels and Demons
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Hey, mate. First of all, my battleborn support goes to you. I have just recently fought cancer and won, and I believe in your ability to do so as well.

Secondly, I'd like to try out something more realistic (maybe peppered with superpowers), but at the same time light and maybe even a little bit idle, if you're into such a thing.


Desert Crawler
Hey! Been awhile since I've roleplayed but I'm looking to reenter the scene. I'd really be interested in fleshing out a great plot for Potions if you're interested!


The Jolliest
What's the one really awful horror movie about a southern town that eats people and one of the travelers carries around a dead dog?


The Jolliest
Whoever made animals was really mean for giving centipedes 100 legs. Everyone makes fun of them, their feelings must be super hurt.


The Jolliest
There is a shop in iZombie called Meat Cute, which is a spin-off of the phrase "meet cute" which is essentially where two love interests meet in a way that's considered silly and adorable. Strange choice for what is secretly a human butcher shop.


The Jolliest
I really wanted my next bump to be during the official gay pride month but I'll just pretend it's midnight over here. HAPPY GAY PRIDE Y'ALL!


The Jolliest
Paccheri millerighe is a large, tube-like pasta that translates to slaps because eating it properly should make a slapping sound.


The Jolliest
Pants. The pockets on your pants. Do you see those little metal studs at the corners? They're called Rivets. They're on certain spots to add support to seam corners.


socks of gold
Sorry to post here instead of pm, but the website won't let me send one yet.
It keeps saying that it's spam, but here is what I was trying to ask:

Hi, I'd be interested in doing the Wishing Witch RP with you, if it is still available by the time you're reading this.
I was thinking that perhaps it could be set in a dystopian or post apocalyptic setting where before the disaster, if there was one, that witches were a shunned minority - until shit hits the fan and people are looking to solve their problems with magic (crab legs).


The Jolliest
The newest Disney movies are actually pretty cute. Go check out Zombies and Descendants. I just watched all four movies with the youngest kid here and I have no complaints.

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