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Multiple Settings Searching for roleplay partner for Fandoms or Fantasy

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New Member
Hi there!

My name is Reece and I'm 20 years old. I live in England and I've recently finished my second year of University, so I should have plenty of time to roleplay. However, I do usually reply at least a couple of times every week and I will try reply most days. Please be patient with me! I've been roleplaying on this forum for about 2 years but I did do some reply for a couple of years before that.

Partner-wise, I don't have a preference for gender but I would like them to be at least 18+. I do tend to roleplay male characters, so please bear this in mind. I can roleplay both OCs and Canon characters, so it whichever your preference is and what the story requires. I don't like one-liner, but I will accept 2 - 3 lines of roleplay at the least as this is what I aim for.

Now time for the fandoms I'm interested in...

Book Fandoms-
Percy Jackson
Inheritance Cycle
The Darkest Minds

TV Show Fandoms-
Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra
The Dragon Prince
Teen Wolf
Young Justice
Other DC Tv shows

Comic Fandoms-
DC Universe

Additionally, I'm looking for a partner who would be willing to come up with fantasy ideas for a roleplay.

I'm not looking for any specific characters as I'm up for both OC and Canon.

If anyone is interested please leave a comment or PM me! :D

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