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A Hopeless Romantic
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Please don't reply here; contact me via PMs instead! Thanks, loves! :)

Hello, hello; I hope everyone is doing well and having a safe and wonderful summer!! :) As of right now, I'm currently seeking both romantic and action-packed fandom stories! As well as to find an incredible (but patient) partner-in-crime that not only helps move the plot forward, who can easily match my post length, but also, to be friends with OOC!

So, let's get started! :)


| Rules |

- Please be at least 18+ years of age or older (preferably 25+).
- I'm only interested in MxF romantic settings.
- I'm only seeking patient, intermediate/advanced writers who can write 4+ multiple (decent-sized) paragraphs per reply (and character if we're to double up).
- I'd appreciate it if my partner(s) actively participated in the planning process. I don't enjoy one-sided planning because I might get the impression that I'm doing something wrong, and it's my fault that my partner(s) is not entirely invested/or nearly as interested as I am.
- Please be willing to balance out your characters respectfully if we're to double.
- I'd prefer if all primary (and secondary) characters are 25+ years of age or older (except for Harry Potter and Smallville); just a personal preference of mine.
- I don't enjoy playing the meek or damsel-in-distress type of female characters. I only play females who are sassy, stubborn, and independent but who are also deeply flawed; and as for my males, I usually play dark, brooding (reclusive) characters with mysterious pasts, struggling with their inner demons; or chivalrous, protective (but a bit arrogant) males.
- I'd love natural chemistry between our characters (whether platonic or romantic), and slow-burn romances are a must, too!
- I'd also prefer if my partner(s) writes only in the third person POV perspective in paragraph format.
- I'm not a fan of anime/hand-drawn pics used for RP purposes, so please, use realistic face claims (celebrity/model) or a written description of your character's physical appearance instead.
- And lastly, please be double friendly and OOC friendly. :)


{Roles = You x Me}

- Zak x Female OC

[Can double as Aaron or Nick]

Canon x OC
{Roles = You x Me}

- Eomer x Female OC
⬆️(Favorite Pairing!)⬆️
- Faramir x Female OC
- Aragorn x Female OC

Canon x Canon
{Roles = You x Me}

- Faramir x Eowyn
- Aragorn x Eowyn

[Can double as Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Faramir, or Legolas]

{Roles = You x Me}

- Seventh Year Male Student x Seventh Year Female Student
- Experienced Professor x First Year Professor
- St. Mungo's Healer (former Auror) x Female Investigative Journalist
- Former Dark Wizard x Female Auror
- Muggle Detective Inspector x Female Auror

{Roles = You x Me}

- Dr. McCoy x Female OC
⬆️(Favorite Pairing!)⬆️
- Kirk x Female OC

[Can double as Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Chekov, or Scotty]

*I'm only interested in The Original Trilogy, The Prequel Trilogy, The Mandalorian, and EU (legends); and human characters only*
{Roles = You x Me}

- Han Solo x Female OC
- Han Solo x Princess Leia
- Luke Skywalker x Mara Jade
- Obi-Wan Kenobi x Female OC
- Din Djarin x Female OC
- Cobb Vanth x Female OC
- Jacen Solo x Female OC
- Kyp Durron x Female OC
- Kyp Durron x Jaina Solo
- OC x OC

[Can double as Luke, Lando, Anakin, Jacen, and Din]

*No Xenomorph hybrids; human characters only*
{Roles = You x Me}

- Corporal Hicks x Female OC
- Private Hudson x Female OC

[Can double as Hudson]

{Roles = You x Me}

- Kyle Reese x Sarah Connor
- Kyle Reese x Female OC

*I have not seen any of the Chris Pratt Films*
{Roles = You x Me}

- Alan Grant x Female OC
- OC x OC

[Can double as Ian Malcolm, maybe?]

{Roles = You x Me}

- Brock Lovett x Female OC
- OC x OC

[Can double as Jack Dawson]

{Roles = You x Me}

- Erik x Female OC

[Can double as Raoul]

{Roles = You x Me}

- Corny Collins x Female OC

[Can double as Link]

{Roles = You x Me}

- Lon Hammond Jr. x Female OC

[Can double as Noah Calhoun]

{Roles = You x Me}

- John Thornton x Margaret Hale
- John Thornton x Female OC

{Roles = You x Me}

- Alaric Saltzman x Female OC
- Elijah Mikaelson x Female OC

[Can double as Stefan, Damon, Klaus, or Marcel]

{Roles = You x Me}

- Dimitri x Anastasia
- Dimitri x Female OC
- John Smith x Pocahontas
- John Smith x Female OC
- Garrett x Kayley
- Garrett x Female OC

As you can see, I barely have any few Marvel-related cravings and a lot more DC, and that's because I'm more of a DC gal than a big-time Marvel fan... I hope that won't dissuade you from roleplaying with me in the future; I do know other Marvel franchises, specifically the legacy/pre-MCU films (which I immensely enjoy a lot more than any of the current MCU films, and I think that it's just because of nostalgic reasons...) I am pretty much open to exploring other franchises within Marvel; it just depends if I know them or not, and that goes for DC, as well.

- Also, if you don't happen to find a particular male canon that is under the 'doubling' spoiler tag, it means that I'm unable or uncomfortable playing that said canon character; but still, feel free to ask because I might have just forgotten to add more canon characters to the doubling list(s). And lastly, I refuse to play any variation/adaptation of the Joker or any other criminally/mentally-insane villains from both universes. I draw the line with that; I'm not interested (anymore) in nor am I comfortable portraying those types of characters in any romantic situations/scenarios.

So, please accept and understand that. -

| Live-Action |

- The X-Men (2000-2002 films only)
{Seeking Cyclops or Wolverine}
Wolverine or Iceman
- The Avengers
{Seeking Hawkeye}
Captain America or Thor
I have not seen Endgame (nor have I not seen anything else after phase three ended; including any of the MCU Disney+ shows, except for a few episodes of WandaVision)

- Superman (1978 film)
{Seeking Superman}
- Batman ('89/Returns/Forever)
{Seeking Keaton's or Kilmer's Batman}
I would love you FOREVER if we could roleplay within Tim Burton's Universe!
- The Dark Knight Trilogy
{Seeking a Male OC Homicide Detective}
- 2009: Watchmen
{Seeking Nite Owl II}
- Constantine TV Series
{Seeking John Constantine}
I would love to do a Constantine/Lucifer cross-over!
- Lucifer
{Seeking Marcus Pierce/Cain}
- 70's Wonder Woman TV Series
{Seeking a Male OC WWII American/British Soldier}
- Smallville
{Seeking Clark Kent}
Lex Luthor
- Arrow
{Seeking Green Arrow}
I'm only on season 1
- Titans
I'm only on season 2
{Seeking a Male OC Homicide Detective}

Canon x Canon
{Roles = You x Me}

- Cyclops x Jean Grey
- Wolverine x Storm
- Reeve's Superman x Carter's Wonder Woman
- Thomas Wayne x Martha Wayne (30's/40's/50's in Burton's Universe)
- Keaton's/Kilmer's Batman x Pfeiffer's Catwoman
- Nightwing x Donna Troy (Titans)

| Animation |

- The 90's X-Men Series
{Seeking Cyclops or Gambit}
Wolverine or Gambit
- X-Men: Evolution
{Seeking Cyclops or Wolverine}

- The Justice League/Dark Films
{Seeking Superman, GL's Hal Jordan, or John Constantine}
Superman or Batman
- Young Justice (Seasons 2-3 only)
{Seeking Superboy}
Nightwing or Wally's Kid Flash
- Justice League/Unlimited
{Seeking Superman or Batman}
Batman or GL's John Stewart
- 90's Batman Series
{Seeking Batman}
- 90's Superman Series
{Seeking Superman}

Canon x Canon
{Roles = You x Me}

- Cyclops x Jean Grey (90's/Evo)
- Gambit x Rogue (90's)
- Wolverine x Storm (90's/Evo)
- John Constantine x Zatanna
- Batman x Catwoman
- Superman x Wonder Woman

| Games |

- Arkham Asylum
{Seeking Batman}
I will not play against/double up as any of the canon (or OC) villains, but I will double as an OC (or canon) male hero/vigilante (possibly Nightwing) or a GCPD officer who teams up with Batman on the island.
- DC Universe Online
{Seeking Batman, Superman, GL's Hal Jordan, John Constantine, or an OC Male hero/vigilante}
Again, I will not play against/double up as a canon (or OC) villain for your character's love interest.


| The Vampire Dairies/The Originals |

(I decided to throw this fandom in here just for good measure because I have a quirky but dark (DC cross-over) idea for it that I'm craving to try out!)

After battling a horde of reality-bending demons and sending them back to Hell, John Constantine unknowingly opens up another dimension to a different reality on Earth to find his magic gone-- stolen by an ancient coven of rogue witches, after waking up from being unconscious, while also having to deal with a dysfunctional family of vampires known as the Mikaelsons, and other supernatural beings (and humans) in New Orleans who wants that same family (and their allies) dead.

I'm looking for a.) someone to play Constantine against my OC female (who is Elijah's twin sister), or b.) someone to play Elijah for me.

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A Hopeless Romantic
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My Interest Check
Giving this a friendly bump! Craving to do either a Constantine/Lucifer cross-over or a Burton's Batman setting! :)
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Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Hi! I'm super interested in many of your ideas (they are  vast! ❤️), mainly the Batman OC homicide detective, Arkham Asylum idea (God I love that game trilogy so much it hurts) and TVD, although my world knowledge only goes up until season 5. I'm 23 so I know that's a little bit younger than you're after, but if you're interested then I definitely am! :)

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