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Fandom Searching for Star Wars RP

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will turn your insides into your outsides
This topic has been redirected HERE, so as to group it together with multiple other interests of mine.
If you are interested in this idea, please comment on the other thread.

I'm looking to play my Original Character in a Star Wars Group Roleplay. I am looking for a setting in the Old Republic era.
My character was Born 3710 BBY, and is a bit timeline sensitive. So I can't Roleplay her in any setting even remotely close to anything in the movies or series.
Ideally, I'm looking to play her in the early years of the Great Galactic War, (starting in 3681 BBY).
This era would come right before the Cold War (made famous by the KotOR MMO).

I'm flexible for a couple of years +/- for the setting, but my ideal year is 3679 BBY.

I will be RPing as a Mandalorian Merc (Check her out here). I created her about five years ago, well before Disney's Mandalorian series. She is built off of Expanded Universe Lore, and does not necessarily reflect the canon themes presented in that or other shows/movies. However, within the EU, I have gone through considerable effort to make sure that everything about her is timeline viable and accurate in its nomenclature.

This is not a Recruitment thread: I am NOT putting together a group.
I am looking to JOIN in on an RP in the aforementioned capacity.
So if you are putting together a group in this fandom and timeline, or are in one that is established but still recruiting, please let me know.
I am also on Discord.
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