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Hello! I'm Ronan! I'm looking for a couple of 1x1 role-plays.

What I will offer you:

  • A minimum of a reply a week.
  • Quality and lengthy responses. On average I post three paragraphs and upwards.
  • Strong plotting and symbolism! I love writing nuanced stories with heavy themes and motifs that prevail throughout the role-play.
  • Flexibility and collaboration when it comes to plot-making. It takes two to tango!
  • I am able to play any gender; however, romance is not my main focus. I prefer to focus on the world and plot, but I'm OK if romance happens organically. It should be the side dish to the main story.
  • I play a diverse cast of characters: I love writing characters that are 60+ years old, POC, religious, disabled, queer, and of all shapes and sizes! I strive for characters with stories to tell.
  • Best of all - acquaintanceship! I love hiking, folklore, poetry, and fashion! Tell me about yourself!
What I expect from you:
  • Be over the age of 18. It is not a judgement against your writing skill - it's a matter of being in different places in life.
  • In tandem with the aforementioned, be mature. I'm fine with being silly but I like to get straight to the point.
  • Quality over quantity, but never a one-liner. If you give me a strong two sentence response that advances the plot, then I have no complaints.
  • Diverse characters and cast!
  • I'd like a reply a week. If not, I am understanding. I'm not going to fault you for placing real life before the fictional world.
  • If you talk about your pet, I require a picture.
Role-plays (plots, pairings, et cœtera):
  • Dystopia. Centuries have passed since the apocalypse struck with a wave of radioactive storms that wiped everything from the surface of the earth. Humanity has managed to survive, but it has been reduced to its primitive state. They live in hunter-gatherer tribes spread across the land, and some members of the tribe are Scavengers, people who go out and scavenge Tek left behind by the Old Ones. But out there is dangerous. The Old Ones left something behind with the earth's destruction: Stalkers. Beasts of metal that roam the earth. They are huge and terrifying. You can hear the rhythmic click and whirring as they approach. Scavengers are killed because of them, so tribes are located in discrete places where the Stalkers can't reach them: high atop frozen mountains, deep underground, in plains filled with trenches, anything to keep the Stalkers at bay. But what are Stalkers and who are the Old Ones?
  • Victorian. In Queen Victoria's England, rapid industrialisation led to major class divisions and poverty. Prostitution, stricter gender roles, the British Raj, Opium Wars, and famine in the north. Despite the many issues that plague Victoria's England, the underworld is thriving. Magic thrives. And those with magic are called the Fair Folk. The 'old friends'. Boggarts, brownies, elves, goblins, kelpies, selkies, the faeries, and more! But in the underworld, conflict is brewing. For centuries the Fair Folk have lived in squalor, in the sewers, in the tunnels, in the cellars of great castles, and enough is enough. The elves have seized the throne and the king of the Wilderwood elves now rules the fair race. His creed? Death to the humans.
  • Modern. This would be a retelling of Donna Tartt's The Secret History with original characters and the story taking place in Cambridge, England.
  • Knight x Princess. I'm interested in playing the role of knight, and this story would take place in a dark fantasy setting. The world is overrun by darkness. The forests are dangerous with no way out. The kingdoms are ruled by mad kings. The synagogues are worshipped by corrupted priests with gold chalices. People are dying and the rooks are a bad omen. Darkness walks this land and light is fading. Do they run? Do they stay and fight? Where is the seed of darkness and where is the glory of light?
  • Dark Souls. It is the end of fire and start of Darkness. The undead wander the land. The Souls of the Lords are spread across the world again, and the Lord of Hollows has taken the flame for themselves. The world is lifeless and bleak. The bell tolls once again and you are resurrected from your grave to help usher in or destroy this new age. Will you reignite and begin a new Age of Fire, or defend the Age of Dark?
    • This can go in a lot of directions! You can play the Chosen Undead, the Bearer of the Curse, the Ashen One, or someone else. I'm looking for a fusion of all three games and exploring the world after DS3 with the Usurpation of Fire ending. The flame still exists, but man holds the flame now. What does that mean? Who are the new threats? What's become of the bonfires spread across the world?
  • Miscellaneous. This is open-ended. I am open to hearing your ideas if none of the above suit your fancy and you think we would be compatible as writers!
Thank you for reading! I will not respond to any comments/interest below and request that you send them through PM! But if you have questions, then I'll answer below.
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