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Fandom Seeking long-term Pokémon rp

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Megalomaniac Reshiram
My requirements are fairly simple:

No adults romancing minors and no incest.
Don't powerplay, metagame or godmod.
Be nice.
Tell me beforehand if you want to quit the rp or take break.
Be at least semi literate and write in 3rd person.
I will play as Shirona (AKA Cynthia). Please refer to her as Shirona (you may add a honorific to her name if you want to).
I prefer FxF if we're doing romance, but FxM or FxNB is also ok. And we don't need to do romance if you don't want to.
I will absolutely not rp smut. Anything dirty fades to black.
Other than that, I have no triggers.

And now for the plot (which can be modified if you wanna) :

The reality of being a champion
Sinnoh's champion Shirona is known for being the mightiest, most battle hardened champion there is. Everyone either adores or fears her.

But underneath the aura of power, glory and intimidation is a much darker side of what it means to be a champion. The mighty Shirona spends all her days battling, rarely even getting enough sleep. She and her Pokémon are being pushed way harder than they should. Yet somehow, the champion is always craving for a battle and enjoys her work more than anything.

One night, a childhood friend of Shirona decides to see their champion friend after having heard about how much time she spends battling which left them concerned. And it turns out to be even worse than they thought.

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