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Fantasy Secrets Best Kept [CS]

Frozen Thyme

There’s a little witch in all of us.
Under threat of having their most unsavory secrets divulged, a handful of talented explorers accepted the task of exploring Fingrave Island—an infamous place shrouded in mystery.

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Appearance: (image or 1+ paragraph)

Personality: (1+ paragraph)

Skills: (Paragraph or bullet points. If they use magic, it should not be above tier 1.)

Equipment: (Paragraph or bullet points.)

Backstory: (1+ paragraph. This may or may not elaborate on your character’s secret.)

Secret: (This should be a shocking fact that could permanently sully your character’s reputation or get them arrested or killed, should they refuse to cooperate.)

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Name: Tabitha Reliquaere Faust
Race: Human
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: She presents herself as a very high class rich girl, and she very muchly is. She comes from a very prim and proper, and exceptionally wealthy, family. It shows in her day to day clothes, a sharply tailored suit that reveals her one deviation from her generally spoiled first impressions, that being her athletic build. She generally cuts a striking, imperious impression, snooty, but not quite snobby. She is rarely seen outside of well-tailored suits, although they are altered to allow for a duelist’s movements. They are usually white, with a longer than usual tail in the style of a lab-coat, with occasional variances in color between blacks and greys, with one notable foray into purple.

For actual appearance, she is tall, lean and strong at around five foot eleven, carrying herself with a confident presence at all times. She has pale skin and short black hair, a deference to labs and fighting rather than fashion for once. Her eyes are a sharp crystalline blue, and her face is similarly sharp. She cuts a figure of old nobility and wealth, and at times also a somewhat sheltered rich girl.

Personality: Tabitha is a rich, pretentious, Queen Bee type, wholly and truly. However, she is also a massive turbo-nerd, which has somewhat limited her notice by high society. She was a queen bee in school, and still acts like one now, but she spends most of her time on her studies. She tends to be very pretentious about manners, knowledge and skill, but she is rarely truly malevolent, and can be kind too, even if she isn’t very good at showing it. Above all she loves learning, both medical learning, and more physical skill learning.

  • Hyper-advanced cutting edge laboratory magitech and magimedicine. Next to useless in the field, but she understands magi-medicine and some magitech on a very deep level. She knows a lot about the deeper under level of magic and what makes it up, the internal architecture of spells. She does not, however, know a lot of practical magic yet.
  • Cleansing Flow: With a little time and access she can familiarize herself with a person’s internal flow and guide almost any kind of toxin or illness out, although it requires an incision. She can inspect other things with this, but she can only cleanse significantly liquid things. She can use this more straightforwardly but it tends to cause, Difficult Bathroom Experiences, Ahem.
  • Weak Ocean’s Kindness: A basic, straightforward healing spell. Sizably boosts the bodies natural regeneration, and, with available water, can replace very minor amounts of missing flesh. Technically a much more powerful healing spell, her study of its intricacy fell by the wayside as she studied cleansing. It has plenty of room to grow.
  • Ocean’s Bounty: An odd spell, this allows her to manipulate water on a deep, instinctual level. More specifically it allows her to take water and expose it to nutrients and minerals in inaccessible forms, in say stone, or dirt, and draw it into the water, allowing her to make healthy meals with simple water and the right environs. Theorized and developed while she was working on her main project, she learned this spell on the side as an additional way to help people, as one strong water mage could use this spell to create gallons of safe food, allowing for hundreds of meals.
  • Washup: Simple, straight-forward, effective. Running water over and through something, guiding the water to be spectacularly abrasive only to dirt and the like. Your own personal local dishwasher and drycleaning service in one.
  • Master-level Bladework: As part of a family tradition she is well educated and trained with a sword, and equipped with a very expensive and very practical one. She is highly skilled, but has no real experience, only training and show matches. She has never spilled blood.
  • Champion Marksman: She is additionally an extremely talented marksman, although in a break from her family she has never hunted. She has however competed in a few shooting competitions, albeit mainly in her school years. However, she did keep practicing after. She has never shot at anything living.
  • Basic Surgeons Training: Before she moved on to more esoteric studies she did complete a basic medical degree.
  • Strength-Trained: Look by a couple years into her lab work she had three social events a year, and one hobby outside of lab work. When she wasn’t studying or sleeping she could often be found doing pull-ups, squats, the works. She would often do pull-ups while thinking out or discussing a particular problem. Her suit is cut to conceal it, but she is, to say the least, Incredibly Physically Fit.

  • Mark Three Faust Bolt-Action Rifle: Her family made and kept their fortune off of arms-dealing and development, and she was hardly going to go to another manufacturer. This bolt-action is top of the line and one of the news on the market. Smooth, reliably, fairly functional in all conditions below literally dropped into a mud pit. She could, and indeed has, hit a swiftly erratically moving target at fifty meters with this weapon. It isn’t the fastest, but it is lethally accurate and more than capable of punching through all but the heaviest armor. Also easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Mark Seven Faust Revolver: Fast, efficient, quick to load, packs a punch. Simple, straight-forward, and easy to maintain, it is the latest of the Faust families mainstay product.
  • Master-worked Duelist’s Saber: Made by a master for a master swords-woman, this is her blade of choice, worn on her right hip. It is also prepared as a caster’s focus, although this is mostly a standard inclusion, as she doesn’t actually have any offensive spells.
  • Triple Long Daggers: Made for use in a duelist style stance, using reversed daggers in the left hand to defend or go for killing strikes.
  • Doctor’s Pack: A large backpack she carries with mildly suspicious ease, if you haven’t seen her muscles that is. It is in two parts, the top half a separate multi compartment doctors bag complete with most things a magical doctor could need. The bottom half is a more normal pack containing a couple changes of clothes. Her cleaning spell allows for some flexibility in this regard. She also has a sewing kit and some spare cloth.
  • Large Mysterious Trunk: She has a very large, very expensive trunk, enchanted with air-magic to float slightly above the ground. It is still very heavy, but she can move it with little trouble. When asked what it contains, she will usually respond with a deadpan, “Clothes.” Given her consistent ensemble of fresh clean suits, this might seem believable.

Backstory: Tabitha Faust was born into one of the more wealthy and powerful families left standing, a modern nobility. She isn’t a particularly important member, seventh child and the third daughter, with no real standing in the line of inheritance. However, she was still expected to uphold a certain standard, and she certainly did. She revealed a sharp intellect and a keen interest in magic and medicine at an early age, and soon began to study. In turn, she also took to her families traditional fighting training rather well. She maintained her social standing though, helped by the private school she went to putting heavy emphasis on performance and results.

She graduated very young, at around age fifteen, and immediately moved onto private studies, helped by her families investment in her. She quickly found her element, working along side and via correspondence with many of the leading minds on magi-medicine and healing. She quickly found her life’s work, based on water magic healing. Water magic could, with some skill and finesse, cleanse people of poisons and toxins and the like, or even be made to be nutritious meals in and of itself. At a higher level it can even cleans sicknesses and diseases, pulling them out of the blood with the flow of water. More than that, in non-elemental healing, certain catalysts were useful. Her theory was that, perhaps, you could in some way imbue that kind of cleansing effect into a bottled form with the right medium allowing for effective, reproducible, shippable bottled healing, that would also be relatively cheap, at least compared to shipping the healer out, or traveling to them or similar. It took her until she was eighteen to find a breakthrough, finding the right mix of water and chemicals to safely hold the magic. It was when she was nineteen that she actually had it mapped out and ready for publishing.

She had done it, she had devised a method that allowed water mages to learn a few relatively simple spells, and created bottled cleansing spells. Someone could simply drink it, and with at worst one or two uncomfortably bathroom visits, could cleanse all sorts of toxins. With a more skilled mage, you could even cleanse diseases and illnesses, even chronic ones. It was an incredible breakthrough, enough to make her name, her families name, and give her untold fame and wealth. However she has been secretly positioning to publish her secrets openly, giving everyone the tools necessary to use her breakthrough to save lives. Earlier this year she did, with some consequences, but widespread adoption has, tentatively, began.

Secret: There are a lot of rumors swirling around this scientist, courtesy of her newfound fame. The two most popular have to do with her current trip and her invention. The first says that she celebrated her success too hard, and got pregnant with an unsuitable father. This would destroy her socially, and potentially cut off her family. The second is that she stole her discoveries, using her families money to prop herself up. Both are extremely popular theories, but are only rumors. If either were confirmed, it could spell disaster.
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Bea, Dr. Bea
174 cm
As if to oppose the standoffish impression her appearance tends to instill in the people who view her, Beatrice chooses to dress in colours reminiscent of autumn and crackling fireplaces — colours that give her the warmth that she prefers people see in her. Wools and thicker fabrics line her wardrobe in memory of days in less temperate places, and her attire stays old-fashioned and unassuming no matter how recently she has brought it. In a city that prides itself on being modish, she can somehow manage to find clothing that makes her appear practically ancient to the average viewer.
Knowing when to push forward and when to move back, Beatrice is someone who believes it is a must to read the room and the intentions of anyone within it. Careful and deliberate with her actions and speech, Beatrice mindfully shifts her persona to suit her company while making sure it stays consistent with her outward demeanor of lighthearted goodwill. There are times when her methodology fails, but such events are scarce, and she usually has corrected whatever she presumes to be the error by the time she interacts with the same person again.
(In order of proficiency)
Acting and everything under the umbrella of such — bluffing, threatening, etc.
Keeping track of multiple details and conversations at once
Writing mediocre scholarly articles for esoteric journals
Reciting obscure historical information directly from textbooks and her old papers
Water magic — practiced enough for everyday application, but not at all combat-tested
Basic outdoors survival — finding shelter away from the elements, sources of water and some common edible plants
Sneaking into farmers’ houses
Polished hickory wand set with three pebble-sized moonstones
Smith & Wesson Model 10
Well-maintained bayonet
Waterproofed canvas backpack with sleeping roll
Tin box of matches
Utility knife
Sewing kit
Needle and spool of cotton thread
Miscellaneous fabric patches
Purse of hygiene articles
Clove-flavoured tooth powder and toothbrush
Antiseptic bar soap
Metal bottle of water
Pack of biscuits and jerky
Cloth-bound notebook and relatively inexpensive fountain pen
Leather gloves lined with fur
Water-resistant trench coat
Growing up in a relatively privileged family in the center of one of the few surviving cities that actually gave the illusion of some sort of prosperity, Beatrice Hollman knew she had a curiosity greater than the city could hold. From young, her burning passion for learning was reflected in her pristine school records and never ending stream of questions, causing both gratification and then dissatisfaction in her parents once she had gotten in a few too many “experiment”-related accidents. After she had reached her teenage years though, her fascination with multiple planes of existence took over most of her time and mind. It was quite a bit safer due to the fact that the discipline was so new — most of her intense focus was given to theorizing instead of putting anything in practice or, fay forbid, doing “experiments”.

This, of course, led to her gaining high honours in that said new discipline and receiving an offer of a professor position in a city marginally smaller than her own. On her trip there, her travelling companions were met with mishap, and she ended up the only sole survivor of the altercation. Such tragedy did not produce any long-lasting consequences other than the fact that her competence in her field seemed to die along with those companions — but of course, some people would say that the distress had nothing to do with her ability.

In her time at Crestworth, Dr. Hollman came to be known as a good professor by virtue of her amiability and skills in befriending almost everyone all met, not necessarily through her depth of mastery or expertise in the subjects she taught. The articles she authored over the three years at the institution had in fact been called “amateurish”, “as if a sleep deprived student wrote it in a single night” and many other not-quite-desirable things by any fellow faculty that bothered to read it. It was a little bit of a wonder how she had managed to stay firmly in what would have been a precarious position for anyone else, but no one dwelled particularly deeply on the topic — it was simply something that was.

If one examined the school structure closer, though, one would realize a few things. For every professor who thought poorly of her academic ability, that same professor had also been given timely assistance by that poor academic in question. Whether it was through lending money when they were desperate to pay off a questionable purchase or taking over a lecture while their wife was in labour, there wasn’t a single person working in the hallowed halls of Crestworth University who didn’t owe her a favour in some shape or form. Even her students could not escape her ever-watchful embrace — not that the majority would choose to escape if given the choice. If ever there was a ranking system for professors based on student popularity alone, Dr. Beatrice Hollman would be the unquestionable first place.

She was so adored across the board that it seemed more art than reality. It was a fanciful position for the rare Nixaen in the profession, and even more mythical due to the fact that between her prior achievements and her arrival at the university, she had somehow regressed from acclaimed intellectual to the arguable worst in her field. Everyone had generated some combination of reasons to answer that conundrum: perhaps the accolades under her name were false, perhaps she had gotten into an accident that knocked all her brain cells loose in her head, or perhaps she simply didn’t care to accomplish more than she already had. Whatever it was, Dr. Hollman’s illogical existence made her a figure larger than life.

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I've done many foul things in the past... I will continue to do them as I please.

Name: Devon Calithorne

Race: Shadowfolk

Age: 63 [appears in his 40s]

Gender: Male

Appearance: Once an average looking man, his years spent in Vruhinet had completely changed him. Much like most of his brethren, his skin had turned into an ashen gray color and his eyes now glow a brilliant glow beneath the mysterious shroud that covers his face and most of his body. His hair had long become snow white which he thought was cool and decided to keep it. He stands at a height of 5'11 and has a muscular tone of body. Oftentimes, he's seen to wear casual clothing when not on missions— anything he could get his hands on or afford with his leftover money. Most of the time, he wears masks to hide his face, or lack thereof, for the comfort of those around him.

Personality: Those who had worked with Devon or have availed his services would say that he's extremely professional and precise. He'll do what he was tasked to do without question. As long as he was going to be paid money, then he was more than willing to do nearly anything for it. Most deduce that he's a man desperate to get out of the slums— or a money-hungry person who wishes to become one of the richest mercenaries there was. And perhaps that's the extent of what Devon wishes them to believe. That he's nothing more than a typical mercenary who's been in the business for a long time.

And perhaps that is half of the reason why he takes on such big game. The other half was to garner enough reputation and money to be able to get the connections he needed. He's a man of his promises— whether written or verbal, he will make sure he sees it through to the best of his ability. Even those made in lighthearted jest is something he would take seriously. He could only count on one hand the number of times he's gone back on a promise or a contract and those were in very extreme circumstances.

Outside of his professional world, Devon can be considered as somewhat calm and collected, if a little strange at times. Easing him into a conversation is fairly easy and he is more than happy to sit back and relax when the choice appears. He's more than open about the time he spent in Vruhinet but speaks as if his life before and after had been relatively boring and uneventful. Indeed. Boring and uneventful. Just like what he wants his life to be.

  • Swordsmanship
  • Marksmanship
  • Air Magic | Lightning Magic
  • Cooking
  • Sneaking
  • Basic First Aid
  • Kroanor Sword - often used in tandem with his lightning magic
  • Magic Revolver - Charged with air magic to propel bullets faster than normal revolvers. When the chambers are empty, Devon has the choice to charge it with magic to shoot out compressed air or lightning bolts.
  • Bolt Action Rifle - can be outfitted with certain parts to turn it into a sniper rifle if needed
  • Survival Knife
Backstory: Devon was secondborn to a couple down on their luck. His older sister, Tasha, was only a few years older than them. He had to learn up how to grow fast and when he was six and his sister was ten, they were handed off to some shady-looking people. Neither Devon nor Tasha could have expected what would happen. They were given as payment and he had feared the worst, especially for Tasha. The group had used them for scams at first. They were young and malnourished, paired with certain adults, it only took a few pitying glances to earn some cash. When they grew older, however, even that started to dwindle. They were starting to lose their usefulness and they knew that if the group had no use for them, then they would be disposed of.

Tasha devised a plan for them. Secretly, they were training themselves up. They were pickpockets but they needed to know how to fight. One time, one of the members stumbled upon them training. Taking a keen interest in their potential abilities, he decided to take them under his wing. His name was Uriel. Due to his relatively higher position, Uriel managed to convince the others to induct both Devon and Tasha into the group. They called themselves mercenaries but it was readily obvious that they dabbled in any kind of crime— as long as there was money in it, they were doing it.

The siblings proved themselves very capable. Once they were properly trained and given the proper equipment, they became shining examples of what not to be in a model citizen. At a young age, their hands had been caked with the blood and tears of their victims, but it didn't matter. They needed to do it to survive. They rose through the ranks of the group and soon managed to get a routine in their life. A sense of normality as they placed themselves among the common citizens. With hidden names, they rented out an apartment where they could live a seemingly normal life. Tasha had gotten into a relationship with another member of the group, Ralph and soon bore a child named Ophelia. Due to their line of work, they hired a young woman, Katarina, to take care of the baby while they were out.

It was in one mission when it happened. A portal appeared near them and, though they tried, they were quickly sucked in. They found themselves in a monochromatic world— the shadow plane. Together, they traveled in the desolate planes until they understood what they must do. One of the lords of the land took them in and made them servants. The change was gradual. As the years went by, Devon wasn't sure how many, they shifted to be more like the locals of the shadow plane or Vruhinet as they soon discovered the name was. Unfortunately, Tasha had passed away during their time in Vruhinet, He promised his sister to look after Ophelia and, as soon as she was buried, he escaped. Finding the portal back to the Ferdei, he quickly leaped through and found out that eight years had passed since they had been abducted.

He found Katarina soon after and, after an initial wary start due to Devon's appearance, got to talk with her. Apparently, she had been raising Ophelia as her own daughter with her husband due to Ralph's death during the eight years of their absence. Knowing that it would be too dangerous and irresponsible for Devon to take the girl now, he decided to leave Ophelia with Katarina and promised to give them consistent payments. He also discovered that Ophelia was terribly sick and had been confined to the house since she was young. Ever since then, Devon had gone back to his business— this time as an independent with most of his cash flow going dedicated to keeping Ophelia alive and hopefully curing her illness.

Secret: Devon stole and used the Stone of Longevity that he was supposed to retrieve for a very wealthy and powerful client. Because of this, his head has been up for a bounty in the underground. This was a recent development before he was taken by his mysterious benefactor.


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Name: Aura Halfraxx
Race: Shadowfolk
Age: 31
Gender: Male

Appearance: Aura stands at 6'1 and has a muscular frame underneath his layers of clothing. In fact, many people might mistake him for a vampire. His skin is as bleak as the realm he was born in and his eyes are a glowing yellow. There seems to be a dark wisps that periodically form around him, but do not conceal him.

Personality: Aura is usually calm, straightforward and exudes a quiet confidence in most situations. Despite this he can be quite playful (at least that's what he calls it), inheriting some of his less admirable traits from his former master. He is often lacking in tact, preferring to get to the truth/facts as soon as possible instead of beating around the bush. This makes him impatient with other people who can't follow his logic and reasoning. He especially despises those who make emotional decisions but even believes that emotions at its root can be analyzed with data and reason. Because of his demeanor, people might consider him callous and they would be right. If it is practical, he has no qualms about the morality of an issue. He's only interested in the truth.

Hand to hand: His master taught him that the best weapon of choice is yourself. He uses a variety of different fighting styles that result in an elusive style of fighting that targets the enemies weak points and openings. Of course this means disarming opponents. Any worthy detective will come across some roughnecks. Hopefully he won't need a physical stat to back this up.

Observation/Deduction: To cut it as a detective, Aura's observation skills and the subsequent ability to deduce things from said observation are second to none. He can rapidly come to conclusions and conjure theories that would leave the average person fumbling around in the dirt. Of course this doesn't mean that he is entitled to win in a game of chess.

Anatomical Knowledge/Magic-He specializes in murder mysteries so he studied the "human" body under his master Raaf Halfraxx. This also aids him with his fighting style. Since many crimes now and days also involve magic, he has knowledge of magic and its effects. (not to be confused with actually knowing the intricate inner workings of magic itself.)

Stating Useless Facts: Is this really a skill? Well, Aura is a knowledgeable person in general so he knows a lot about things that don't matter. Be sure to note that he will state some useless facts for you.

Clear Eyes: Using water magic, Aura creates a malleable film of water in front of one of his eyes/glasses. This film functions much like a telescope or magnifying glass. This helpful for seeing things far away. More importantly, this compliments his natural ability to notice important details by providing a way to look into things with more depth. The amount of focus can be adjusted.

Dark Mist-Creates an eerie mist that swirls around his body at approximately 1 meter out. The mist is very thin and doesn't obscure his vision of his opponents or vice versa; however, the purpose of the mist (besides some pretty cool entrances) is to aid in his hand to hand combat. This is particularly useful against multiple opponents. The mist, being tied to his mana, allows him to sense whenever the mist is disturbed by anyone other than himself. By keying in on any disturbances in the mist, Aura uses his reflexes to cover his blind spots.

Brass Knuckles-for when the bigger opponents need to fall really hard.
(thinking of more stuff)

Backstory: Aura was born in born in the colorless realm of Vruhinet. There was nothing particularly special about his life in comparison to his counterparts whilst living in that realm. Even at a young age he had seen the demise of those he called friends, relatives that did not return from dangerous trips, and alot of betrayl. After awhile the suppressing feeling of a vague looming threat became the norm. Certainly someone from another realm would find it strange, even horrifying, but for anyone who didn't know of any other way of living, this was just the way life was. Despite becoming accustomed to the harsh realities of the realm, Aura realized that he would never grow accustomed to was the crushing bleakness. Stories of other realms would always be passed around the villages. Of course, the reports and rumors were that the people of the "brighter" realm were no better and that the denizens of Vruhinet were better off where they were at. Even as a child Aura found that hard to believe. Despite living relatively free, his idea of freedom was contrary to hiding in the shadows until his eventual death just to boast that he was never in servitude. Freedom burdened by hopelessness was not freedom at all. Aura wasn't sure what the "realm of light" looked like, or if the people there were as horrible as they say, but he knew that the hope presented there was a proper trade off. He had made up his mind to take the first chance to escape.

This eventual escape would come in the form on a trip that would have him and his family traverse past Hollowtown. He went along on this trip to get as close to the portal as possible; however, the only reason he was brought along was so that he could be sold for money. Aura had overheard his parents having a conversation. To their credit it was a difficult one, but ultimately it ended with them deciding to sacrifice their child. Whether it was for money, protection, or both, Aura did not know. To him it really didn't matter, and as a credit to his cynical nature even as a child, Aura wasn't surprised. He knew that his destiny was bleak either way. Aura made the long trip across the realm of Vruhinet. Eventually, he escaped during the night and ventured on his own through the portal into the realm of Piramar.

The rumors held to be true once Aura made it to the other side as he was detained and eventually sold into indentured servitude. Despite his situation Aura couldn't help but feel an overwhelming since of joy and freedom. Strangely enough, the iron clasps around his wrists here felt more empowering than his swift feet in Vruhinet. Unlike the solemn, quiet, suffocating air of the Shadow Plane, he could hear the world. Every vibrant detail caught his eye and brought him an unimaginable sense of wonder. This would later lead to his obsession with vibrant colors. Eventually, he wound up being a servant to a local eccentric detective named Raaf. No, Raaf wasn't a sick racist bastard torturing vulnerable populations. Yes he was technically his master, but he never seemed to wield his authroity over AUra's head. There was only one issue...he was a childish asshole. He would often pull several pranks on Aura in his spare time. (Ex. Sending him on errands to places that didn't exist, dumping water on him in the morning then running away, giving him strange notes to pass along to strange people he pretended to know etc.) Over the years, Aura would eventually catch on to his mannerisms and would foil many of his elaborate pranks. In fact, he began to reverse their roles a few times until his master eventually stated that he was ready. Initially, Aura was confused as to what he meant, but the detective revealed he was preparing him to be a worthy detective. Aura couldn't help but wonder why he had to go about it in such a round about way, but accepted the proposition. While it was true that Aura was only taken in, initially, in order to help out with menial tasks to make Raaf's life easier, Raaf quickly realized that Aura had many talents. The first thing he noticed was his ability to discern the smallest details. Aura was often able to notice when anything was slightly misplaced; moreover, he was able to learn the ways of the material plane fairly quickly. Physically, his reflexes and instincts were also above average for his age. It was likely a trait developed from living in constant paranoia. For Raaf, Aura would eventually become like the son he never had, and never would have for he was too dedicated to his work as a detective to build any lasting relationships.

Aura began tagging along with Raaf on his investigations. Make no mistake, Raaf was still an asshole, and often created problems that Aura would have to get himself out of; however, he also learned many things through experience. His indentured servitude would last even until his late 20s. It was during this time that he would fully polish his skills to the point that he would be able to take independent cases under the name of his master. On one of these independent missions Aura was forced to kill a suspect in self defense. This was the first time that he had to resort to such brutal methods. Something changed in him that day.

The next few years was more of the same. At this point Aura was so far removed from his status as a slave..at least mentally and emotionally, and was a trusted partner. At the age of 31 Raaf was murdered. It was rumored that it was the unnamed serial killer they had been chasing for over a year and a half. Raaf left everything to Aura, making him a free man and his master's successor. To this day Aura vows to bring the unnamed killer to justice so that his master may rest in peace.

Aura inherited Raaf's will but he has been far from a symbol of justice. Many of his methods to take down criminals were immoral or grey. From threatening children to obtain information, torture, or administering his own justice, Aura was willing to cross any line to achieve his pursuit of the truth. If you can imagine it, he's probably done it. One can say Raaf's death activated these dormant traits within Aura. After all, he was partly responsible for not being able to catch the serial killer that would eventually bring about his teacher's demise. After that, Aura felt as if the self imposed limits of morality ultimately were nothing more than a hinderance since the end justified the means.
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Character Completion

  • Name: Levlies
    Race: Sonnellian
    Age: 30+
    Gender: Female

    A raven-haired and ashen-red-skinned Sonnelian with a pair of dark horns protruding from the edges of her forehead. She stands at a height of 5'6" with a lean and well-proportionate body. She typically fashions herself with promiscuous outfits accompanied by her trademark scarlet trenchcoat. On the other hand, she wears this outfit during heists or combat endeavours.

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Always Blue
Takeba Yona

Alias: Erzebeth Sheridan, Dr. Erzebeth

Race: Kitsune

Age: 94 (Appears in her late 20s)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Appearance Notes: She has both ears and a tail that she usually hides to make herself look more human.

Personality: Yona, in her early life, was warm in nature and excitable in learning anything when it comes to medicine. She's smart and has great memory that houses perhaps hundreds of knowledge, if not thousands, from her ninety-four years in life. But the Yona people see now, or rather Erzebeth as she is known since she left her home, has turned into a twisted version of herself that is wicked and will make her ancestors crawl out of their grave as she had tainted the family name and had broken the promise of do no harm and save lives. She has found enjoyment in seeing people beg her that they get treated and is not shy about leaving them on their deathbeds if she isn't amused enough.

  • Medical Knowledge (She has field practice):
  • Herbal Medicine Knowledge
  • Apothecary Knowledge
  • Surgical Knowledge
  • Anatomical Knowledge
  • Healing Magic
  • Acrobatics
  • Sewing
  • Origami Folding
  • Singing

  • First Aid Kit
  • Surgical Kit
  • Sewing Kit
  • Bandages
  • Antibiotics
  • Various Medical Herbs, and Poisonous Herbs
  • Waterskin, filled with water
  • Medical Gloves
  • Sanitary Pouch

Backstory: Yona had lived her early years with her Tribe. Her family comes from a long line of people who created medicine, owning an apothecary, and helping those in need. She lived with her family's creed for years, finding happiness in caring and saving people with medicine but she wanted to take it a step further. Somewhere at the age of forty-seven, she decided to leave home and further study medicine and healing, what other ways she could learn and do to help others defy death and live their lives. She reveled in their praises of her ability, her hard work in fruition.

The feeling of being able to do what seem to be miracles to another's eyes made her feel like a god. And it was in these moments that Yona slowly became twisted. Her ego consumed her and she took riskier cases. Succeeding time after time, and gaining a grand amount of money. The riskiest case she had done was like a slow death to her medical career fifteen years ago. She took in to curing a powerful man's daughter's incurable disease which unfortunately led to her death. This man then promised to ruin her career, spreading rumors, banning her from cases, removing her privileges before going for her license. With her medical license gone, and now unable to practice medicine, Yona found herself angry and lost. A fee years after the event she found mediocre work and stays away from the eyes of the public.

Before her medical license was taken away, people had started to dismiss Yona's abilities and it had made her lose confident in herself which led to even more patient death. She blamed herself for the deaths, berated herself for it. Medical Malpratice lawsuits piled up and soon they went after her license. Depression turned into anger, realizing that she was given the hopeless cases to ruin her reputation. Her sole purpose in life gone.

She wasn't one to let go of such deed done to her and so she schemed to make the man and his family pay. A week later, The wealthy man, his family, and their employees were diagnosed with a disease with no cure. Every doctor they hired could not help them. Yona passed by their manor, commenting on how she had run into the disease and mentioning how she knew the cure to it. The man begged, anything he will give just help them. She liked seeing him beg, and she made him beg for more. Then she smiled, "Unfortunately... I'm forever banned from any medical practice." She left him writhing in pain, hearing news on how this powerful and wealthy family was dropping like flies. When it was only the man left, she took to visit him. Talking about how it was all because of her that everyone is gone.

She laughed at his weak attempt of a shout, trying to get up and beat her but he was too weak. Too much in pain to move. The moment he breathed his last, she took his money. Years after, she made a name in the black market, harvesting organs as dull as it was, and being the go to doctor for criminals.
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