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Fandom seeking fandom roleplay partners ( oc x cc or oc x oc ) ( open to doubles ! )


no thoughts, head empty
Roleplay Availability
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hihi !!

{ about me }

- I'm aspen ! (she/they)
- I have various responsibilities such as work or lectures (+ assignments), but I'll always make time to respond to messages !
- I'm open to roleplaying in PMs or on Discord, either just on DMs there or making a server
- I'm a part of the LGBT+ community myself, and so I'm 100% comfortable of those themes included in roleplays (a majority of my ocs are a part of the community as well ! )

{ roleplay info }

- I have been roleplaying on and off for about 5 years now, and mostly write in the 3rd person- though I don't mind whichever my partner uses
- I'm open to all kinds of genres; action, slice of life, fantasy, romance
- I try to write at least 1 paragraph per response, though this can vary with the context of what's happening in the roleplay, either way I try to match my partner's length of writing, the more you give me, the more I have to work with !
- my reply times can vary, I am at GMT time as well as having a messed up sleep schedule, but I will reply as soon as I see I have a message, this is why Discord is a much easier place to rp for me !!
- I am mostly looking to do oc x cc roleplays !! I am 100% fine with doing double ups, I even prefer them most of the time (I can play most canon characters in the fandoms I'm in)
- I am also open to doing oc x oc in a canon universe !! this depends on your oc, the context of their relationship etc...
- work with me to make a plot ! I love hearing other people's ideas and headcanons for roleplays !

- the fandoms below are the ones I'm interested in roleplaying in, there is no particular preference !!

- Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Knowledge; I have watched all the films and have a well-rounded knowledge, I have some knowledge of the comics if we want to interpret some parts
  • Looking for; Peter Parker, MJ, Steven Grant/Marc Spector/Jake Lockley, Layla El-Faouly, Stephen Strange, Thor
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Knowledge; I've watched the show more times then I'd like to admit, and I've read some comics
  • Looking for; Zuko, Sokka
- BBC Ghosts
  • Knowledge; It's been a while since I've watched the show, but I have a decent memory for it
  • Looking for; Thomas Thorne
  • Knowledge; Been a while since I've watched, but again, I have a decent knowledge of it
  • Looking for; Qrow Branwen
- Umbrella Academy
  • Knowledge; Watched the show multiple times
  • Looking for; Five, Ben (Sparrow), Diego
- Walking Dead (Show or Game)
  • Knowledge; Watched all of the show and watched a playthrough of the game multiple times (never played it myself because I wouldn't like the pressure lol)
  • Looking for; Kelly, Carl, Louis, Clementine
- Stranger Things
  • Knowledge; Watched the show multiple times, may need refreshing on earlier seasons because of how long it's been though
  • Looking for; Eddie, Steve
- Haikyuu !
  • Knowledge; Watched anime, earlier seasons multiple times, and I have some knowledge of the manga
  • Looking for; Kenma, Bokuto, Noya
- DC
  • Knowledge; Barely anything, most of my knowledge is of the Titans + Bat family
  • Looking for; Red Hood, Raven, Beast Boy

DM me if interested !!
hey-o! I’d be glad to play; Haikyuu! Stranger Things, Walking Dead Game, Avatar The last Airbender, and the MCU! ^^
Hey there! I'm open to an MCU plot or Stranger Things, if you're still searching!
hello!!! im open for a Stranger things rp if you are still looking! i am EST and somewhat good at playing both Eddie and Steve, i am totally fine with doubling up if you are two! have a great day/night! :) (ps if discord is easier my user is Offbrand Peter Griffin#6969)
Heya, I'd be open for an ATLA rp, I can do both Sokka and Zuko. I like double up rps as well, and am also fine with either Sokka, Zuko, or even Katara. My timezone is mst, and I also try to rp at least on paragraph per character.

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