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Fandom Secrets of the Forest

Sub Genres
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  2. Horror
  3. Realistic


Maybe one day I'll stop traumatizing my characters

"Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts and-...
Oh, what the hell am I saying? We're more than likely
going to crash and die. Say your prayers, hold your loved
ones close, and hope we survive this," called the
frantic voice of a flight attendant, muffled by the roar
of wind engulfing the plane's hull as it sped to the ground.
Screaming ensued and chaos consumed the entirety of the plane
like a deadly disease. Lights flashed, napkins went flying, and the
plastic breathing masks flung down from the compartments
above. Pressure built in the cabin, clogging the ears of all passengers aboard.
The world around them grew distant despite everything
coming down around them in a bizarrely unexplainable manner.
What could have gone so terrible wrong?
The lights went out all at once, plunging them into darkness as the impact
echoed through their bones.

The soft melody of birds chirping greeted the few survivors, coaxing
them out of whatever sweet dreams they'd been having to face a morbid reality.
The plane had been torn in half, blood indicating that plenty of their
fellow passengers hadn't survived the crash itself.
Even eerier still, scratches and bloody streaks along the carpeted floor suggested
a struggle. But that begged the questions...
What caused the struggle?
And were there any survivors still waiting to be found?


Hello, hello! This is going to be a thread based on the video game The Forest.
I'll be co-owning it with the lovely Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1 assuming we get enough people involved!
You don't actually need to know anything about the game to participate!
We do ask that you are 18+ if you'd like to join however as there will be some mature themes.
The cast for this will be small. We're aiming for 6 characters max and will limit you to one character until we know no one else will be joining.
Ideally all characters will be adults for plot reasons.
This is going to be an advanced RP! 2-3 paragraphs per post please.
I will elaborate on rules, character sheets, etc., if there's an actual interest in this. Of course, all RPNation rules apply.

CS Thread: Here
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Pyrrha Nikos Lives On
Yup! Ya know me! I gotta have my beloved! If we are ever allowed a second character I would like to reserve Dove Cameron but that is only if we can have two 😂

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