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Fantasy Seeking: medieval/ancient fantasy, literate roleplay.

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I am brand new to the site, so I wanted to try an interest check.

I'm open to quite a lot of ideas! I do have a pretty strict preference for original characters, I'm generally not that interested in fandom stuff -- that being said, I will bend pretty easily for Tolkien characters or Game of Thrones. I know quite a lot about Middle Earth, but Westeros is absolutely foreign to me; either way, I'm fine with characters from either of those, if OC stuff isn't your cup of.
I really enjoy surrealist elements as well. This can include anything from strange geography, to paranormal experiences, or even down to fairy-tale like plots.

Length is rather subjective! I like at least a few sentences, and I'm comfortable with a few chunky paragraphs as well. Anyhow, a few hundred words never hurt anybody. As far as specific subject goes, well, I don't have much in mind! I'd like to brainstorm something or talk characters for a bit and see who's a good fit for who.

Some characters I'd like to play are:

Hypathia of Aldün -- The educated daughter to a loving pair of Vidalian migrants. She was educated for a scribe's job in the hopes that she might earn coin enough to return her lineage to South Vidalia towards the end of her life, but after being caught in an extramarital relationship, she was blinded before Aldün's baron and cast out of the wet, muddy village for good. She frequently sneaks back into the hamlet after dark to visit her parents, who she loves dearly. Hypathia is 28 years old, literate, but half blind. She is constantly looking for ways to either extradite her family from Aldün, or for ways to return and visit. She is a spritely woman with a kind heart and a yearning for excitement.

Aberdine Taft -- A terribly mischievous noble. Daughter to Pascal Taft, a widely renown ship builder, the youngest member of Neptune Massive's commercial duchy struggles to find a place amongst her childhood friends now that they are all grown. She is multi-talented and well learned, but her mannerisms simply don't mesh with the social expectations her family requires. Her best friends are her cousin Santano, and her aunt Apollonia. Aberdine's favorite pass-time is planning elaborate, hysterical pranks. By 22 years old, Aberdine seeks to understand life beyond the context of her sheltered family members and see the world for what it is.

Suma Samara'ija -- A member of an ancient group of hunter-gatherers; the last her world knows. After her premature rise to chiefdom, Suma seeks the knowledge and experience required to lead her dwindling family effectively. Her and her tribe head on a steady track East to leave their native arid Sunderlands for new land, far from the warring groups that have spilled into their home. Having grown up in a pacifist commune, news of the old western war is life changing for her and the other members of her tribe; and rather than risk more losses, they seek to leave.

Feel more than free to ask questions about anybody, and I have a fairly large cast of folks besides if nobody catches your interest.

Some themes I am interested in are:

Language barriers (I always think these are fun to work with, but they're sometimes an impedance depending on the plot).
Surrealism (of virtually any kind!), strange lands, or travel into a very foreign region.
Migration (this is a bit of a common theme between the characters I've listed, I noticed).
Queer romance, sapphism (I really like exploring wlw stuff).

None of the above are required! I am very open to ideas and other characters.
Sorry if the formatting is bland! I am brand new to the site and don't want to clutter up or fuss with markup, and frankly, I don't find images and gifs that compelling when my focus is going to be writing. Take care! Please don't hesitate to respond if you are interested! Please only respond if you are 18+! I am more comfy writing with folks in my age bracket.

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