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Futuristic Second Contact

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Action, Adventure, Mystery, Realistic, Romance

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(Just an original plot, hope in my pms if its a hook you'd like to bite on)

First Contact, with the first known alien species, was no more eventful than a comet passing by a planet. We only proved there is another life form, with the capability of space flight, out there in the stars.
Another hundred years went by, with endless interest in the species building, and then dissipating as 'First Contact' grew further and further into the past.
But, the second time our species met; on a distant mining outpost far away from any scientist, ambassador or sensor that might be ready to conduct the contact properly.

Alone, a single engineer aboard an autonomous mining station, was to make 'Second Contact' with a single warrior of this new species.
Though neither met by choice.

[This is ment to be more of a plot hook. Just a start in the process. I'd like to have things like 'communication barriers' and 'culture building' in this rp, beyond that? Give me some ideas! Lets talk it up, and see what we come up with.]

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