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Realistic or Modern Seeking Lit. MxM Slice of Life 1x1 RPs


Some simple facts about me and things I look for in a partner:
- I'm 27, live on the west coast of the US, and work a full time job.
- Primarily I will reply to RPs over my phone. Typos may occur, but I will do my best to fix them before positing the finished reply.
- I love to chat OOC over Discord to discuss further plot ideas, or just to befriend my RP partner. (more about this below)
- I consider myself literate to advanced-literate.
- I tend to write anywhere from 3-8+ paragraphs in third person, book/story mode. I do not expect you to mirror me, but I'd like effort to be put into your replies.
- I will get bored if I am the only one driving the story and RP forward. I need someone willing to play extra, minor characters to push the plot along.
- I am a fast typist and tend to reply quite frequently (within minutes of a post at times). I would love a partner who is readily available and able to reply multiple times back and forth several times a day/week
- I'm primarily Seke when it comes to my characters. Most of my characters have some sort of back story and are as realistic to a normal person with every day life problems. Can't have someone just being perfect now can we? Gotta have some seasoning on that meat~!
- Slice of life/realistic RPs are my life. I rarely do fantasy, and most all my characters are made to fit a modern setting. I do also dabble in fandoms (see below).
- I can and will play a seme if the plot calls for it. Please don't expect me to do so however. I do like playing ukes from time to time or having an RP where characters take turn or even have a power struggle.
- I enjoy communication! It helps with plotting, adding plot twists and what not. It also helps if I've done something wrong. Uncomfortable? Go ahead and say so. Want to drop the RP? Say so. Going to be out of town and can't reply? Say so. I don't bite. Well maybe I'll nibble.
- I greatly enjoy when my partner provides a profile for the plot. A picture (please no real life actors, it creeps me out majorly) and some basic details like age and name and all that jazz. Feel free to use my Bio's as a template. The more detailed the bio, the more I'll like you for having a character that's set up and not made on the fly with a lot of changes suddenly made to them mid-story or what-have-you. I like well developed characters with thought put into them. Makes for a good, genuine story. C:
- I tend to get into character easily, and sometimes depending on the plot, it scares me (such as playing a crazy person), if I don't reply or take a moment, it's because I've spooked myself with how twisted my writing can get


Please keep this in mind:
- I prefer my partners be 18+ as I'm over 18 and feel more comfortable RPing with people of legal age or of similar age as myself.
- Please be literate. I write anywhere from 3 small paragraphs to 10+ depending on what I am given and inspiration. If you only write one scentence replies, I won't be very happy...
- Please use anime images/drawings only as real human pictures creep me out/make me uncomfortable. Thank you.
- Plot with me. Don't expect me to pull a world as epic as Harry Potter's out of no where. I quickly get uninterested if I'm the only one tossing out ideas and I get little to nothing in return. More than likely, I'll end up turning you down if this happens and I feel it's going to lead to a boring RP or one I do 99% of the work on.
- Please no god-modding. If you wanna hit my character and give them a black eye, ask if it's okay first, okay? C:
- Pre-determined relationships don't settle with me unless previously discussed. It takes away the fun of character development and developing friendships and relationships. There is a lope hole in this when it comes to some fandoms though!


All my current Characters - More in the works!!

Please PM if interested in learning about a character that interests you.
  • Yuki Lock - Seke -Prefers to Bottom - Kaito will also be included in RPs with him as they are involved and best friends
  • Kaito Tsukishima - Seke - Prefers to top - Yuki will also be included in RPs with him as they are involved and best friends
  • Leonardo "Leo" Blanchard - Seke - Bottoms for men, tops for women
  • Damien Rainburg - - Seme - Very Passionate about this character and his world (5+ year old character)
  • Dmitri Roselli - Seke - Bottoms for men, tops for women - Love this character and really want to use him!
  • Adrian Manetto - Seke - Prefers to top
  • Toshiro "Shiro" Yutaka - Undecided Switch- open to either role
  • Luka Natsugi - Seme
  • Alexander "Alex" Clement - Seme
I am interested in most any plot, so lay a few on me or ask me what I'm craving in a PM. Any general questions feel free to ask here. C:
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Open Hetero or Mom Plot:

Ahem. Drama aside. I am seeking an original plot right now. I would love to adventure into the teritory of the commonly overused "neko/dog/animal tails ect" themed RP. Except with this I want something to happen as I have seen in a comic book:

The family pet (cat, bird, dog, snake, ect...) makes a wish upon a star to be able to tell his/her owner how much they love them. How much they appreciate their kindness and giving them such a happy life. The next day when the animal is left out of it's enclousure or left alone, it's wish comes true. But not in the form of speaking. No. This creature takes the form of a human (anime ears and tail optional).

The RP would follow how the wish came to be, how the owner will respond, and how the animal will learn what it is like to be a human. On top of that, we can decide if this is temporary or on a time frame (loke you have 3 days disney reference), or a permanent thing.

If interest please PM me


Really craving using Damien, my vampire character whom I spent a lot of time on developing him and his world. After going through my 10+ characters that have been shoved into the closet of storage and gone unused for years, he's the one I'd like to bring back and work with the most.

Damien Rainburg

He is primarily a top, and I'd love to see an RP with him featuring his long lost brother, or another male character.

Given I spent so much time developing his world, I'd like someone willing to learn about it, and work with me in creating a good plot in it. He's no ordinary character, and his world is something I as a writer took a long time to develop and create in my head.

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