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Fantasy ~Seeking Long-Term Partners for Fantasy/Romance~


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Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I'm LostInTheWind, but feel free to call me Emily. <3
My formatting/coding skills are not the best, but I've tried to make this Interest Check look as pretty as possible, so please bare with me! Below, you'll find out a little about me and my writing style, and also what I'm looking for.


  • I'm a 29 year old female who lives in the USA, so my time zone is CST. However, please be aware that while my primary home is the US, I travel a lot to Asia so my time zones may change every once in a while. But I'll be sure to let you know if they do. That being said, your time zone doesn't matter to me.
  • I work full time in a career that requires I'm available at all hours of the day. Because of that, I can only promise replies twice a week. I may often be able to do more, but sometimes work gets busy and that will always be my primary focus so I can only guarantee a posting schedule of 2x a week.
  • I consider myself lit/adv-lit. My posts are typically at least 5 paragraphs, and almost always more if we are doubling.
  • I am comfortable playing both male and female characters. However, I prefer doubling because I feel its only fair and also I tend to get bored with only one main character.
  • I am okay with dark themes. This includes language, violence, and sexual content (although I will abide the site's guidelines for straight up smut, and so we will fade to black when needed.) If I'm not comfortable with something, I'll let you know.
  • OOC talk is fine! I consider myself a friendly person and am always willing to chat.
  • I'm ghost friendly, but please feel free to tell me if you're losing interest. I won't be mad! This is supposed to be fun for everyone!
  • MxF pairings only at this time. I'm LGBTQIA+ friendly, but since I'm straight, I feel more comfortable sticking with MxF. If that plot is great, I MAY be convinced to do FxF.
  • I love romance! It doesn't have to be the main plot point of our roleplay, but it needs to at least be a sub plot.
  • I'm more of a quality over quantity person. I'd rather have two really good and thought provoking roleplays than ten that I'm only semi-interested in.


  • Please be at least 18+. Because I'm 29, I just feel more comfortable roleplaying with other adults.
  • Be semi-lit to lit/adv-lit. While I'm always down for a novella each post, I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea and I wouldn't want to miss out on a compatible partner just because of a post length disagreement. As long as there's a 3 paragraph per post/character minimum, then I'm happy! No one-liners.
  • Please be willing to double. I prefer doubling in most of my roleplays. This means I ask that you're comfortable playing both male and female characters.
  • I'm looking for a long-term partner. Some of my best roleplays have been with the same partners for years. Even if one roleplay dies out, we can always collaborate again. Even so, I'm really looking for a long-term roleplay that we can develop together--a roleplay friend!
  • If you have any limits, please tell me. I always try my hardest to avoid triggers.
  • Be able to post at least once a week. If you need longer, that's fine too! I know that life can get in the way. Just please let me know.
  • I'm looking for someone to world build with me. I want us to create deep characters and interesting backstories and rich cultures. If I'm the only one moving the plot along or coming up with ideas, I get bored quickly.
  • I will only roleplay on this site and maybe through Google Docs. I do not do Discord.


  • My favorite settings are fantasy/medieval/historical. I love creating interesting fantasy worlds with magic and swords and political intrigue! Below are some pairings and ideas, but if you have anything you'd like to try, I'm all ears.
    • Royalty/Servant or Peasant
    • Royalty/Knight
    • Elf/Human
    • Fae/Human
    • Assassin/Target
    • Vampire/Human
    • Arranged Marriage
    • Mage/Non Mage
    • Magic
  • I am also interested in certain Fandoms. While, I prefer original ideas, I sometimes crave a good ol' fandom roleplay. I'm fine with either OC/OC or OC/Canon. If you want to do a Fandom roleplay, please have a lot in mind!
    • Supernatural (TV Show)
    • Avatar the Last Airbender
    • Dragon Age
    • Naruto
    • Harry Potter
  • I am not particularly interested in Superhero, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, or Futuristic at this time.

And I think that's it! If you see anything you're interested in, please feel free to send me a PM! I have some plot ideas for a few of these, but didn't want this check to get too long :grinningteeth:. Also, if you think we'd be a good match but don't see anything here that interests you, feel free to send me a message! I love brainstorming together.
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Tanya Degurchaff

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All I can see are dots on your thread. I'm not sure if there is supposed to be more details but I would love to roleplay with you.

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