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Multiple Settings Seeking Detailed Players |MxF| |18+ only| |Romance|

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Action, Adventure, AU, Historical, Mystery, Realistic, Romance, Supernatural


A Hopeless Romantic
|Introduction/About Me|

Salutations! It's a pleasure to meet you (once again)! I am Mystic Dreamer!! I'm a heterosexual female in my mid-twenties; live on the east coast; am a friendly but quiet, reserved individual and a bit socially awkward as well, lol. I love writing just about any genres/themes/settings except for a few that I find very uncomfortable in doing... I do consider myself an intermediate/advanced roleplayer, I guess?? I'm not exactly sure what skill level I am anymore since I took a step back from roleplaying for a while, but I should be able to bounce back fairly quickly and get back in the swing of things again. Just please be patient with me!

|What I'm Seeking/Rules|

So, as I said, I enjoy just about any genre, but what I'm specifically looking for is a partner who can play the male lead for me. I have no problem if you are male or female in RL just as long as you can portray a decent male character for me. I'm also only seeking partners who are 18 or over due to mature situations. * Other rules I have are to please use realistic pictures for character appearance; write in the third person in paragraph form; post 4+ multiple decent-sized paragraphs per reply and character (no one-liners or small paragraphs); preferred mediums are PMs or public threads; be patient and OOC friendly; please be double friendly. *

|Original Pairings|
[I'd prefer to play the roles on the right]

~ Paranormal Investigator x Paranormal Investigator [Husband and Wife Team; Modern Day]
~ Outlaw x Mayor's Daughter [Old West]
~ Lawman x Outlaw's Daughter [Old West]
~ Vampire/Werewolf x Witch [Modern Day]
~ Knight x Noblewoman/Female Warrior [Arthurian Times]
~ Scottish Highland Laird x Rival Clan Leader's Daughter
~ Vampire x Supernatural Hunter [Historical or Modern Day]
~ Homicide Detective x Supernatural [Modern Day]

|Fandom Universes|

~ Lucifer: Currently on Season 3 (Seeking Lucifer)
~ Supernatural: Seasons 1-3 (Seeking Sam)
~ The Vampire Diaries: Currently on Season 4 (Seeking Alaric)
~ The Originals: Currently on Season 4 (Seeking Elijah)
~ Harry Potter: Medieval/Founders; Victorian; WWII; Golden Trio; Post Golden Trio (Seeking male OC, Golden Trio Remus Lupin, Oliver Wood)
~ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Seeking Eomer)
~ The X-Men: 2000 & 2002 Films (Seeking Cyclops or Wolverine)
~ Marvel: Cinematic AU (Seeking Skurge, Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor) * I have NOT seen Age of Ultron; Civil War; Infinity War; Endgame; Thor 2; Home-Coming; Iron Man 2; Winter Soldier; Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 * No spoilers, please!!
~ Indiana Jones Trilogy (Seeking Indy)
~ Star Wars: The Original Trilogy/Legend Novels (Seeking Harrison Ford's Han Solo)
~ Star Trek: Reboots (Seeking Bones)
~ The Mummy Trilogy (Seeking Rick O'Connell)
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Shadow Dancer

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Hello I'm hunting around for potential rp partners as well.

I might as well introduce myself like you have. I'm Shadow Dancer a heterosexual male in my early twenties and consider myself a intermediate roleplayer, that has been away from role playing for awhile because of life and other interests. So even if nothing happens right away I hope we get along

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