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Fandom Seeking Long-Term Fandom Partners (MtG & Stardew Valley)


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Hey everyone. I'm Pandora, 27f. I'm new here and hoping to find some new writing partners to help me get my writing/roleplaying muse back, after I've stepped away for quite some time due to mental and physical health issues.

Right now, I'm kind of limited to two very specific fandoms that I'm seeking to write, as they're the only two things that have kept my interest for a while now.

The two fandom stories are Magic: The Gathering, and Stardew Valley.

For these stories, I'm mostly looking for CanonxOC stories, but for Stardew Valley, I'll consider OCxOC stories, as I really only settled on one character at the moment, so I haven't played around with the others yet.

For both of these fandoms, all characters will be 21+, and I find that I prefer writing partners to be in their mid-twenties or older as well.

I am also willing to double up. If you play the Canon character I am seeking, I will be happy to play one in return for you as well.

For MtG, I'm looking for someone to play Jace Beleren against my OC. Usually, I like to start around the time of her planeswalker spark igniting, but I've also been inspired by some of the newer sets as well (despite Jace not being present). So I'm willing to adjust her story and write her into the plot at any point.

For Stardew Valley, I'm still fairly new to the game. I'm two in-game years in, without fully completing all of the quests, but I know a lot of the story already. But for this, I'd love to find someone to play Shane for my OC as well.

I'm really only looking for romance on the lighter end of these stories, as I want to build character development and bonding between the characters.

Some things about me:
-I am a multi-paragraph lit to adv. Lit writer.
-I write in 3rd person, past tense.
-I have a full-time job (that may be changing, I'm not sure yet), and work Saturday through Wednesday from 1 PM to 10 PM MDT time.
-I am married, and have a cat. So sometimes on my days off, I am pulled away by other responsibilities.

What I search for in a partner:
-Multi-para writer. I'm not seeking novella lengths, just enough I can work with.
-Writes in 3rd person past tense.
-Is patient with me, and will communicate if things aren't working out.
-Someone who is invested in writing, and enjoys helping in world/plot building.

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