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Seeking DM/GM! [Solo Adventure!]


Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but the rules say to post any dice-based games here regardless of group size!
So, I'm really wanting to explore the possibilities provided by a solo-adventure, and am on the lookout for a DM
who might be interested in exploring that with me. I would prefer a partner who is 20+, because I would like for
their to be a bit of violence/gore/etc. in whatever story we end up doing, and I wouldn't be comfortable writing scenes like
that opposite anyone who is a teenager.

That aside! I'm NOT looking to do a voice game. I am looking for a 'play by post' style game only, with the entire game being written in
text between myself and the DM/GM!

Also, I'm not interested in a very strict, by-the-rules kind of game. I would love to do something that is maybe a bit more laid back
and free-form! We can make character sheets and all of that if you'd like, or we can just say that for specific actions, we will
roll a die and you will decide if it passes or not. But that is all up for debate, completely!

I'm mainly just hoping to find a DM/GM so we can chat and decide these details together!

So, are you interested? If so, please hit me up and we'll get something going!
Hey! What game systems do you prefer? I would be interested in doing this but I only feel comfortable to GM certain systems / settings; I know you said you're looking for something a bit more laid back rules-wise, so what kind of mechanics do you like / dislike?
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