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Hello! I'm making a new thread but the info is relatively the same. Let's just get the boring stuff over with!
  • I have a preference for mxm, especially as a main, but I've been known to write it all.
  • I like having one or two main characters and then side characters as the plot calls for them. Something that happens organically, y'know? Sometimes they're just a NPC, sometimes they take on a life of their own!
  • I generally write anywhere between three paragraphs and several (1k+). For the most part, I try to adapt to my partner and the situation. If we're doing dialogue I'm gonna keep it short, if I'm setting up a scene it'll be a bit hefty-- go with the flow.
  • If you can match the grammar and whatnot I've used in this then we'll be fine.
  • I am an adult. Sorry, but you also have to be an adult. Not an nsfw thing, just an awkward thing.
  • I am pretty chill. Post when you can, don't stress it when life gets crazy. As you just read I am an adult with a job, graduate school, and a life and sometimes I have other things to do. In general, I'll post once a day or every other day, sometimes as much as two or three times a day, or only once a week if I'm busy. I'll always do my best to let you know what's going on and I expect the same.
  • Communicate! If you aren't feeling what's going on just let me know. We can talk about it or we can part ways, I'm cool regardless. I'm happy to talk anything out so we can both enjoy this as much as possible and if we don't click then no hard feelings.
  • I like almost everything. No, seriously. I have a preference for sci-fi and historical stuff but I also enjoy some fantasy, Korean stuff, a few fandoms, I'm trying to get into slice-of-life, etc. I dunno a little bit of it all. I really like world building most of the time so that tends to affect what I write.
I am kind of crap at coming up with the original plot seed (though I have a one or two!) but if you can bring me that seed I swear on my dog's honor that I will be an enthusiastic plot partner with lots of ideas to help that seed grow! Speaking of: you should also help. Don't send me a single sentence saying "that's cool" or "I agree" or "Sure" or basically anything that doesn't contribute. We gotta work together, even if it's just you asking questions to get the creativity flowing!

At the moment I'm kind of up for anything but if pressed maybe something...
  • anything historical, especially ancient times. rome is my jam, but egypt, china, korea, honestly anything. i love historical settings and though i have some that i already know well, i don't mind studying something new. i also like turning ancient gender roles upside down. so like a male gisaeng/geisha, male vestal virgin, female spartan warrior, etc. or not-- traditional is cool, too.
  • kinda feeling something super dark, maybe even a little less historical than ancient times, around the Victorian era? maybe an asylum type role-play? y'know, back in the days where just about anything could get you locked up and you were never heard from again-- basically something inspired by Stonehearst Asylum (movie).
  • lemme build a world with you, I don't even care what it is let's just create something new. sci-fi, apocalyptic, historical, fantasy, whatever let's just do it.
  • fandoms: Arc of the Scythe, Ready Player One, Red Rising, I'd love to try writing the Stiles to someone's Derek, ummm...may add more later.
I'm so sorry this is so long I just wanted to cover all my bases I'll stop now...let's go!
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@sourfoxx I'm imagining a setting where a Western-inspired steampunk world clashes with a far East-inspired world of magic, and there's a struggle between machinery and magic. I'm not sure of a plot though.

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