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Realistic or Modern Seeking long-term f//!


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Hey there!

I'm Moth, and I'm in my late-twenties and I’m out and about in the western United States. I've taken time off to finish a STEM degree, and like to head out hiking, camping, or on a paddleboard or kayak if the weather is warmer. I love to write as much as I love trees and rocks, so I’m seeking a great long-term story to get lost in.

PM me if you're interested!

What you can expect from me:
- Replies daily (life happens sometimes though)
- Advanced lit/novella
- Likes to make boards, playlists, and general inspiration ideas
- Prefer RPing over Discord, docs, or email

What I'd like to see from you...
- Long-term-
21 years or older
- Replies at least once a week (However life happens, I get it, we're not set in stone)
- OOC chatter is great!

What am I interested in?
(If it's in italics, I'm really looking for it)

Timeline: I love anything from the 1940s to modern day settings.
Relationships: Only looking for F// right now. Slow burns are great! Give me the messy dynamics and the ups and downs.

Always down to hear what you're seeking! I love working on new ideas with rp partners.
I am really craving a professor/student f// rp in general-- but also would love to play one set in a women's college during the 50s-70s. (Mona Lisa Smile vibes)

Family drama - Small town secrets - Academia - Character growth - Quirky hometown citizens - Drastic life changes - Growing apart and/or growing together - Hurt/comfort

Romantic Pairings...
Legal age gaps - Enemies to lovers - out/closeted - Cultural differences - 20th century historical - Modern - Professor/student - Professor/professor - Married/married or married/single - Bonded in tragedy

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