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Realistic or Modern Secrets Kill {A modern, high school roleplay with a twist}

Sub Genres
Action, LGTBQ Friendly, Mystery, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural


Not made of lies and deceit
Ami was the most popular girl in school. And not in a snobby, queen bee sort of way. No, she was genuinely likable. Half the boys in the school were in love with her (and a number of the girls as well). Both a brilliant athlete and exceptional academically. Class president, voted in unanimously, homecoming queen, and would most likely become prom queen as well.

So why would somebody kill her?

Not a week into the new school year at the prestigious Silver Oak Academy, the most beloved girl in the school's history is found dead in her dorm room. Initial thoughts were suicide, but no gun was found. A day later a note was found on Ami's door, and their worst fear was confirmed. This was murder.

Your secrets are no longer your own. Ami's death is only the first tragedy. Confess your sins, or more will follow her fate.

The school considered closing down, but it was eventually decided that they would stay open, though they hired guards to patrol the grounds. Distrust now spread through the hallways, everyone looking at each other with suspicion. Who had written the note? Was Ami's death on purpose, or had she merely gotten in the way of something dangerous? Were the note writer and the killer one and the same? And who was next?

They all had their secrets. It was time to find out if any of them were worth dying for.


Not made of lies and deceit
This would be a casual/detailed roleplay. An absolute one paragraph minimum. LGBT friendly.
Dark themes, clearly. There's gonna be a supernatural/paranormal aspect to this as well, but
I'm going to slowly incorporate that in as the gm with random events and stuff. I've attempted
to do this before twice, but it fell apart, so I'm attempting one last time! Hope y'all are interested!

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