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Got my head up in the stars
A Little About Me`
I’m Star, and I am hoping to find some roleplay partners. I have been roleplaying for 14, almost 15 years now. I am a literate role player and I am drawn to similar styles. My post length will vary greatly during the roleplay, but I find it extremely hard to type any less than four paragraphs on average. I never ask that my partners match me, so long as you can give me enough to work with then we should be good. I love to chat with my partners OoC both about the roleplay and whatever else you can think of. I have Discord for that very reason, and I can roleplay there as well. If you are interested in taking a peak at my writing style or you just want to see samples of how much I can post, you’ll find those here.

Onto The Good Stuff`
I’m looking for long, detailed roleplays. Roleplays that include adventure, drama, character development, action and all of the goodies that come with a good story. Romance is always a plus when it comes to roleplaying with me, and I am most comfortable with mxf, but I’m not opposed to trying others as well. I have many characters and plots and I can do various types of roleplay. I can do plot driven roleplays based off either mine or yours, or I can also do free form roleplays where we just throw two characters into a common setting and see how it plays out. Though I am a lover of fantasy, and most of my plots and characters will revolve around that, I can also do more modern slice of life type things as well. I enjoy a good fandom roleplay as much as the next person, though I prefer to do AU’s rather than the original plot for them.

Do not be afraid to send me your ideas or let me know if you like one of mine. Each and every one of my plots are open to interpretation and if you want to tweak some things in one of my plots I would love to hear it.

------> In The Pressence Of Royalty
The Tempest family is a long lineage that dates back for as long as anyone can remember. Though they had wealth and status back in the day no one is actually certain where it came from. The Tempest Mansion is the only piece of property that has ever been owned by them and even after all the time it still stands, handed down to each descendant when the current one passes away. The honest truth about the Tempest family is that the original Tempest became a vassal to a very powerful and important vampire noble. As such the vampire granted the family wealth in exchange for them to learn how to defend the vampire, allowing him to use their home as his own and would watch over him during his slumber. For the last century the vampire has been asleep, slumbering in his coffin deep in the basement.

Delilah Tempest is the last remaining Tempest in the long line. Having spent most of her life working as an interior designer she lives a pretty simple, but happy life. Her parents had fled from the influence of the rest of the Tempest family, not wanting their daughter to be subjected to the harsh customs of their family. Though they have long passed, she has lived her entire life never meeting a single member of the Tempest family.

That is, until she receives a very important letter informing her of her uncle’s death. She didn’t even know she had an uncle, and his large estate is left in her name. Wanting to know more about the family she didn’t know she had, she leaves her previous life behind to go and live in the mansion. The letter is very vague in details except for one very clear rule: She must never go in the basement.

------> Saving Grace
Calpheus is a maximum security prison for some of the most dangerous criminals. Those who are meant to serve life without parole for heinous crimes are housed here. Housed in single cells in the expansive building they are kept with very little contact with anyone other than the guards. Each prisoner is given their own personal guard that is the only one to have contact with them during their stay. It may seen excessive to have one guard for each prisoner, but not only have these prisoners done horrible things, they are also not human. When the guard who had been watching over inmate 001 retires, they bring in some new blood to watch over him. He has been in this prison the longest. So long in fact that no one even remembers exactly what he did. Horrible, grotesque rumors are always circling around about how horrible the man is and what awful things he had done making people fear the very mention of his name. The new blood they bring in as his guard is a rookie young woman. She was top of her class at the academy and takes her job very seriously. Will she be able to keep her job her main priority or will she fall victim to his charms and help him escape?

------> The Apartment On Titan Boulevard
The apartment on Titan Boulevard is literally a steal. Every few years this apartment comes up on the market for an extremely low price. This two bedroom apartment is located on the third floor. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and a beautiful expansive bathroom with a tub to die for. The view of the city is almost breathtaking and the only thing that might bring up red flags would be the low price. See, this apartment does come with a hidden little gem. In this apartment you are able to see and interact with your soulmate no matter if they are in a different universe or not. There is no rhyme or reason to how you are able to see through the veil and how you'll be able to interact with them. Charlie Sheridan is a twenty-four year old artist that is struggling to survive. When she comes across the apartment on Titan Boulevard she jumps at the chance since it is one of the only places she can afford. Not thinking anything of it she moves in and at first she just notices small things happening here and there until she finally meets her soulmate from a completely different universe. As they figure things out about themselves and each other they also have to find a way so they can be together.

------> Believer
Once upon a time Kaylynn was a young girl with her head in the clouds. She always had a book she was reading or was watching some kind of fantasy show. She believed with all her heart in the existence of vampires, werewolves, mermaids, and everything else that is known as being fake. She would daydream for hours on end, doodling in her sketchbook and allowing her beloved stories to keep her company. After being forced to grow up from society and time she slowly forgot about all that nonsense of her younger days. She grew up into a normal adult that had to put away her imagination. She got a regular secretary job and fell into a group of safe, normal friends that she would get together with from time to time. The only remnants of her imagination would leak through when she was sleeping. In her dreams she would slip away to the same fantasy land where she would feel exhilarated and at home. One night her dream seems incredibly vivid and when her eyes open she is shocked to see that she is no longer in her home, but appears to be in a place that closely resembles that of her dreams. Disoriented and confused she struggles to make sense of what is happening until she runs into someone from this land. To her surprise and utter delight - they are not human.

------> Electus
Every supernatural creature that has ever come into being has a soulmate that is referred to as their 'Electus', or Chosen One. Most of the time it is another supernatural creature, especially since their presence is hidden from humans. That is until a rather powerful supernatural being learns that his soulmate is human. Having an Electus is an extremely powerful force that drives a supernatural to extremes to claim them. The fact that theirs is human is only a minor setback. All they have to do is figure out how to catch them and claim them without alerting the rest of the human world to their presence.

------> Rightful Prize
500 years ago the great Demon King waged war on the elven kingdom of Wysteria. Due to their sheer numbers and power the Demon Army had no problem in defeating the defenses of the elfs. The King of Wysteria made a deal with the Demon King that if he allowed the kingdom to prosper under the demon's protection he would allow the Demon King's son a pick of any of his daughters to have as his queen when it was time for the Prince to ascend to the throne. At the time, the King of Wysteria was childless but that didn't last long. He gave birth to six boys before he finally gave birth to a girl. Fable was the apple of the kingdom's eye simply due to the fact that she was going to be used to keep their kingdom from being destroyed by the demons. She was raised in the castle, almost like a comfortable prisoner. Finally the day came when the Demon King came to collect her from her kingdom, taking her away from the only home she had ever known so she could marry his son who was going to be the next Demon King.

------> Protection Is An Honor
The kingdom of Theya has always been ruled by a King, at least that was the case until the last king passed away. Only having a daughter to replace him on the throne, the kingdom was left in the hands of an unmarried woman for the first time ever. Queen Celia was a wonderful person, an attentive Queen, and a great ruler. Though she was barely an adult when she ascended to the throne, she quickly made a name for herself. The people of the kingdom simply adored her. Almost as much as she adored her kingdom. It didn't matter how many years passed though, quite a few people in the castle were still upset at the fact that an unmarried woman was allowed to run their kingdom. The person who was the most upset was her advisor Jarvis, as he thought he was going to be named King when the last one passed away. He has the queen kidnapped and taken far away from the kingdom. As a show of good faith, he sends the Queen's most trusted knight and general to the army to go and search for her. The search takes a long time, and as such, Jarvis has them both declared dead and takes his place as King of Theya. When the knight finally finds the Queen they now have to find a way to get back to the kingdom without being discovered and find a way to expose the truth to save Theya from the clutches of Jarvis who only wants power and fame.

------> Portal House
Nikki's uncle Rex had always been a very strange man. He was rather eccentric and would always tell the most outrageous stories. Most of the family stayed away from the man, but Nikki had always been close with him. She was fond of his stories and his big heart. When he passes away he leaves Nikki his house. Though she had been to his house many times before, when she moves in she slowly starts to figure out something is strange about this house. It appears to have way more doors than it should as it doesn't look that big from the outside. Doors will appear in places she didn't remember them being in and finally the curiosity gets the better of her. One day she opens a door to find something that shouldn't be possible. A completely different world, with an unbelievable denizen waiting to greet her. Apparently her Uncle Rex had been something known as a timelord and was able to travel to different dimensions easing tensions and helping the inhabitants to survive. Since she literally knows nothing about this, she enlists the help of the new person she just met to help walk her through her new adventurous life.

------> Debt
For as long as she could remember, Sayuri's family had been able to see yokai. These creatures are something like mythical monsters that live within a veiled world called the Underworld parallel to the mortal world. They cross over occasionally for various reasons. Some are malevolent while others are peaceful. Her father told her everything she knew about the yokai. Her and her father were very close and when she was twenty, he lost his battle against cancer and wound up passing away. While still mourning the loss of her father, she is visited by a yokai who takes her to the Underworld to speak with one of the kings of the realm. Her father had left out some very important details. One of the details being that he had been saved by this king yokai and had been indebted to him. As payment he signed his only offspring away as collateral. Since he never had been able to make good on his payment to the king before he died, the king came to collect Sayuri for his payment. Now she is forced to work in the castle as the king's personal handmaiden a fate she isn't sure if she likes at first.

------> Double Trouble
The country of Helvetia is much different than others around it. Holed up in a long forgotten corner of the world, their technological advances are astounding. Almost everything is automated and controlled by a central brain known as Allia. Helvetia is governed by a matriarchal group of women called The Council, the honor of which is given to the natural born leaders of each of the five factions that make up Helvetia. Women hold the most power here in this country. They alone get to choose whom to marry and spend the rest of their life with and most men spend their lives working on themselves to be presentable and chosen. To make the process easier, an establishment known as LUV was created. LUV is a kind of host club that only employs men. Men are housed in a large housing unit on site so they can be available at any time. Women will send in a profile that denotes their personality and some of the things they like so that Allia can come up with a proper match for them and once a match has been made, they will come to LUV to be treated like a queen. The woman can stay as long as she needs to make her decision, and if she enjoys the host she was paired up with, the two can be married and are free to live their life. This process has worked for six years now without any hiccups. Euryclea is the daughter of the leader of one of the five factions in Helvetia. She showed great promise except she has never found interest in any man she has met. She is of the age she should be married, so at her mother’s request, she fills out a LUV profile. When her request is met with a match she travels to LUV hoping that this host will be the man she has been looking for her whole life. Imagine her surprise when she finds that she is not only paired with one host, but two. This has never happened before in all of LUV’s history but the all knowing Allia is never questioned. She spends her time with both hosts, hoping she can choose one by the end of it all, but what if she winds up liking both? There are no laws stating she can only choose one…

—- > Bound By Law
The fae are mysterious, mischievous creatures that are governed by their own set of laws that are deeply ingrained in their very being. Fable is your average, beautiful, run of the mill fae, one who delights in using her trickery to have people serve her. Though she isn’t royalty or anything like that, she enjoys being treated as such. For this very fact, she finds creatures who are likely to fall for her tricks and she binds them with fae law into her servitude. While she is traveling away from home, she comes across a man who is in dire straights. He seems to be severely wounded and unconscious. She takes him home, mends his wounds, and when he wakes up she plays the sweet, innocent helper. She offers to feed him, a meal he simply cannot turn down due to his level of hunger. The minute he takes the first bite of his food, he is bound to her by fae law as he has accepted a gift from her. Now he belongs to her.

—- > Collarized
This is a world in which fantasy and the modern world collide. In this day and age, owning slaves that were created by alchemy is not an uncommon thing. Alchemy can create virtually any kind of slave that could be wanted by the commissioner, most being special ordered to do certain jobs needing to be done. A wealthy man commissioned the production of 6 slaves to be created from a combination of precious gems and the DNA from dragons long gone. He came by and picked up 5 of them, but the 6th was deemed unfit for the job and was left with the Alchemy Guild. Jaze was created from an emerald with the DNA of an earth dragon and she is both stubborn and strong-willed making it hard for her to be bought. She is at every auction that is held by the Alchemy Guild and for years has yet to be bought. That is until the most recent auction, where a man decides to buy her. Now he has the task of training her to accept his collar, which is no easy task.

—- > Calamity Kingdom
The Kingdom of Dolomite had once been a very prosperous nation. One that was idolized by many. That is, until a war between neighboring nations left Dolomite in a rather strange predicament. The war was magical and the effects it had on the land was both devastating and long lasting. The Kingdom of Dolomite and the area surrounding it was transformed. A strange unseen barrier seemed to form around it and inside the barrier, things were very different. Creatures the like of which had never been seen before, and even the colors of the grass and sky were different. Over time the inhabitants also began to exhibit magical properties of their own, gaining animalistic traits that made them different from the rest of the world. It has been centuries since the calamity has happened and the current governing body of Dolomite are looking to strengthen their kingdom once again. Unfortunately due to the barrier, anyone who is born in Dolomite is not allowed to pass it, a strange phenomenon that nobody has seemed to find an answer to yet. Only visitors from outside Dolomite are allowed to pass in and out of the barrier at will. Because of this, the King has sent out invites all across the land to offer his daughter, Princess Kiyuki’s hand in marriage, hoping someone will accept her and help to rebuild this once great nation. The Princess in question has lived a very sheltered life and has proven to be difficult with the suitors she has seen so far. She is seen as quirky and strange, excitable and brutally honest. She is the kingdom’s only hope now.

—- > Love Through The Web
Meeting people online is so normal these days and it’s practically the only place you can actually meet someone. Rose has known this man for a very long time. They met in a chat room when they were both teenagers and struck up a friendship. There was some heavy flirting and playful banter that would exchange between the two of them and though she was severely attracted to him, she never pursued anything with him because it would have been long distance. Though time went on and they grew up they never lost contact with one another and now that they are adults, it seems that fate has brought them together as they are both now living in the same city. Will they be together, or will they just stay as friends?

—- > Transformation Station
What’s the downside to having parents who were best friends for their entire life? How about they try to force their kids into having the same bonds that they do. Lilly’s mom had been best friends with his mom since they were kids. They got married around the same time, and also had kids around the same time, within a year of each other. Ever since she can remember, Lilly has been forced to hang out and be friends with her mom’s best friend’s son. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that they couldn’t stand each other. The two kids were just vastly different and could never find any common ground, so though their parents thought it would be “so cute” if they wound up getting together, it just wasn’t in the cards. Most of their time together was spent playing games neither wanted to play or just overall sulking. This continued through their childhood and into their teen years. The minute they became adults and moved away from home, all contact stopped. That is until a chance meeting happens when they are both visiting their parents and a spark seems to ignite between the two.

——-> Unrequited Love
Tawney Brixton is an average college student finishing up her last year before she gets her BA degree. Though she was a pretty girl, she didn't have many friends because she poured herself into her studies. She really wanted to be a zoologist. On a whim she enters an online sweepstakes for a really nice vacation and low and behold she actually wins. On this trip she is sight seeing when she finds herself being drawn to one spot. When she gets to the meadow she is blown away to realize that this is the exact place that she had been seeing in her dreams for years and as she starts to get nervous, standing beneath a tree is a man, the same man that she had always seen in this spot in her dreams.

———> Homecoming
They tried to execute her, they tried to burn her at the stake. Too bad for them that Magic was too strong of a witch to die. Instead she escaped and moved on to make her life somewhere else. Years later and she has created a hidden hide away for herself, protected by spells so that no one could see it unless she wanted you to. Children started to disappear from the town and the whispers were that a monster had taken them. It wasn't a monster at all. It was Magic. She stole children away from abusive parents and raised them herself in her little orphanage. The minute they grow up and leave her house, her magic would erase all memories of the place. It worked well for a long time, it was how she stayed hidden and successful. That is until an adult male knocks on her door and it's one of her grown up foster children.

————> Gang Bangers
The crime level in the city had gotten out of control. Though there was more than one gang, only one large gang was ranked number one. It consisted of a very wealthy family and the close friends that they employed underneath them. Vivian is a strong, independent woman that refuses to be pushed around by the low life criminals that are constantly roaming the streets. On her way to work she witnesses a man pull a knife and try to use a young boy as leverage during a confrontation between two gangs. Angered beyond all belief that they would use children, Vivian risks her life to run full force and plow into the guy, causing him to let go of the boy and ultimately dying from gunfire. Vivian continues to go about her day, happy that the young boy was safe. Unknown to her she had just saved the Crime Lord's son and she was about to be offered an invitation into his life that she can't find it within herself to decline.

————> Proposal
Lilly is a selkie, a type of mermaid that can live on land and wears a seal skin coat. In these days, she has managed to disguise herself as a beautiful woman with a fur coat that she wears on every occasion. She is a high priced call girl that is having dinner with a client at a fancy restaurant. When a man brushes past their table, her coat falls off the back of her chair. Not thinking much of it, he picks it up and replaces it with a smile. When a man touches the coat of a selkie, they are then bound to that man, and when he gave it back to her, that finished the marriage proposal. The next morning she shows up on his doorstep, ready to be the wife that he made her.

————-> Silvertongue
Though Euryclea loved to read and she had a great reading voice, she would never read out loud. Why? Because if she read aloud from books she could bring parts of the books to the living world and it really messed things up. One night she is drinking with two of her friends and having a good time. Before bed she opens one of her favorite adventure books and begins to read to herself, though she doesn't realize that she is reading out loud. She is surprised to find that the hero of the book is suddenly in her home and with not knowing any way to send him back she has to try and help him transition to life here.

—————> A Taste Of Fate
They were in love, and everyone knew that they were going to get married. The only thing holding them back was her mother. He came from a middle class family of blue-collars. She came from a middle class family, but her mother always felt she needed better, so in order to keep them apart, her mother uprooted her in her senior year of high school and moved her across the state. They lost touch. The girl went on to college and in her first year she met a very rich and influential man. She fell in love with him, as much as anyone can, and they got married and had 3 beautiful children. Now the woman is in her 30s and her husband has turned into a man of nightmares. He is cruel, mean, ill-tempered, and very controlling, but she just takes it and hopes for the best. Their large house needs to be renovated, and the husband hires a company that he trusts. When the contractor arrives, his wife answers the door only to find the man from her blissful high school years looking back at her. That’s when the problems start.

————-> Haunt Me
Luisa was still a young girl when she left her family estate, her twin sister Elisa left behind with it. It has been years since then, and Luisa has pretty much forgotten about it. That is, till her fiancee dies an unexplainable death. While still mourning her loss. Luisa gets word that her sister Elisa has also fallen to the same fate. Driven by grief, Luisa returns to the manor to try and find out what happened to both her sister and her fiancee. She finds a young man that she recognizes as one of the neighbor boys from when she was little. He is the only connection to anything about Elisa's death. Luisa gets close to him, trusts him, and begins to fall for him. Little does she know the murders were only a way to get to the real goal - Luisa and the man she is infatuated with is someone you could only find in a nightmare.

—————> Going Under
Doctor Anna Pasquin is the state's leading psychiatrist. She loves her job, and helping patients is what she does best. What kind of patients does she deal with? Well those that are criminally insane. That's right, she gets deep into the head of those who have committed terrible crimes such as murder due to their mental states. A new tool has been developed that allows her to go deep into the mind of patients that are severely dangerous. This process makes it safer for the psychiatrist to diagnose and help the patient without worry of attack. The only problem? Everything that happens to the psychiatrist while they are in the patients head feels real, and if for some reason they should start to believe what goes on, they could become trapped in the patients mind. A very dangerous man comes onto Anna's table as her first attempt with this process, but what she finds in his mind is not what she expected. Can she withstand the twisted and terrible mind of a crazy man?

—————> Bound By Blood
This is a world where there is magic, but magic comes at a very intense price. There is a bond between a man and a woman and when it is strong the magic that can be performed is amazing. These days a woman and a man get to choose each other and then they go through the ceremony of getting married. At the end of the day, instead of consummating the marriage like you might think, the woman has to plunge a knife into her husbands heart. If they are compatible the man will not die, but be reborn. He is filled with magical energy that also goes into the woman. Each one gets particular marks somewhere on their skin to show that they are bonded. If either of the parties that are bonded die, so does the other one. The man works as the muscle, the defender of the two. He is not able to cast the magic, but he can use it to fortify his body and make himself stronger. Only the woman is able to cast magic after the bonding ritual has been finished.

There is a war that is raging between the kingdoms and it seemed like the poor little kingdom of Astoria might lose the battle. They lost their Queen that was bonded to the leader of the army. Her husband, the King had to take over, but he is not bonded to anyone so he cannot protect the kingdom. The task now falls onto his daughter, the Princess, who is not bonded yet. The time for her to choose was coming up, but now with the war on their heels, the power to choose has been stripped from her grasp.

They have found a man that shows great promise. Though he is but a lowly criminal he has great swordsmanship and a very powerful presence. The seers of the kingdom have said that he holds the ability to be a very powerful vessel. If the princess would bond with him, they could become a powerful force and defeat the enemy together. The only problem is that they must partake in the ritual of marriage, and the bonding. If they are not compatible as a pair, the man would simply die.

————-> Goof Troop
The world is always in trouble somewhere. It is the medieval times and the kingdom of Lustra has taken it upon themselves to be the savior of the world. A great evil has appeared. A dark man bent on destroying everything and making everything his. Driven mad by power the self proclaimed Demon King corrupts everything he touches and sends his dark twisted army to take control of the land all around him. A man had been born with the power to vanquish this evil and he was dubbed the Legendary Hero. Him and his companion, another man chosen by him were to set out and destroy the Demon King.

In a battle to keep the kingdom safe and eradicate all the dark army that was attacking at the time the Legendary Hero was injured. Now it wasn't anything too serious and so the medicine man left to the the other healer he had in his practice, a young woman who was just learning to treat the wound. She had been reading up on all of her books and was learning rather well but she had no magical aptitude herself. All she did was use herbs to help the healing process.

She was flustered when the Legendary Hero came in and she knew that it had to be perfect so she consulted her books before making the concoction to treat his wound. She slathered him up and he seemed to be feeling better, and fell to rest in the building while he healed. The next morning she woke to find that he had died during the night. Confused, she went back to go through everything that had happened and it turned out she had misread her book and mistook one ingredient for something deadly. She had killed the Legendary Hero!

Panic overtook her as she did not want the kingdom to lose the hope that they so deserved. She made a vow with the Legendary Hero's companion that they would never say that he had died and she instead would go in his place to finish the quest of killing the Demon King. The companion said that she wouldn't have to do anything but heal those that got hurt and they would gain other companions on the ride. She is not the type to go on crazy quests and she has no idea what she had just gotten herself into.

————> For The Love Of War
That day changed her life forever. Her parents had always fought for as long as she could remember. They were always yelling at each other over everything they could find. The trash wasn't taken out. Her dad never helped clean the house. Her mom didn't discipline the children well enough. Little things would set them off and the yelling would start. She would take her two younger siblings into her room and they would snuggle under the covers of her bed making up stories to pass the time and block out the noise. This was normal, except for the one day that it wasn't. That day, everything changed.

Her parents were fighting just like they always did, swearing that they were going to divorce each other. Since she was up in her room, she couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, but she knew when it had changed. There was a loud crash that shook the whole house, trembling it to it's core. The sound startled her and she ran downstairs to see her mother using broken shards of glass to try and slice away at her arm. She was yelling about how she couldn't do it anymore, she was miserable. Tears were running down her face, her eyes were wide and wild and she was trying to use a broken shard of glass to cut her arm. Her father was stopping her, yelling at her for being crazy and how could she do that to the kids. That was when they stopped because they saw her there.

If two people who were in love could do this, she never ever wanted to be that way. From that day forward, she made a vow.

I will never fall in love

She declared this with such fire and heat that Aphrodite herself heard it and she took that as a challenge.

Fast forward ten years and now she is a young adult living on her own. Aphrodite has given it all that she has got and she is quite exhausted. Over the last 4 years she has thrown 12 men at this woman hoping they were the right match and just when it looked like she was starting to fall for them, they would die. Someone was putting a wrench in her plan and she wanted to know who it was. So Aphrodite asked her brother Ares to go down and keep an eye on the woman while she conjured another man to test her with. She wants to see who the person messing with her is.

Ares agrees and goes down, curious as to what all the fuss is about over a mortal woman anyway. For a while he watches her from afar and discovers that she is nothing but ordinary, until the one day that they actually meet face to face. Though he is hiding himself as a regular mortal, he is the one that she winds up falling for.

———-> The Changed
We finally did it! We found a way to cure virtually any disease. Advances in science and medicine allowed us to extract the DNA of certain animals that have amazing defense properties and splice them with humans to make them resilient. For 5 years this was put into practice and nearly everyone got the new vaccines. At the end of the 5 years though, strange side effects were becoming known. It appeared that the animal DNA seemed to take over the host, changing that person into a feral creature. Though they retained their humanoid shape, those affected got animalistic properties like claws and fangs. They reverted to natural instincts, attacking, killing, and even eating others. They lost their humanity and their ability to reason. The new virus spread quickly as it could be contracted through the saliva of a bite or other bodily fluids. Humanity was hit hard and a lot of people died. Eventually H.E.A.V.E.N was started, a group that was specifically put together to keep people safe and protect them from those deemed as ‘The Changed’. It’s been 10 years since then and humanity has created a sanctuary, eradicating large walls to keep The Changed out. Scientists that work for H.E.A.V.E.N are trying to find a way to reverse it so now their duties usually have them leaving the city and going out to hunt and capture The Changed. On one of these missions they come across a woman. She appears to be a Changed as she has black wolf ears and a wolf tail, but she has retained her humanity, her reason, and her memories. She is not completely feral. Confused but interested they bring her back to the city so that they can figure out why.

————> Wyldheart
Somewhere in a different dimension there is an Earth that is unlike ours. This Earth is dominated by open spaces and unforgiving wilderness. The wildlife here looks nothing like that on ours. There are no sky scrapers and electricity here because the sentient beings that inhabit this Earth are nekos. They are a feral race of nekos that live in tribes and haven't advanced much. Through some random act of chance a human man from our Earth is sent to this one. Lost and confused he beings to wander until he is found by one of the nekos. He is taken as a prisoner to the tribe as they have no idea what he is. He starts to teach them things and slowly the tribe comes around to him.

—————> Supernatural
In a world where witches, demons, faeries and the like are not only real but commonly accepted, everyone tries to work together to succeed. Karma Denisson is just a normal human that works for the S.D.A, or Supernatural Defense Agency. She is a detective that gets called to work cases where they believe a supernatural creature was involved. Karma is very good at her job and has a lot of colleges that trust her. One day on what seemed to be a routine call she stumbles into a case that is way bigger than it seems. Important people start to die and she has no choice but to seek help from a fellow investigator that happens to be supernatural himself.

——————> Rich Blood
Everyone knows Supernova, the hot headed, beautiful, intelligent and strong super heroine of Axis, a rather large city. She has been saving the city from the equally famous Shadow Man. The Shadow Man has been terrorizing the city for as long as anyone can remember. No one knows Dahlia Rose, your average everyday college student. Dahlia is a normal young lady that is just starting to make her own connections.
The only thing that makes her extraordinary is the fact that her parents are Supernova and Shadow Man. This is not a love story where they secretly love each other, no, her parents hate each other. She is constantly going back and forth between houses and has to keep her parents identities a secret. One day a fellow classmate overhears her talking to her dad and lets slip who he is. The student is so excited he insists that he meets both Shadow Man and Supernova.

————-> Princess Calamity
King Leodus and Queen Shante were overjoyed when they were expecting their child. Since they were the rulers of the kingdom, it was their duty to produce lots of heirs. This one happened to be a girl, but when she was born everyone around was dumbfounded and horrified. Instead of being a beautiful baby girl it was this strange humanoid creature with scales, a tail, and dragon wings. The advisers could not figure out the reason why. She was obviously the King's daughter as she had his eyes and hair color. There were no curses that they could find. The King and Queen still loved their daughter, but built a tower to hide her away so that people wouldn't judge her too much.
They spent as much time as they could with her and loved her with all of their hearts. The rest of the kingdom was told that she had to be in the tower until she came of age to keep dragons from trying to kidnap her as their sacrifice. As it became closer to being time for her to reach that pivotal age people began to whisper and wonder. One of the main skeptics was a young knight in the army. He didn't believe there was a princess, but maybe riches in the tower. When she comes of age and still isn't seen by the people he decides to break into the tower and see what's inside for himself.

————> Which Witch
Though she is now known as one of the most ambitious and successful business women the world has come to know, Vanessa Georgia wasn't always that way. She was born to a rather poor family and as she wasn't very good at learning much of anything, she was destined to follow in their footsteps. That is until she ran across a wizard when she was a teenager. She promised the wizard her firstborn in exchange for wealth and power. Fast forward 10 years and she is now 27 and has been cashing in on all that wealth and power. Though she has lots of money and is rather pretty, her personality is somewhat strange and not many people can take it. Due to that reason, she still has not met anyone that has dated her long enough to even think of giving her a child. Getting tired of waiting, the wizard steps in to try and help her get some dates.

Reya Bloodstone | female, hellfire dragon
Talia Ventra | female, drow
Malakai | male, alien
Vi Violetta | female, elf
Nixry Ballestra | female, half celestial dragon/half Valkyrie
Therin Northwind | male, elf
Ash Testra | female, human
Tatsuo Yungos | male, ogre
Jolie Bradshaw | female, succubus
Janius McCloud | female, human

The Caladwen Family

Alannah Caladwen | female, half elf/half drow
Kamtri Caladwen | female, half kitsune/half elf
Tristan Caladwen | male, half kitsune/half elf
Shenron Caladwen | male, half kitsune/half elf
Yojimbo Caladwen | male, half kitsune/half elf
Heracka Caladwen | female, half kitsune/half elf

The Vonchelson Family

Armund Vonchelson | male, vampire
Cordelia Vonchelson | female, vampire
Zero Vonchelson | male, vampire
Xavier Vonchelson | male, vampire
Arrow Vonchelson | male, vampire
Gwenivere Vonchelson | female, vampire

The Witch Sisters
These two are always played as a pair even though they are not actual sisters.

Stella Cromwell | female, human
Trixie Lacroix | female, human

The Knights of Dawn

Samael Angelius | male, half shapeshifter/half angel
Kamtri Caladwen | female, half kitsune/half elf
Mochi Evergreen | female, werewolf
Genjin Fastros | male, kitsune
Fable | female, half fae/half human

List of Fandom Stuff I Know
Jujutsu Kaisen
Fire Force
Tokyo Ghoul
Blue Exorcist
Demon Slayer
The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent
How Not To Summon A Demon Lord
Diabolik Lovers
Fruits Basket
Fairy Tail
Tales of Zestiria the X
Angels of Death
Sk8 The Infinity
Kakuriyo - Bed & Breakfast For Spirits
Attack On Titan
Fullmetal Alchemist
The Rising of The Shield Hero
Deadman Wonderland
Sirius The Jaegar
B The Beginning
Avatar The Last Airbender
High-Rise Invasion
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
The Misfit of Demon King Academy

TV Shows/Movies
Harry Potter (I’ve read all the books too, was just easier to put it here.)

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy

True Beauty
Love Me Knot
Lore Olympus
Maid For Hire
Freaking Romance
Let’s Play
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Hi, I'm quite busy the next few days, but I'm somewhat interested in a few of the plots and characters you have. I also have quite a need for a Forgotten Realms roleplay, and I noticed you had a dark elf. :coolshades:
I'm new to the site, but I moderate at another RP site and I've been writing for a long while. Just wanted to say before you see my 0 posts, haha.


Got my head up in the stars
Hi, I'm quite busy the next few days, but I'm somewhat interested in a few of the plots and characters you have. I also have quite a need for a Forgotten Realms roleplay, and I noticed you had a dark elf. :coolshades:
I'm new to the site, but I moderate at another RP site and I've been writing for a long while. Just wanted to say before you see my 0 posts, haha.

I’m going to be honest and say I am not quite sure what Forgotten Realms is, but if it lets me use my drow Talia I would be all for it.

Anywho, I’m excited to hear which ones you may be interested in so just contact me when you have the time. I shall be floating around.


New Member
Hi! I’d be super interested in doing pretty much any kind of rp with you. I’m not sure that we have a ton of common interests right now, besides Harry Potter, but I’m totally open to OCs and custom universes. I’m somewhat detailed when it comes to my responses, although my length will vary like yours. I am new to this site, so I don’t really know how any of this works yet, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Let me know what you think!!


Got my head up in the stars
Hi! I’d be super interested in doing pretty much any kind of rp with you. I’m not sure that we have a ton of common interests right now, besides Harry Potter, but I’m totally open to OCs and custom universes. I’m somewhat detailed when it comes to my responses, although my length will vary like yours. I am new to this site, so I don’t really know how any of this works yet, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Let me know what you think!!

I’m glad to see that you are interested because I’d love to roleplay for sure. OCs and custom universes are my forte. So, if you like any of my characters I have listed or want me to make someone new just let me know. We can discuss whatever setting or world you’d like to have our characters in as well.


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I’m glad to see that you are interested because I’d love to roleplay for sure. OCs and custom universes are my forte. So, if you like any of my characters I have listed or want me to make someone new just let me know. We can discuss whatever setting or world you’d like to have our characters in as well.
Oh goodness, now here’s the hard part, choosing which one I like the best. I looked through the list, and I think I’m quite partial to Vi Violetta. And as for universes, whichever you think would work best for that character. I’ll have to make a new character, since I left all of my old ones on the other site I left.


Got my head up in the stars
Oh goodness, now here’s the hard part, choosing which one I like the best. I looked through the list, and I think I’m quite partial to Vi Violetta. And as for universes, whichever you think would work best for that character. I’ll have to make a new character, since I left all of my old ones on the other site I left.

Okay, hang on I shall Pm you with more information on her and all that good jazz.

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