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Realistic or Modern Secrets Kill

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Not made of lies and deceit

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Ami was the most popular girl in school. And not in a snobby, queen bee sort of way. No, she was genuinely likable. Half the boys in the school were in love with her (and a number of the girls as well). Both a brilliant athlete and exceptional academically. Class president, voted in unanimously, homecoming queen, and would most likely become prom queen as well.

So why would somebody kill her?

Not a week into the new school year at the prestigious Silver Oak Academy, the most beloved girl in the school's history is found dead in her dorm room. Initial thoughts were suicide, but no gun was found. A day later a note was found on Ami's door, and their worst fear was confirmed. This was murder.

Your secrets are no longer your own. Ami's death is only the first tragedy. Confess your sins, or more will follow her fate.

The school considered closing down, but it was eventually decided that they would stay open, though they hired guards to patrol the grounds. Distrust now spread through the hallways, everyone looking at each other with suspicion. Who had written the note? Was Ami's death on purpose, or had she merely gotten in the way of something dangerous? Were the note writer and the killer one and the same? And who was next?

They all had their secrets. It was time to find out if any of them were worth dying for.


Not made of lies and deceit
Wake up. She yawned and rolled over, burrowing deeper into her blankets. There was no alarm, which meant there was still time to sleep. Wake up. Something's wrong. Nothing was wrong. The only thing that was wrong was that somebody was trying to wake her up before her alarm. She was not a morning person. That kind of thing could get somebody's ass beat. It had certainly happened before. People only ever did it once before learning their lesson. She pulled the blanket up over her head and turned her face into the pillow, drifting quickly and easily back into sleep.


With a gasp, the girl shot straight up, heart pounding, her name ringing in her ears. "The hell Ami, why are you yelling my-" Her words broke off as she looked over at Ami's bed, before remembering that she'd been moved. It only made sense. Ami had died in their dorm room, so of course they couldn't let Ruby stay in there. Instead, they'd given her a room of her own. She supposed it was their way of trying to help with the grieving process, not making her share a room with somebody new. The only roommate she'd ever had was Ami. But now Ami was dead.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she brought her knees up to her chest, hiding her face between them. Her shoulders shook as the tears formed streams down her cheeks, dripping down and soaking the sheet that had already seen so many over this past week. She couldn't believe Ami was gone. The image of her smiling, bubbly face had been replaced by the sight of her lifeless on her bed, blood staining her golden hair, vibrant eyes lifeless. She hadn't been the one to find her. To be honest, she couldn't remember who it had actually been. All she remembered was being in the hallway on the way back to her room, seeing somebody stop in front of their door, and then screaming. So much screaming. She run towards them, terrified about what she might find. But of all the things she could have imagined, this hadn't been one of them.

Forcing her emotions to calm, a skill she'd learned over many years living with her parents, she finally glanced over at the clock. Five o'clock. Her alarm wasn't set to go off for another hour and a half, but there was no getting back to sleep now. She stretched her arms over her head before tossing off the sheets and swinging her legs out of the bed. She made quick work of putting herself together, braiding her curly hair and changing into track pants and a sports bra before slipping on a pair of black sneakers. Within minutes she was sneaking out a side door to go for a run around the grounds, hoping the exercise would take her mind off of things. It didn't. But she didn't know what else to do.

After working herself until her legs felt like jello, she glanced down at her watch and blinked in surprise. She'd been running nearly two hours. Maybe it had put herself out of her head after all. Taking a deep, steadying breath, she made her way back into the dorms before anybody could catch her. It was time to get ready. Time to get ready for the whispers. The pitying looks. The questions. And time once more to search for answers. She was going to discover who killed her best friend, if it was the last thing she did.


Shall night and rain fall...
She fumbled with her bag, still trying to pull the zipper all the way. Ellias collapsed from her squatting position, onto the hard floor. Things would've been easier if she didn't have a headache so early in the morning. She curled up against her bed, starting to feel nauseous.

She pinched the centre of her forehead, huffing a single breath. She just couldn't exactly recall what might have caused this, but she doubted that it was caused by lack of sleep. Just the effects of too much MSG. Probably. She swung her backpack over her shoulders, being gentle enough to prevent the headache from getting worse.

She adjusted her cap low enough to avoid people's eyes in the corridors, before slipping through the door. She was striding past doors, thinking about the somewhat vacant corridors. She tried to shake the thought of ghosts from her mind before her steps began to falter for a moment. The death of the school's most popular girl. They say it's murder, but she has heard less rumours. She is just a freshman anyway. But if it is a murder... Chills ran up her spine. I'm just a freshman. No one would go for me if I did nothing. Right?

As good as she is at sneaking about, her hearing can't exactly be relied on when eavesdropping. When words sound like a blur to her. At the same time though, her senses are one of the sharpest. Or so she thought. Speaking of senses, someone's coming down the hall. She tilted her head lower, limiting her line of sight below the person's chin.

From their walking style and clothing, she can tell the person's a girl. Probably a senior. When she walked past, Lias lift her head, turning to look at the girl's back. She's...in a hurry. Wonder if she notices me like how I noticed her. But then, she's in a hurry. Maybe no.

She walked on, minding the sound of her footsteps.
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Ren felt nauseous rising out of bed.

He immediately reached into his pocket to grab a cigarette. Nothing was there, just an old habit from before. He bit his lips, I was going to change right? He forced himself up with his right hand, usually his left won't work in the morning.

He put his bright orange headphones on, and opened his closest, filled with rows of identical white shirts and jeans. He took one set, and dressed himself.

Only when he was brushing his teeth did he notice that his hands were shaking. Must have been the murder of the girl lately. Ren was not scared of dead bodies, he was actually quite accustomed to them. Yet a rumor circling around said the killer was out for people with secrets, people like him.

He proceeded to stuff all his homework into a school bag, no time to worry about things like that, he still have a life to live.

After settling down in the classroom, Ren calmed himself down with a sip of Fanta. No one will find out, he thought, after all,a dead man tells no tales.

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