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Multiple Settings Seeking literate, long-term partners (UPDATED)

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What are words
Hey there!

I'm Moth, and I'm a 28 year old woman in the western United States. Besides hiking, hanging out with my dog, and working in nonprofit, writing is what takes up most of my free time!

What you can expect from me:

- Replies at least once every 2-3 days at the least, the goal is daily
- Advanced lit
- I use Google Docs or Discord but can use other formats if needed
- Likes to make Pinterest boards, playlists, and general inspiration ideas
- I don't do cool formatting because I can't read it on my phone 💁‍♀️

What I'd like to see from you...

- Long-term
- 21 years or older
- OOC chatter is great!
- Willing to discuss ideas and communicate what's working and what isn't
- Meets or comes close to my literacy level (basically if you can do 3-5 paragraphs or above with substance, we good)

What am I interested in?

Timeline: I love 20th century history to modern day settings.

Plots: I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to plots. I value character development over action and adventure.

Relationships: MxF or FxF. Slow burns are great! I can do an established romantic couple depending on the setting. I'd like to get back into playing more female roles, but I play male depending on the plot. I love focusing on other types of relationships, too. Platonic, family interactions, groups of friends, etc.

Characters: OCs all the way, I do not play canon.

What's interesting to me lately?
(stars mean I'm super excited for it!)

🌟Family drama - 🌟 Small town secrets - Found family - A gang of misfits - Adoption/Foster care - Ranch life - Triumphing against the odds - Animals - Character growth - Quirky hometown citizens - Upmarket literary themes - Drastic life changes - Disability awareness - 🌟 Paranormal - Witchy stuff - A group of coworkers

Romantic Pairings...
Childhood friends - Enemies to lovers - Coworkers - Bonded in tragedy - and more, always feel free to suggest!

Plot Ideas...
(These are intentionally open-ended so we can plot on them together.)

Feel free to suggest plots if they tie in to the interests I listed! I'd love to hear your ideas.

Character A returns to their small hometown and runs into Character B, a past fling. Character B has a child that is as many years old as they've been apart. Character A learns that this child is theirs.

🌟 Family moves into haunted house. Spooky things happen.

Character(s) running a family's bar and grill after their parent, the owner, passes away suddenly. They must now wrangle the eclectic group of staff to stay afloat.

🌟 On the day that Challenger explodes, a character goes missing. Family and friends search for them and uncover dark secrets in their past and in their small town. They face their personal challenges in the wake of the Challenger explosion.

🌟 Any plots surrounding major events from 1920-now and how they affect a group of people (similar to Challenger plot above).

What I don't like...
Heavy fantasy - Medieval - Heavy sci-fi - Shock appeal violence - Graphic sexual abuse - Killing the dog

Some movies and shows I like…
(I love taking plots/ideas from these and tying them into an rp with OCs!)
TV shows: 🌟Bomb Girls, The Crown, 🌟Shameless, Derry Girls, Man In The High Castle, The Office, Parks and Rec, That 70s Show, This Is Us, 🌟The Haunting of Hill House, 🌟 Stranger Things, Anne With An E, Strange Empire, Call The Midwife, 🌟X Files, Virgin River, She-Ra

Movies: Mona Lisa Smile, Tell It To The Bees, The Secret Life of Bees, A Quiet Place, Strange Weather, Pride and Prejudice, 🌟Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, Nacho Libre, Fried Green Tomatoes, anything with Julia Roberts in it, I Tonya, The Conjuring, The Lovely Bones, 🌟 August Osage County

Books: 🌟The Glass Castle, 🌟The Poisonwood Bible, The Book of Ruth, Empire Girls, Flipped, Rules, The Liars Club, The Flood Girls, Stargirl, anything by Jeannette Walls, Where The Crawdads Sing, Practical Magic

Anything else?

Just ask! I'm totally willing to see what we can build together.
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