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Fandom Seeking 1x1 Literate Cannon x OC fandom RP - Attack on Titian

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Title says it all. Fill my craving for some 1x1 action in a Levi x female OC RP. I will double for this, and I've only been watching the anime, as well as "A CHoice with no Regrets" I'm currently waiting for Part Two of the final season. I don't want to post all my expectations here, and rather people who are seriously interested in this contact me.

I am looking to do this RP going from A Choice with No Regrets onward regarding my OC being paired with Levi. So this RP would be a long term one, and only end once the anime has ended and we're done following it (I know the manga has ended).

So please, if you're interested, PM me. Or add me to discord. My handle is luna996#8048

THis has been put together sporadically, so yeah.

Some simple facts about me and things I look for in a partner:
- I'm 29, live in Mountain Time, and work a full time job.
- Primarily I will reply to RPs over my phone. Typos may occur, but I will do my best to fix them before positing the finished reply.
- I love to chat OOC over Discord to discuss further plot ideas or even RP there in our own servers, or just to befriend my RP partner. (more about this below)
- I consider myself literate to advanced-literate.
- I tend to write anywhere from 3-8+ paragraphs in third person, book/story mode. I do not expect you to mirror me, but I'd like effort to be put into your replies.
- I will get bored if I am the only one driving the story and RP forward. I need someone willing to play extra, minor characters to push the plot along.
- I am a fast typist and tend to reply quite frequently (within minutes of a post at times). I would love a partner who is readily available and able to reply multiple times back and forth several times a day/week
- I enjoy communication! It helps with plotting, adding plot twists and what not. It also helps if I've done something wrong. Uncomfortable? Go ahead and say so. Want to drop the RP? Say so. Going to be out of town and can't reply? Say so. I don't bite. Well maybe I'll nibble.
- I double characters for pairings~!
- I greatly enjoy when my partner provides a profile for the plot when using an OC. A picture (please no real life actors, it creeps me out majorly) and some basic details like age and name and all that jazz. Feel free to use my Bio's as a template. The more detailed the bio, the more I'll like you for having a character that's set up and not made on the fly with a lot of changes suddenly made to them mid-story or what-have-you. I like well developed characters with thought put into them. Makes for a good, genuine story. C:
- I tend to get into character easily, and sometimes depending on the plot, it scares me (such as playing a psychopath or rapist), if I don't reply or take a moment, it's because I've spooked myself with how twisted my writing can get.
- I LOVE lemons. If we can write a story with lemons tossed in I'll be happy!


Please keep this in mind:
- My partners MUST BE 18+ as I'm over 18 and feel more confortable RPing with people of legal age or of similar age as myself.
- Please be literate. I write anywhere from 3 small paragraphs to 10+ depending on what I am given and inspiration. If you only write one sentenced replies, I won't be very happy...
- Please use anime images/drawings only as real human pictures creep me out/make me uncomfortable. Thank you.
- Understand I am warry of fandom OCs after extensive people making OP/Marry/Gary Sue characters. I tend to keep as original as possible and follow the cannon storyline of a fandom. If only one person knows 1 rare thing, I'm in preference with keeping it that way unless we do some several years later time skip.
- Plot with me. Don't expect me to pull a world as epic as Harry Potter's out of no where. I quickly get uninterested if I'm the only one tossing out ideas and I get little to nothing in return. More than likely, I'll end up turning you down if this happens and I feel it's going to lead to a boring RP or one I do 99% of the work on.
- Please no god-modding. If you wanna hit my character and give them a black eye, ask if it's okay first, okay? C:
- Pre-determined relationships don't settle with me unless previously discussed. It takes away the fun of character development and developing friendships and relationships. There is a lope hole in this when it comes to some fandoms though!

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